Westside Village Magnet at Kingston School

All Bend-La Pine Schools are closed through April 28, 2020. Continuation of Learning begins April 1. Learn more at our COVID-19 webpage.

The Village Learning Community



The curriculum is the heart of the school; it is the center for learners to gather around, seek truth, become knowers, teachers and learners. As a community we build on students’ innate curiosity. We facilitate the learning of knowledge and skills, motivate, encourage a sense of responsibility, and nurture an ethic of caring so that our young people become engaged and thoughtful citizens. Students, staff and families are active participants in rigorous academics, while nurturing the whole child, teaching and applying grit and perseverance.

Integrated Curriculum

Our curriculum integrates mathematical, scientific, social, critical, and creative thinking with teamwork, communication, and collaboration. Literacy, in all subject areas, is our first and foremost goal. Research and inquiry are used to connect real life, world issues and solutions and literacy acquisition.

Our school uses technology to help solve real problems. The arts are used as a vehicle to better understand individuals and the world around them. Our curriculum encourages and creates vision, compassion and collaboration in every student and staff.

Inclusive, Mixed Age

Our community is passionate about understanding the diverse needs of our learners. We are an inclusive mixed age K-8 school. Students are grouped flexibly in order to meet their individual needs.

Students are not boxed into individual grades or labels; they are fluidly and flexibly grouped throughout the day in a highly structured, well thought out, purposeful and meaningful way.

Enriched Learning Opportunities

  • Thematic, project based instruction integrates learning in all subject areas. Students become active participants, listeners, doers, creators, readers, writers, artists, scientists and thinkers.
  • Adventure learning extends the classroom and allows students to connect their learning, explore our natural world and integrate inquiry, problem solving, teamwork, communication and collaboration.
  • Service learning allows students to develop academic skills and benefit socially and emotionally while exploring their civic responsibility and actively participating in their community.


Individually Focused. Committed to All.

When Bend-La Pine Schools students graduate, they should come equipped to do the following:

  • Persevere when faced with challenges
  • Value and exercise creativity
  • Discover how critical thinking skills are used across disciplines
  • Become a functioning member of a team
  • Exercise effective communication and presentation skills
  • Understand the importance of taking initiative
  • Learn about various aspects of leadership and develop those skills
  • Adapt and problem solve
  • Manage time and create a plan for accomplishing a task or goal
  • Know how to find reliable, accurate information

Students, staff and families are active participants in rigorous academics, while nurturing the whole child, teaching and applying grit and perseverance.