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Article Date: Jun 29, 2020

JUNE 19,, 2020

Otter Families,

The school year has come and gone but the emotions attached to it haven’t. I’m used to joining students and staff in sending off the kids to enjoy all the rites of a childhood summer. Obviously, this year, that is not the case and that saddens me.

Regardless, it’s the hand we were dealt, and we will play it out and hope for better times ahead. Speaking of looking ahead, Bend La Pine School District will be planning for a variety of scenarios that could play out this fall based on recommendations from the Governor’s Office, the Department of Education and the Department of Health. The primary focus will be keeping students and staff safe while learning. You can expect to see a few emails over the summer laying out what the school district sees as possible scenarios.

I want to thank each of you for your grace and understanding of the unique predicament our staff was put in these last three months. With compassion and sincerity, you struggled alongside us, celebrated with us and got through it with us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts -- it meant so much to all of us to know we had your support!

Have a great summer and we look forward to seeing you in the fall!

Stay safe and be well.

Tim Broadbent
Principal – Three Rivers K-8 School


GRAB & GO MEALS - Monday through Friday from 10:30 til noon, free for all children aged 0 to 18. Please come and get meals for your own children, for your neighbors, for any family not able to drive down to Three Rivers. We have set up all pick up and drop off events in this Grab & Go time frame - be sure to pick up meals while you are here!

MIDDLE SCHOOL LOCKER ITEM PICK UP - Wednesday 5/27 and Thursday 5/28 from 10:30 til noon. Sacks are clearly labeled with student names and locker #'s and will be set out along the curb of the pick up/drop off zone in front of the school. Please come by to pick up bags and be sure to get a free lunch at Grab & Go! PLEASE NOTE: tomorrow (5/27) will be FIRST FLOOR lockers and Thursday (5/28) will be SECOND FLOOR lockers. Also, the following students did not have any items in their locker so they do NOT need to come by to pick up a bag:
Dylan A, #152
Brayden K, #205
Kenny L, #125
Abigayle M, #213
Saydi M, #215
Carter N, #259
Lola R, #222
Rider S, #148
Drake W, #275
Owen W, #147
Layla W, #279

KINDERGARTEN & FIRST GRADE MATH MATERIALS - please return white board, unit fix cubes, pattern blocks, geo boards, dice, and coins. Placing them all in a one gallon size baggie would be very helpful if that's possible. There will be a green wagon out in front of the curb to drop the supplies in. Drop off Friday May 29th between 10:30-12.

FIFTH GRADE LITERATURE CIRCLE BOOKS - due back Friday, May 29th between 10:30 and noon - there will be a box near the Grab & Go meal pick up area that will be labeled for the 5th grade materials.

ALL THREE RIVERS LIBRARY BOOKS - due back between 10:30 and noon by this Friday, May 29th. Use the library cart near the Grab and Go Meal station - it will be out every day this week.

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - For 8th graders and any other student NOT returning to Three Rivers next year, instruments (including guitars) should be returned next week, June 1st through 5th between 10:30-12:00. Mrs. Nores will be in her music room to receive instruments - families may drive around back. Instruments should be thoroughly cleaned before they are returned.

ANY STUDENT NOT RETURNING TO THREE RIVERS NEXT YEAR - be sure to return your iPad, Brick and Cable to the school by Friday, June 5th. Call us at 541.355.3000 to arrange a time for the drop off.

ANY STUDENT ITEMS STILL HERE AT SCHOOL - need to be picked up by Friday, June 5th. Call us at the school at 541.355.3000 to arrange a time.

YEARBOOKS - for those who ordered a yearbook, we expect to receive these sometime in early to mid-June and we will email families about picking those up.

THANK YOU all for helping us get these various items back to the school and for picking up remaining items that belong to you. We appreciate your help!


Hello Three Rivers Families,

Checking in with a few updates. Mostly wanting you to know we are keeping our students and families in our hearts and we hope you are doing well.

We have three great YouTube channels up and running - hopefully, you’ve checked them out already. New material is added regularly. Here are links to all three:

Three Rivers Music with Mrs. Nores
Three Rivers PE with Mr. Niebergall
Three Rivers Read Alouds with Mr. B

You're Essential! - Thanking Our Healthcare Workers - Mrs. Fender's and Mrs. DeGarmo's 3rd grade students invite you to join in writing letters of appreciation to those who are risking their own health every day to serve our community during this pandemic. This month, we are writing letters to healthcare workers, who are working tirelessly to make sure we are all receiving care should we be injured or become sick. You may use the following email address to send your letters: [email protected] St. Charles will promote our letters internally to all the healthcare workers through their caregiver support page and/or the daily COVID-19 update emails. Of course, if you personally know a healthcare worker, feel free to address and send your letter directly to them. See more on our website and our FaceBook page. Thank you for helping to shower our community with gratitude and show your support!

Just over a week to go before it’ll be too late to order a YEARBOOK. Please remember we are not able to order extras so if you want a yearbook, place your order before midnight on Friday, May 1st. Yearbooks are $12.00 and can be ordered online. Order Your Yearbook Today!

Last night would have been our performance of Oklahoma! at the Tower Theatre, one of many things we are missing out on. Miss Tina and Mr. B would very much like to check in with all of the cast members of Oklahoma so please try to join the WebEx session tomorrow, Thursday, April 23rd at noon. Here is the link:

Kindergarten Registration is NOW OPEN! Please check out how to get started on our website and help us get the word out to any family you know of with a kindergartner ready to join the Otter Pack this coming September. Miss Jill is so excited to be hearing from families ready to get their kindergartner all set up.

We are so glad that Three Rivers is now a Grab and Go Meal site. PLEASE come by the school and grab meals. Our nutrition services team is amazing and they love getting to see our families. Come by between 10:30 and noon, Monday through Friday. And if you can help others in your neighborhood by dropping off meals, you are welcome to grab meals for them, too. Free for kids 0 to 18 and $4.00 for adults.

Please return your library books. We have a book cart out during the Grab & Go times (10:30 til noon). If you have books at home and can drop them off on the cart, Mrs. Gascon would appreciate it very much. She’s working hard in our library inventorying all of the books, working on repairs, checking in with students and communicating with families if they have books checked out.

You can still be adding to the Box Tops tally. You can physically clip and save til we see again. Or better yet, use the BOX TOPS APP!

Spring is the time when teachers work together to develop class lists for next year. As a small school with only 2 teachers per grade level, we are not able to accept parent requests for particular teachers. Our teachers look at balancing the social and academic needs of each group and do their best to ensure that each teacher will have a balanced class with equally distributed strengths and needs. We will still plan to post class lists on the front doors on the Friday before school starts in September and we will let you know if that changes. Thank you for your understanding.

Resources are available! Please reach out for help as needed!


Middle School Families and Students,

I hope this email finds your family well. I’m checking in about middle school grading.

Three Rivers Middle School operates on a quarterly schedule; the third quarter comes to an end this Friday, April 10th and the fourth quarter starts on Monday. As we have reported to you, every student will get a “Pass” in every class they had on their third quarter schedule. This “Pass” will have no impact on their GPA. The GPA will remain what it was at the end of the second quarter.

The fourth quarter, starting on Monday, April 13th, will be different than the third quarter. We will implement new guidelines along with all middle schools in Bend La Pine Schools as follows: “Whether students return to school prior to June 2020 or not, the default grades issued to students at the end of the grading term will be P (Pass) or NG (No Grade). This temporary decision is being made due to the need for remote teaching and questions around equitable access to learning.”

To put it simply, if your child is accessing the content that our teachers are delivering them, returning completed materials at a reasonable rate, and communicating with their teachers weekly, they will pass their class, and it will be listed on their middle school records as passed. If they participate minimally or to no extent, they will receive a “No Grade”. Neither of these grading indicators impact a student’s GPA.

That said, parents also have this option for the fourth quarter as stated by the district, “If, however, you would like to have your child receive traditional letter grades (A, B, C, D, F) for one or more classes in spite of the changes to teaching/learning caused by this pandemic, you may request this by completing the following information and returning it (email or mail) to your child’s middle school.”

If you would like your child to receive a letter grade in a particular fourth quarter class, you need to reply to this email with the information below OR print the attached document using the link below and mail it to the school by Friday, May 29, 2020.

Letter Grade Preference - to Mail to School

Child’s Name:
Child’s School ID Number (if known):
Child’s Grade:
List class(es) in which you wish to receive a letter grade (A, B, C, D, F):
Parent Name:
Parent Signature:

Please note, if your middle school child is enrolled in an online course that may be added to her/his high school transcript (e.g. Algebra I, Spanish I, etc.), your child’s teacher for this course will notify you that grades for this class will default as a letter grade, with the option to request P/NG as an alternative. The due date for submitting this request to the school is also May 29, 2020. It is important to know, that should a student choose a “Pass” for the online course, colleges often look at a “Pass” as a “D” when calculating a student’s GPA.

Finally, during these times, I want to stress that our staff wants to be interacting with your kids, and your kids can gain a sense of routine and normalcy by staying engaged. We understand the shortfalls of this situation, the difficulty in making it happen in a home full of kids and stressed parents. By having your student checking in with teachers, completing moderate amounts of work, and having a community of people outside the home and social media, everyone will benefit. Please, to every extent possible, keep your child connected with the school. It would mean the world to us.

Thank you,

Tim Broadbent
Three Rivers K-8 School
56900 Enterprise Drive, Sunriver OR 97707
[email protected]

“At Three Rivers School, we create opportunities for growing resilient hearts and minds in a community where all students are empowered to achieve academic, social, and emotional success.”


Here are a few updates as we all try to figure out new systems and tools. We miss our students and families so very much!

TECH HELP DESK - Bend LaPine Schools has set up Tech Help Desks for parents to use. Teachers are working with all sorts of new technology to get

learning material out to students, so if you encounter a specific technology issue at home, we encourage you to use this phone number rather than asking your student's teacher. Three Rivers Help Desk - 541-355-8784 (8:30 – 4:30, Monday through Friday). Please be sure to leave a message if you do not get a live person - the techs are moving between schools and resolving issues as quickly as they can. And as with everything right now, thank you for your patience!

SCHOOL MAIN PHONE - this number is still available to you for questions or concerns: 541-355-3000. If someone is here in the office, we'll be answering the phone. If staff are working from home, they can call in and check for messages. So if you call and miss us, please be sure to leave a message and we'll get back to you!

OTTERS LOVE TO READ - Mrs. Gascon put together a great list with links to a variety of reading resources. It's up on our website and we encourage you all to take a look and see if any of it fits for you.

GET A YEARBOOK! - We are moving forward with producing our annual yearbook and we will be working hard to be sure it captures the many wonderful memories we have shared this year. The deadline to purchase is FRIDAY, MAY 1st and, because of the school closure, you must make your purchase online. Here are the steps to do so:
Go to TouchBase:
Enter the User Name (this is your student's ID - each student has their own ID # so if you are ordering for more than one child, you will need to log in for each child). If you do not know the IDs, call the school at 541.355.3000.
Enter Student's Last Name (case sensitive)
Click on Student's Name in center of the screen then Items at Student's School then Student Activities then Yearbook
Add to your cart and complete your purchase
If you experience difficulties, please call Beth in the office at 541.355.3001. She will help you with your student accounts or can take a credit card number over the phone if necessary.

GOOD NEWS - We've enjoyed sharing pictures on Facebook of our teachers working from their new "classrooms". Be sure to check them out - it cheers us all up to see these familiar faces that we miss so much. We also posted today the great news that we donated $1,726.69 to our little Sparrow, Alaric and his family. It seems ages ago already, but we took in donations for Friendship Bracelets then we did the Loose Change Drive. Our Otters dug deep into their pockets and many of the loose change containers in classrooms were full! Way to go Otters and we all wish Alaric and his family the very best!

PICK UP ITEMS - We still have a few items that we are trying to get to students and their families (iPads, learning packets and Otter/Track Wear). Those parents were notified by email today that we have those items - we're available from 9:00 am til 1:00 pm tomorrow, Friday 4/3 to hand these items out. Please pull up in the drop off zone, stop at the bottom of the stairs and call 541.355.3000 to let us know you are here. We'll bring your item out and leave it on the green mail box next to the flag pole for you to take.

WORKOUT WITH MR. NIEBERGALL - Mr. Niebergall has been sharing workouts via email with his middle school PE students and his elementary students. Several staff members are joining in on these and we are loving it! Many of you have already seen the videos, but we want to make sure all of our families see these, even if it's a middle schooler who does not have PE. Below is the info from Mr. Niebergall about how to access the videos followed by a link to the YouTube channel - 3 videos so far with more to come. Let's Go, Otters! You need to stay as active as you can during this time and Mr. Niebs makes it easy. You just need a towel or a chair or a basketball or yourself!

Three Rivers Families,

I am sending this email to inform you that all online PE materials including videos will be available through YouTube and your student's Clever app on their iPads. Therefore, if your student is unable to view the video links via YouTube, they can access it through "T. Niebergall's Page" on Clever. As of right now, the school district issued iPads will not allow students to access YouTube because of security measures put in place. However, the videos via YouTube can be accessed from any other non-district issued device. The title of my YouTube channel is Three Rivers Physical Education. There are videos designated for middle school students, elementary students, as well as K-8 activities. I will be releasing videos two to three times a week and notify you via email when a new video has been posted. Thank you for your support. If you have questions please do not hesitate to email me.

Mr. Niebergall


DON'T HESITATE TO REACH OUT - Our FAN Advocate, Jenn Reuter, is in touch with many of our families working to secure necessities. Please do not hesitate to reach out to her! [email protected] / 541.355.5674


As a follow up to District communication that has been going out to all families, here is information specific to Three Rivers as of Thursday afternoon, March 12th:


  • Good News Club - canceled through 4/8
  • Club Volleyball - canceled through 4/8
  • Wrestling Mat Club - canceled through 4/8
  • SMART Reading - canceled through 4/2
  • Wrestling State Tournament - rescheduled from March 14th to May 2nd
  • Wrestling team practice - canceled today through April 20; will start up 4/21 to prepare for state tournament
  • Middle School Concert scheduled for 3/19 - canceled. Will update families if we are able to reschedule
  • Orchestra (Beginning and Advanced) - canceled through 3/20 (Ms. AJ is ill)
  • 2nd Grade Field Trip to High Desert Museum on 4/2 – will provide new date when rescheduled


  • Middle School Art Show Reception at Sunriver Library, March 12th, 3:30 to 5:30
  • Oklahoma reshearsals
  • Math Clubs
  • Sewing Club
  • K-2 Drama - Wizard of Oz
  • Green Team
  • Wrestling team party - Monday 3/16
  • Track practice to begin Monday 3/16
  • LaPine After School HUB program

We will continue to provide updates as additional information becomes available.


A few quick Otter reminders:

  • Last girls’ basketball game tonight, Tuesday 3/3 at 5:40 in our gym. Their end of season party is Thursday 3/5 at 3:00.
  • Dr. Seuss Celebration tomorrow, Wednesday 3/4 for K-3 students and their parents and guardians. 8:30 to 9:30 in the morning. Please bring your ID to sign in when you arrive.
  • Stovepipe hats still available. Students can purchase one tomorrow morning (Wednesday 3/4) in the office for $5.00. Wear your stovepipe hats to school tomorrow!
  • All students - wear pajamas tomorrow as we celebrate Read Across America throughout the school - Wednesday 3/4.
  • Help us fill our jars for our Sparrow, Alaric. Each classroom has a jar for loose change. And dollar bills fit in the jars, too! The Loose Change drive goes through 3/20 then all donations will go to Alaric.
  • Tomorrow 3/4 is the first Wednesday rehearsal for Oklahoma students. 1:30 to 3:00 for ACT ONE. Thursday and Friday are also ACT ONE. Updated schedule on the website:
  • Orchestra is canceled this week - no sessions on Wednesday 3/4 or Thursday 3/5.
  • Join us for the 4th & 5th grade concert, Otter Hall, Thursday 3/5, 6:00 pm.
  • Middle School Students - send in your $5.00 to help cover the visit from the High Desert Museum this Thursday 3/5.
  • Record those reading minutes - Wild About Reading at Three Rivers all month long!
  • TRS Night at Downward Dog this Friday 3/6 at 6:00 pm:



  • Running Group - Permission forms are in the office for the Spring Running Group that starts March 30th. This is open to all K-8 students - the first 50 to sign up.
  • Beginning Sewing Club starts next week on March 4th - 3 sessions on Wednesdays from 1:30 to 3:30. Students will make a pillow case and a tool belt. Open to 4th through 8th grade students - spots still available.
  • Crazy 8's Math Clubs for both K-2 and 3-5 are going strong! Permission forms noted the last session as 3/30 but the last session for both math clubs will be Monday, March 16th.
  • Green Team starts today, 2/25 meets on Tuesdays through 6/2 from 3:05 til 4:00 pm. Watch for news on their Green activities.
  • Oklahoma rehearsals are on track for the April performances. Check the updated rehearsal schedule to be sure you don't miss rehearsals.
  • K-2 Drama students are learning their lines and are excited for their upcoming performance of the Wizard of Oz next month!
  • Student Council has been busy - among other things, they are doing all of the organizing for our Sparrow fundraising.
  • OBOB teams - our Oregon Battle of the Books teams are putting in their reading and quiz time! Competitions coming up 3/7 and 3/14.

YOUTH SPORTS - check out the Parent FaceBook page for news on youth baseball, lacrosse, softball and more. Still time to sign up for spring activities.


  • Wrestlers had a great district tournament last weekend at LaPine High. Next up is the regional qualifier at Mt View High School on March 7th
  • Girls Basketball scored their first win last night at LaPine Middle School! They play at Pacific Crest on 3/2 and have their last game here at home on 3/3 @ 5:40.
  • Track Team - be ready for the first practice on 3/16. 1) sign up on Family ID, 2) pay on TouchBase and 3) Be sure we have a sports physical on file. All three steps are necessary to start practice.


  • Donations being accepted for this Saturday's Rummage Sale. You may drop off items in our school office through this Friday. Help raise money for our Sparrow, Alaric!
  • Middle School students - please remember your $5.00 to help with costs of the High Desert Museum visit to TRS this week. Easiest to pay online through TouchBase.
  • Stovepipe hats go on sale next week as get ready to celebrate Dr. Seuss and Read Across America. $5.00 for a hat on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday next week.


OTTER WEAR – get yours online before it’s too late. Next chance will be Fall 2020. Store closes this Monday 2/24.

TRACK WEAR - more cool Otter clothing items that say Three Rivers Track. Whether you’re a track team member or just want to support our team, pick out something from this online store, too! Only a few more days – store closes Monday 2/24. Track Team members get $5 off by entering OTTERTRACK2020 at check out.

LOST & FOUND – is overflowing!!! It's been out this week and remind students to look through the items but please remind your child to check for missing items or come in and take a look yourself. Lots of clothing and assorted other items laid out on tables in our hallway. Whatever is not claimed by the end of the day Friday 2/21 will be donated to a local charity.

SPARROW ALARIC – we raised money with our friendship bracelets but we want to continue to do all we can to help support our Little Alaric. Next up is collecting items for the Rummage Sale and shopping at the Rummage Sale (held at Pacific Crest Middle School on 2/29). We will accept donations here at Three Rivers from now until 2/28 and we’ll transport them to PCMS or you can take items directly there. Please review the details regarding donations on our website:

DR. SEUSS AND READ ACROSS AMERICA, Wednesday March 4th – Our K-3 students will be celebrating Dr. Seuss on Wednesday, March 4th from 8:30 to 9:30 here at school. Parents and Guardians are welcome to attend. Lots and lots of fun reading activities. It'll also be an all-school celebration of Read Across America and Pajama Day for all. Mark your calendars!

KINDNESS CHALLENGE – help us keep going strong through the rest of February. Check out are daily acts of kindness.

MIDDLE SCHOOL SPORTS - Track Team – season begins 3/16. Sign up today! And purchase some Track Wear while you’re at it! You have a chance to see our wrestlers Friday and Saturday at LaPine High School this week – they’ll be at the district meet. Come cheer on these hard working Otters! For girls basketball, we have 2 more away games and one last home game on 3/3 at 5:40. The Pep Club will be there – join them and cheer on our Lady Otters!

Oklahoma – Ms. Tina says she is really pleased with how rehearsals have been going. She modified the schedule from now until performance team so please take a look to be sure you know when your child should attend. Oklahoma Rehearsal Schedule

Report Cards – our third quarter is off to a great start. We wanted to remind parents that report cards for Semester 1 for grades K-5 were sent home with students. Report cards for our middle school students for Quarters 1, 2 and 3 are uploaded to their student accounts and can be viewed from StudentVue and from ParentVue. If you need help with your ParentVue account, give us a call in the office and we’ll be happy to help. Report cards for all students for the end of the year will be mailed home.

The Planetarium is here! Thank you to our PTA!! – they secured a grant and were able to once again bring us the Sunriver Nature Center’s traveling Planetarium. It’s set up in our gym and it is so cool!!! All of our K- 5 students will get to pay it a visit and experience programs like Earth and Moon, Constellations and Mythology and General Solar System.

100 Days – tomorrow (Friday 2/21) our kinders and first graders will continue their annual tradition of coming to school like they are 100 years old. Such a fun day celebrating the 100th day of school. Watch for pictures on our FaceBook page!

Green Team – our 3rd - 5th grade Green Team members get underway next week with meetings on Tuesdays with Mrs. Foisset. We’re excited to see the ideas they bring to help our school be more green!

Downward Dog Yoga Studio – Three Rivers Night! Friday 3/6 from 6 to 7 pm, 56880 Venture Ln. All TRS families (parents and kids) are welcome to join in for a special hour-long event: 20- minute Zumba, 20-minute Aerial Yoga and 20-minute floor yoga. Bring your favorite dish for a potluck dinner to snack on during or after the event. Cost: donations accepted and split 50/50 between PTA and Downward Dog.

Keep your calendar current – dates are noted on our TRS Website calendar -

2/24 – Red Cross Blood Drive at the Chamber of Commerce in the Business Park
2/24 – last day to order Otter Wear & Track Wear
2/29 – Show a Little Love Rummage Sale for Sparrow Alaric @ Pacific Crest, 9 to 1

3/2 – Kick off of our Loose Change Drive for Sparrow Alaric – bring in your change and contribute toward our fund for Alaric!
3/2, 3/3 & 3/4 – Stovepipe Hats on sale during lunch for $5.00 – getting ready for Dr. Seuss!
3/3 – Girls Basketball Last Home Game, 5:40
3/4- Dr. Seuss Celebration for K-3, 8:30 to 9:30
3/4- Read Across America Celebration for all students – Pajama Day!
3/5 – Concert – our 4th & 5th graders will be performing in Otter Hall, 6:00 pm
3/6 – TRS Night @ Downward Dog Yoga Studio, 6 to 7 pm
3/7 – Oregon Battle of the Books @ Crook County Middle School
3/12 – Reception at Sunriver Library – Middle School Art Families
3/14 – Oregon Battle of the Books @ Elk Meadow
3/16 – Track Practice begins
3/19 – Wizard of Oz performance by our K-2 Drama Club, 2:00 in our “A” Commons
3/19 – Middle School Spring Concert, 7:00 pm
3/23 – 3/27 - Spring Break

4/7 – End of 3rd Quarter
4/8, 4/9 – Conferences & Book Fair
4/8, 4/9, 4/10 – NO SCHOOL
4/17 – Oklahoma performance at Three Rivers, 7:00 pm
4/21 – Oklahoma performance at Tower Theatre, 7:00 pm

5/16 – PTA Auction – SOCK HOP @ Sharc, 5 to 10 pm.


If you believe your family might qualify for free or reduced meals, we ask that you take the time to fill out the confidential application and submit it as soon as possible. You can access the application HERE or we have paper copies in the office. Additional information about the program is on the district's website: If you qualify, it would allow your child to eat both breakfast and lunch at school for free or at a reduced cost. Students can take advantage of this every day or even occasionally.

The number of students who qualify for free and reduced lunch at our school determines whether or not we receive Federal Title 1 funds. Those federal funds help pay for reading, writing, and math interventions for students who need extra support. Even if you don’t access free or reduced priced meals, you can still help our school by completing the confidential form and submitting it.

We have been noticing in recent months that outstanding lunch balances are increasing and we want to be sure that all of our families who qualify for this program are being served by it.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any questions.

Tim Broadbent, Principal


Two online stores opened today and they both close on Monday, February 24th.

Our Otter Wear store and our Three Rivers track store.

Shop from both stores and show your Otter spirit. $5.00 coupon available in the Track Store for track team members.

All items delivered to school by March 16th in time for the start of track season.

Details and links to both stores are on our website -

Don't miss out! We only offer the Otter Wear store twice a year and the track store once a year.


SPIRIT WEEK starts Monday! Please encourage your student(s) to dress up - it brings such energy to our school! 2/3 Monday - Decade Day (ANY decade), 2/4 Tuesday - University Tuesday, 2/5 Wednesday - Wacky socks, hair, outfit, whatever, 2/6 Thursday - Talent/Hobby Day, 2/7 Friday - Fabulous Otter Friday (Otter wear, school colors red/yellow/black)

FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS FOR OUR SPARROW - also taking place next week (Feb 3 through Feb 7), our Student Council will be on hand during all 3 lunches raising money to support our Sparrow, Alaric. Students who make a donation will receive a Friendship Bracelet. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated. We are partnering with Pacific Crest Middle School in support of Alaric - see his story here: And here’s a note from our own Ms. Macht - “ I am beyond touched and humbled that Three Rivers is helping Alaric; he is our nephew/Chloe's cousin.”

KINDNESS CHALLENGE - we are looking forward to a great month of February. Join us in our Kindness Challenge with daily acts of kindness.

FREE & REDUCED MEALS – This is a friendly reminder that families can save $725-$800 per child a year if you qualify for free or reduced priced meals, which includes breakfast and lunch. All grade levels are included. Applications may be turned in at any time during the year. Learn if your family is eligible: Income Eligibility Guidelines. A new application must be completed each year, and only forms for the current year are accepted. Complete and submit a Free and Reduced Application HERE. Paper copies are available in the school office if you prefer that option.

OTTER CLOSET – Here’s a great way to volunteer a bit of your time and make a big difference. We are the fortunate recipients of some great clothing donations for our students. Thanks to Kat Gregory and Jenn Reuter, this clothing is carefully put out into a “store-like” setting for our students. And the best part? There is no cost for anything - it’s whatever they can use. But it takes work to sort through the clothes, hang them, fold them, make displays. If this sounds up your rally, please contact Jenn at [email protected] And thank you!

NO SCHOOL DAYS for the remainder of this year:
2/17 – Presidents' Day Holiday
3/23 thru 3/27 – Spring Break
4/8, 4/9 & 4/10 – Parent/Teacher Conferences
5/25 – Memorial Day Holiday


  • K-2 Drama Club – starts Monday, February 3rd, 3:00 to 4:30. If your child is a go for this Club, you should have received a confirmation email last week.
  • Math Clubs for K-2 and 3-5 are underway. These clubs filled up very quickly. We don’t yet know if we’ll be able to offer additional sessions but stay tuned in case it’s possible!
  • Oklahoma rehearsals are going well! The rehearsal schedule is online - remember, Group 2 does not start attending until March 16th when the schedule says ALL CAST. Performances are in April and are on the schedule.

HIGH SCHOOL INFO NIGHTS - time for our 8th graders to start preparing for next year's transition to high school! Don't miss these opportunities to learn about options.

8th GRADE BABY PICTURES - Parents of our 8th graders: if you haven't sent a baby picture in to Ms. Lori, please do so by Friday, February 7th at [email protected]. Or bring in a photo for her to scan. These are going to make a great yearbook page!

MIDDLE SCHOOL DANCE - February 14th from 1:30-3:00 here at the school. We don't need any volunteers at this time, but wanted to let you know it’s coming.

MIDDLE SCHOOL SPORTS - Wrestling and Girls Basketball are underway. Check out their schedules and come cheer them on. We have games and meets for the next few weeks! Pep Club will be leading the cheering at our home girls basketball games !! And track season is just around the corner - first practice on March 16th. We’ll be opening up Family ID for registration in February so keep an eye out for the email.

OTTER WEAR AND TRACK WEAR - in about a week, you’ll have some online shopping opportunities to show your Otter Spirit and make some Three Rivers clothing purchases. We offer a general Otter Wear online store twice a year - at the beginning of the year and winter. These are your only 2 chances to purchase Three Rivers t-shirts, sweatshirts and more. We’ll also be opening a second online store with clothing items that say Three Rivers Track. Support the track team with a purchase from this online store! And if you plan to be a member of the TRS track team, you can use the $5.00 coupon that we’ll send out when the online store opens. All items will be delivered to school and sent home with students by March 16th when track season begins!

MAY 16th - be sure this date is marked on your calendar. It’s our PTA’s 10th Annual Fundraiser and Gala and it’s going to be great!!! Sock Hop at the SHARC - yes!!

TAX ASSISTANCE - It is that time of year again and we are all getting ready to do our taxes. The link below offers free tax help in our area if you are interested. A couple of the locations are walk-in only and a couple are by appointment. These programs will start next week. Contact Jenn Reuter at Three Rivers with questions.


We are busy Otters this week and next. Lots of opportunities to join us and share in the festive season.


HOLIDAY STORE – thanks to our incredibly generous community, we are not seeking any more donations for our store. We are in good shape with gifts!! We could still use wrapping supplies – paper, bows, ribbon, gift bags, gift boxes (dropped off by Monday 12/16). Thank you!!

HOLIDAY FOOD DRIVE – help us help others. Drop off your non-perishable food items in our school lobby through Tuesday 12/17. We will be donating the food to a local charity to distribute before the holidays.

GIVING TREE FOR TRS TEACHERS – Join our PTA in getting classroom goodies for our teachers. See their wishes and sign up here: Giving Tree

PTA SOCIAL – join other parents for coffee and visiting this Friday 12/13 at Wild Wood Coffee House in the Sunriver Business Park.

HOLIDAY LUNCH – come have a yummy holiday lunch with your child on Thursday 12/19. Adult lunches are $4.25 and student lunches are $3.00. Please help our Nutrition Services staff plan by emailing your RSVP to [email protected] by this Friday 12/13.

GIFT WRAPPING – volunteer to gift wrap for our students after they’ve shopped in the holiday store. Tuesday 12/17 and Thursday 12/19, 8:30 to 2:30. Email us at [email protected] and let us know the day and time that works for you.

HOLIDAY SPIRIT WEEK – get ready for next week!

  • Monday 12/16 – Holiday Socks
  • Tuesday 12/17 – Holiday Hat or Holiday Hair
  • Wednesday – Flannel Day
  • Thursday – Ugly Christmas Sweater
  • Friday – Pajama Day

HOLIDAY CONCERT – come enjoy our middle school bands and choir, Thursday 12/19 in Otter Hall at 6:00 pm.

GINGERBREAD JUNCTION – take a family trip to the Sunriver Lodge and check out the gingerbread houses. We have 9 entries!

HOLIDAY GREEN TEAM TIPS – give a gift to our planet by taking note of these Otter Green Team ideas:

  • Turn off holiday lights during the day
  • Reuse ribbons and bows
  • Use magazines, brown bags, or fabric bags to wrap presents – be creative!
  • Give gifts that support animal preservation such as; adopting an elephant or an Orca whale from a pod that lives in the Pacific Northwest


We are excited to have everyone back today and eager to share updates for the weeks ahead - it's going to be a fabulous month of December!


  • SANTA CRAFTS - It’s not too late to sign up and lend a hand with Santa Crafts. This annual tradition is so much fun! It takes place tomorrow 12/3 for grades K-3 and Thursday 12/5 for grades 4 & 5. Use this link and grab a spot to join your child’s class (or any class!).
  • HOLIDAY STORE – today (Monday 12/2) is the day we begin accepting donations for our Holiday Store. We’ve already received several boxes this morning!!! We are asking for new or gently used items that make nice gifts for moms, dads and siblings. We also greatly appreciate wrapping supplies – paper, bows, ribbon, tape and gift bags. Items may be dropped off at the front desk between 8:00 and 3:30 up until Monday 12/16. We have two weeks to get our store stocked – please help us make it a great store for our students! They’ll be shopping with their Holiday Bucks, earned for good deeds and good behavior.
  • GIFT WRAPPERS – if you’re interested in taking a slot to gift wrap during our holiday store (12/17 and 12/19), please email the date and time you’d like to come to [email protected]. These are such fun days – so much excitement and energy as our students pick out gifts for their family members then get them wrapped to take home.
  • FOOD DRIVE – our 4th graders are once again coordinating our school Holiday Food Drive so that we, as a school, might lend a hand to those in need. Please bring in your non-perishable food items from now through December 19th. Thank you!
  • GINGERBREAD JUNCTION – many of our classes are busily building and decorating their gingerbread houses that will be delivered to Sunriver Resort as entries in the Gingerbread Junction. Thank you to Habitat for Humanity for covering our entry fees! The houses will be on display in Sunriver through January 4th. Several of our classes will be taking field trips to the resort to take in the sights!
  • CHRISTMAS BASKETS - to request a Christmas Food Basket and Family Gift, please use this form (we also have copies in the school office). These are due today, Monday, December 2nd so please contact Jenn Reuter at 541.355.5674 and she will help make sure your form gets where it needs to go!

THANK YOU! From all of us at Three Rivers School to our wonderful Three Rivers PTA - they wrapped up their Fall Giving Campaign well beyond their goal of $4,500!! And thanks to Hola! Restaurant - they brought us a check for $493, a percent of proceeds from their last night being open before they closed for the winter season. And last but certainly not least, thank you to Thousand Trails who hosted their final Fall Carnival in October and gave us $550! The giving spirit of this community is truly amazing.

HOLIDAY MUSIC - Thanks to the Sunriver Music Festival, we’ll have Aaron Meyer spending the day with us this Friday 12/6. It’ll be a full day of music for our students and it’s always a treat to have him share his talent and knowledge with us. Be sure to join us for our middle school WINTER CONCERT on Thursday 12/19 at 6:00 in Otter Hall.


  • BOYS BASKETBALL - 2 games at home this week for our boys basketball team. Come join our Pep Club and cheer on our teams! Wednesday and Thursday in Otter Hall, first games start at 4:30 and second games start at 5:40.
  • WRESTLING – now is the time to sign up for wrestling! Practices begin on Monday, January 6th when we return from winter break. To be ready for that practice, wrestlers need to be registered on Family ID, pay the participation fee of $40 (online or in the office) and be sure we have a current sports physical on file. Call Beth at 541.355.3001 if you have any questions.
  • GIRLS BASKETBALL – will be starting up in mid-January. Now is the time to register! You can do so online through Bend Park & Rec, use activity # 303440.


  • Intermediate/Advanced Sewing begins Wednesday 12/4. Permission forms in the office.
  • Oklahoma! is this year’s spring play and auditions begin 12/12. Permission forms are available in the office. The participation fee of $25 may be paid online or in the school office.

COLD WEATHER GUIDELINES - Our students head out for recess if it is 10 degrees or above. Please be sure they are dressed appropriately with coats, boots, gloves, etc. if you need a hand with winter wear, please reach out to Jenn Reuter at 541.355.5674.

WINTER WEATHER DECISIONS – sign up for district text notifications at BLConnect. This is the best way to be sure you are notified as soon as possible when there are school delays or closures. More info HERE.

KTRS NEWS CREW - Catch up on KTRS news episodes HERE. They are taking a break and will be back this spring.

NEW HIGH SCHOOL – want to learn about the new school currently under construction on the south end of Bend? Attend the public meeting here at Three Rivers on Monday, December 9th from 4:30 to 6:30. If you are unable to attend that session, the same information will be presented at other schools. Check the schedule HERE.


  • During parent pick up, please stand closer to the curb along the sideway so teachers leading other students to the buses have a clear path.
  • Only store bought treats are allowed for class parties and special occasions. We cannot serve homemade treats.
  • Please be sure to pick up students promptly after sports and after-school activities. Students may only be at school after dismissal time if they are in a particular sport, activity or are attending the LaPine After Care Program.
  • Picking up your child early from school? No need to call us. Just come into the office, sign your child out and allow enough time for us to call your child down from class.
  • Box Tops are still happening! Bring in clipped coupons to school or better yet, do it all electronically! See how to download the app here:


A couple of quick reminders as we head into Thanksgiving Break. No School all of next week!

COLLEGE DAY IS TOMORROW - Friday 11/22. Come to school in your favorite college attire. This is a district wide college day so show your college spirit!

Boys Basketball is off to a great start in their season. They are playing at home tonight - come on down!!! Their schedule is on the school website under the Athletics menu.
Registration for Wrestling is open! Sign up on Family ID, pay online or in the school office and make sure we have a current sports physical on file. Practices start right after Winter Break in January. Details and links are on the TRS website, Athletics.
Girls Basketball registration is also open. Sign up through Bend Park and Rec online. Practices start in mid-January.

Sewing Club starting soon - for 4th through 8th grade students who have had previous sewing experience. Two sessions with Mrs. Holman, 12/4 and 12/11 - making holiday projects. Permission forms in the office.

SPRING MUSICAL - we're excited to announce this year's Spring Musical will be Rodgers and Hammerstein's Oklahoma! Auditions begin in December and rehearsals begin after Winter Break. Permission forms for 4th through 8th grade students are in the office. The participation fee is $25 and can be paid online or in the school office.

PTA FALL GIVING CAMPAIGN - some great messages have been going out to our families each day on behalf of our Three Rivers PTA. So many examples of how their financial support contributes to the many great things going on for the students at Three Rivers School. Their donation window will be closing very soon. Please don't miss your opportunity to contribute. Click HERE

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Hello Three Rivers Families - here are updates as we get November underway. Another exciting month ahead!

Veterans Day Assembly - This Friday, November 8th in Otter Hall at Three Rivers. We invite all veterans to join us as we take time to honor their service with an all school assembly and breakfast. We'll get underway at 9:00 a.m. To help us plan appropriately we're asking for RSVPs using this link ( We look forward to this day and hope to see as many of our veterans as possible here at Three Rivers. Special thanks to The Wallow, Sunriver Country Store and Sunriver Brewed Awakenings for donating breakfast and coffee! Please share the invitation -

Veterans Day Lunch - Friday, November 8th - all schools within our district are offering a free lunch to any family member of students or staff who are active duty members of the military or veterans to honor those who have served in the armed forces. Veterans will also receive a thank you note during the lunch, which will be homemade meatloaf, mashed potatoes with gravy, Caesar salad and an American flag cookie. We hope to have a full cafeteria this Friday!

Veterans Day Holiday - No School on Monday, November 11th.

Picture Retakes - Thursday, November 7th - if you would like your child to get a replacement photograph, send in your original packet this Thursday. If your child was absent on picture day last month, you may order online before picture day at and using Picture day ID FO519776Y1. We also have paper order forms in the office. Please email the office at [email protected] or email your child's teacher ASAP if you would like an order form sent home.

Storytime - Join Sami from the Sunriver Library right here in our own Three Rivers library tomorrow evening, Tuesday November 5th from 6 to 7 pm. This event is open to all K-3 students and their siblings and there is no cost to attend. Students can wear jammies, bring a stuffed animal and/or blanket and enjoy stories, singing and a craft. Thank you PTA and the Sunriver Library for organizing what is sure to be a great evening.

Second Quarter - today is the beginning of our second quarter. Elementary classes do not have quarterly report cards. Middle school report cards will be uploaded to student accounts (and viewable through ParentVue) later this week. The middle school honor roll celebration will take place this Friday.

KTRS - don't miss the latest episodes. We share the link on Facebook as well as on our website. New episodes come out on Fridays.

Conferences and Book Fair - thanks to all who participated in conferences last month and took the time to visit our Book Fair. We had a very high percentage of families attend conferences and our Book Fair brought in $4,000 that will help purchase new material for library.

Middle School Basketball - the boys teams are underway with practices and we will be posting their game schedule on the TRS website today. We have two teams this year and their first games are Wednesday, November 13th at 4:30 and 5:40 here in the TRS gym. Pep Club members will be there to cheer on our teams! Girls basketball will get started after the winter break but now is the time sign up! Go to and use Activity Code 303440. Coach McKinney will be ready to see you in January!

Holiday Store - we will continue our tradition of holding a holiday store in December for our students to shop for their family members with their Holiday Bucks (earned for good behavior and good deeds). We'll be sending out more information as this event gets closer but some have already asked about donations. On Monday, December 2nd, we'll begin accepting donations of new or gently used items that would make good gifts for moms, dads and siblings. We'll have two weeks to stock our store so if you are gathering items to donate, please hold onto them and bring them to the school office between 12/2 and and 12/16. We would also greatly appreciate gift wrapping supplies (wrapping paper, tape, bows, gift bags). This is truly one of our favorite events of the year and we to thank everyone in advance for helping us make it happen.

A message from the District office: Bend-La Pine Schools is conducting an Excellence & Equity Review to look deeply at our students’ experiences in school. Along with staff expertise, student learning results and research, the information gathered during this review will help inform our priorities for school improvement efforts, professional learning and funding. Families, please take a moment to participate in two short surveys related to this effort:

Learn more about Excellence & Equity on our webpage


Radio Event – Wednesday morning 10/16, Mr. B will be taking 4 of our middle school students to participate in the Geno and the Professor radio show. Tune in!

Conferences – coming soon on 10/23 and 10/24. Details on the TRS website:

Book Fair – takes place same days and times as conferences. Mrs. Gascon puts in a lot of time and effort to make our Book Fairs great events. She could use some help! Please consider taking a time slot and join the fun: Book Fair Volunteers. Online ordering is available but don’t miss out on stopping by the library when you’re here for conferences!

No School – please be sure your calendars are marked for these NO SCHOOL days during conference time. October 23, 24 & 25. Additional NO SCHOOL DAYS: Monday, November 11 (Veterans Day) and November 25 through 29 (Thanksgiving Break).

Fall Carnival – our friends at Thousand Trails are once again hosting this great family event on Saturday, October 26th from 11 am to 4 pm. This will be its last year so don’t miss out! Lots of activities, games, food and more. $6.00 admission. Thousand Trails graciously donates the proceeds from this event to Three Rivers School! Volunteers are needed so please take a look at the options and grab a spot! Thanks in advance to many of our middle school students who have already signed up to volunteer. Fall Carnival Volunteers

Club News – two clubs starting up next week. Spots available in both. Permission forms are in the office.

  • Green Team with Mrs. Foisset – open to 3rd through 5th grade students. Limit 10 students. Meets Tuesdays (10/22, 10/29, 11/5, 11/12, 11/19, 12/3, 12/10) 3 to 4 pm, Students will be investigating school-wide practices with an eye toward making them greener. They will help our school save resources including energy, water, paper and other school materials, and money! They will learn about sustainability and help educate other students (and staff!) on these topics.
  • Board Games & Chess Club with Mrs. Fender and Mrs. Redifer - This is a great opportunity for students in grades 2 through 5 to learn new games and practice a family style game time. Limit 30 students. Meets Mondays (10/21, 10/28, 11/4, and 11/18) from 3:05 to 4 p.m. Games will be provided, but students are encouraged to bring any of their own that they love.
  • Beginning and Advanced Orchestra with Ms. Jiminez also get underway this week – Wednesdays 1:40 to 2:45 (Beginning) and 2:45 to 4:00 (Advanced). Thursdays 3:15 to 4:15 (Beginning) and 4:15 to 5:00 (Advanced).

Otter Walk – our otters and their families and friends raised almost $9,000 for our school! And all of our students enjoyed a great walk in Caldera Springs, celebrated in Otter Hall and will now benefit from many activities this year funded by this event! Check out the pictures we shared in a recent school Facebook post. Thank you all!

Lost & Found – is once again overflowing. Students are being encouraged to look for their own items. Parents are welcome to get a visitor pass and look for items or make a point of looking for lost items during parent/teacher conferences. All clothing will be donated to a local charity after conferences.

Library News – it's been an exciting fall with one author visit already in the books. Oregon Battle of the Books is gearing up and, of course, our Book Fair is just around the corner. Otters love to READ!

Otter Sports

  • Check the Top Ten below. Join us for our final fall sporting events!
  • Bend Park & Rec’s youth volleyball starts up next week with practices in Otter Hall.
  • Middle school boys’ basketball starts up on October 30th. We had more boys than ever sign up this year – Go Otters! This program is run through Bend Park & Rec and we need one more volunteer coach to join the effort this year. Please contact Park & Rec if you can offer your coaching time for our 6th/7th team this year.
  • It’s not too early to get signed up for middle school girls’ basketball. Practices start after the winter break but sign up today.! Coach Kelly McKinney will be back to lead our Lady Otters through a great season. Sign up through Bend Park & Rec.
  • Concussion testing available through The Center – two dates coming soon. More info HERE.

Top Ten for This Week

  • Wear BLUE on Mondays in October to show our support to end all forms of bullying.
  • Be sure you are registered to receive text alert updates from the district for school delays or closures.
  • Tune in at 8:40 on Wednesday 10/16 when Mr. B and 4 of our students are on the radio!
  • Join the fun at the Fall Carnival @ Thousand Trails on 10/26.
  • Purchase iPad insurance if you haven’t already. It’s not too late to make this $30 investment.
  • Join us for our final middle school fall sports events.
  • Catch the latest episode from our KTRS News Crew.
  • Submit your volunteer application if you haven’t already done so.
  • Volunteer at our upcoming Book Fair or the Fall Carnival.
  • Find what you might be missing in the LOST AND FOUND.


BULLYING PREVENTION - Tomorrow, Monday October 7th, is the World Day of Bullying Prevention. In fact, October is National Bullying Prevention Month. We're having an all school assembly tomorrow morning here at Three Rivers to kick off this month of bullying prevention. And we're asking all of our students and staff to WEAR BLUE tomorrow and every Monday in October to show our community solidarity and commitment to end all forms of bullying. We hope to look out upon a sea of BLUE at tomorrow's assembly!

OTTER WALK TALLY - And here's some news to get our week off to a great start. The tally from Friday's Otter Walk is $8,658.08!!! Donations came in coins and big checks and everything in between and every $1.00 matters. We are so excited to have these funds available to help provide all of our students some great experiences this year. Thank you to the parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and friends and neighbors who helped raise almost $9,000! And huge Otter thanks to all who joined us on the walk or cheered along the path or scooped ice cream or painted faces and or tackled one of the many other tasks that helped this event be so much fun and such a success. A few families asked if the donation window is still open and the answer is yes. The online option is still available or money can be dropped off in the office through this next week.

We have 3 clubs starting up on Tuesday 10/8 and all 3 still have spots available - permission forms are in the office:
Pep Club - open to K-8
Drama Club (Halloween Make Up) - open to grades 4 thru 8
First Tech Challenge (robotics) - open to middle school, grades 6-8

We'll also have Board Games & Chess Club starting up on Monday 10/21. This club will meet for 4 sessions and is open to students in grades 2 thru 5. Permission forms are in the office. This is a great opportunity for students to learn new games and/or develop their chess skills. Class size is limited to 30 students.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 - OTTER WALK, OTTER WEAR & OTTER NEWS (paper copy of this post sent home to all families to be sure they are receiving emails

OTTER WALK & RUN - In 6 days, we’ll be heading out on one of our most fun events of the year. And it’s also one of our biggest fundraisers. Here are reminders to help us all be ready on Friday, October 4th:

  • Donations – are accepted up until the day of the event but if you feel like you’ve gathered all you can, please go ahead and send in your bright green sheet and donations. We’re about 1/10th of the way to our goal now (about $1,000 has come in and we’re aiming for $10,000!). You can refer family and friends to our website for online donations:
  • Volunteer – thanks to those who have already signed up. We still have some spots open – join us if you can! Online sign ups here: We’ll send a separate email to volunteers with any necessary additional info.
  • Weather - forecast is on the cooler side so dress accordingly.
  • What to wear - your Otter Walk T-shirt if you have one – from this year or from another year. Or any Otter Wear or just school colors: red, yellow or black. And good, comfortable shoes!! Note: our Otter Wear order is due to arrive 10/2 and items will be sent home with students.
  • Water – we are not doing water stations this year. We love our Green Team and they encouraged us to skip the paper cups and ask every student to bring their own reusable water bottle.
  • Celebration – our Otter Walk & Run party will be in Otter Hall when everyone has returned and our parents will be ready with treats, face painting and more!
  • Why do we this? – Because bringing in several thousand dollars gives our students the opportunity to do so many things – field trips, special events, author visits and more. And because we love doing things together, especially when it helps our school.
  • Thank You – to the Sunriver Citizens Patrol for once again keeping us safe as we get to and from our event. To Caldera Springs for letting us use their beautiful paths. To Coach Cammie and our cross country team for taking a final lap to be sure we leave everything neat and tidy. To our parents for joining in the fun and helping to make sure it’s a great event. To all who made a donation to our school to help support our student activities. And to all of our staff and students who will be walking or running 2+ miles for their school!

Please send your child to school prepared for this fun day next Friday, October 4th: warm clothes, Otter Wear or School colors, a reusable water bottle and donation sheet with donations attached in an envelope (unless you've already turned yours in). THANK YOU!

OTTER WEAR - It’s due to be delivered to Three Rivers on 10/2 and will be sent home with students. We’re looking forward to seeing lots of Otter Walk & Run T-shirts on October 4th. And remember, students and staff are always welcome to wear their Otter Wear items to school but we especially encourage it for Fridays. Otter Wear or just school colors: red, yellow or black. Go Otters!

CONFERENCES – parents and teachers will be meeting for conferences on Wednesday, October 23rd and Thursday, October 24th. Teachers will be working with parents to set up times for grades K-5. Middle school conferences are arena style and times will be sent out shortly. There is NO SCHOOL on 10/23, 10/24 & 10/25.

AFTER SCHOOL CLUB NEWS – it’s a busy place around here after school gets out! All clubs require a permission form and these are available in the office. Most clubs are limited to a certain number of students and registration is based on first to turn in permission forms.

  • Running Group - it's full!!! We have 50 Otters running with Mrs. Walker on Mondays and Fridays. Several students are on a wait list and they will get first priority for the Spring Running Group. We’re looking forward to updates posted on the bulletin board with all of the miles they’re putting in.
  • KTRS News Crew with Mrs. DeGarmo – open to 4th through 8th grade students. Mrs. DeGarmo will be reviewing applications and letting students know next week if they will be on the KTRS crew this fall. First meeting is Thursday, October 3rd.
  • Pep Club - Open to K through 8 students. Join Mrs. James (aka Miss Jill) on Tuesdays beginning October 8th - five sessions in the Art Room. Pep Club members will be promoting school spirit with activities like making posters, learning cheers, face painting and more. Then they plan to meet at home basketball games and cheer on our teams.
  • Mandarin Club - started last week – we still have 3 spots open if your student is interested. Open to 2nd through 5th graders. Learn to speak Mandarin phrases, draw Mandarin characters and learn about Chinese culture.
  • Otter Orchestra - both beginning and advanced after school orchestra will be starting up with Ms. AJ on October 9th. Orchestra is open to 5th thru 8th grade students but 4th graders may be considered based on experience and recommendations from classroom teachers. Applications and forms are in the office and must be completed and returned to the office by October 9th.
  • Fall Drama Club – Ms. Tina will be holding 5 sessions this fall for students in 4th through 8th grade who are interested in planning make-up for Halloween costumes and practicing application.
  • Middle School Robotics – informational meeting with Mrs. Johnson on October 1st. Interested students should plan to attend to ask questions and decide if they are interested in joining this club.


  • Cross Country – we are hosting a meet on Tuesday, October 1st. It’s the first time we’ve hosted in many years and we are excited! We expect about 200 runners participating plus their families watching. The buses for away teams will be arriving shortly after school gets out so we ask that parents head out of the parking lot as soon as they have their students after dismissal. Coach Cammie would welcome some more help so if you’re interested, contact us in the office and we’ll put you in touch with her.
  • Team Photos – are scheduled for Thursday, October 3rd. Order forms will be sent home before picture day. Students should turn in completed forms and payment directly to the photographer. We have a home volleyball game that day – their pictures will be first at 3:00 followed by football and XC. Please make sure your student athlete brings their uniform for their sports photo.

PICTURE DAY - It’s Thursday, October 11th. Picture order packets have been sent home with all students. These can be sent in on picture day or better yet, orders can be placed online up until the day of our pictures ( and Picture ID FO519776Y0).

CONCERTS - Our performance dates have been set and have been added to our TRS website calendar. Concerts are held in Otter Hall and start at 6:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted. Update your calendars so you don’t miss any of these shows. Concert Dates


We have three online Otter Wear stores and they all close tonight at midnight (Sunday 9/15). We don't want to see sad faces tomorrow because you missed the deadline so here's one last reminder!


We'll be officially kicking off our Otter Walk and Run campaign tomorrow. That gives us three weeks to be ready for the big event on OCTOBER 4th - to collect donations, to get our volunteers signed up and to get organized so almost 500 of us can walk or run together to raise funds for our school. Each student will bring home a bright green pledge sheet and we encourage students to check in with family members and close friends to gather donations. Our donations have ranged from $5 to $500 and every dollar counts. Donations are due by the day of the Otter Walk - October 4th. Our goal is hefty but we've done it before --- $10,000!!! We also have an online donation option - you can share the link with family and friends: Some of you found the Otter Walk information on our website and FaceBook and already made donations - THANK YOU!

The money we collect helps make Three Rivers K-8 School the wonderful place that it is and helps our students do so many things! And the enthusiasm and spirit we generate by all being out there together and knowing we worked to raise a whole bunch of money is truly something. Thanks to our parents, the celebration when we all return has grown, and this year we'll again enjoy face painting and treats.

If you'd like an Otter Walk & Run t-shirt for your student (or for yourself), they are in the online Otter Wear store for $5.00 and this is your last day to purchase one! Use the link above.

Help is needed to be ready for this big day - please consider lending a hand. You can walk with your student's class or monitor a water station or be on the finish line cheering squad. All kinds of jobs - something for everyone. Or if you can't join us that day, you can donate face paint. Thank you in advance for whatever help you are able to give. Please use this link to sign up:

Thank you!


Please remember -- today, September 11th, is our first early release Wednesday and all students are dismissed at 1:30. This is our Wednesday release time for the remainder of the year. You can find school hours including start times, lunch times, recess times and our middle school bell schedule on our website: School Hours

And don't forget, tomorrow is our Open House and BBQ - Thursday, September 12th. The BBQ is held in Otter Hall (our cafeteria) and goes from 5:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Families may enter through the Otter Hall entrance. We ask for $1.00 per person or $5.00 per family (whichever is less) to help with food costs. Following the BBQ, families can make their way down the hall to visit with community organizations who are here to share information. And classrooms are open for visits with teachers and the chance for students to share what's been going on these first few days of school. We wrap things up at 6:30 p.m. Please join us!!


We're anticipating another great year of after school activities for our students here at Three Rivers. Our past clubs have included running, sewing, fly tying, robotics, student council and much more.

Our first club to get started this year is the Mandarin Club and it will be for 2nd through 5th grade students. The club will meet every Wednesday from 1:30 to 2:30 in our art room from September 18th through December 11th (no sessions on 10/23 and 11/27). The Club is being led by Xing Storm, parent-teacher and native Mandarin speaker. Students will have the opportunity to learn useful Mandarin phrases, write simple characters, practice calligraphy on rice paper, draw a Chinese painting, explore Chinese culture and practice with friends. The Club will be limited to the first 15 students to turn in permission forms - these are available in the office now for students and parents to pick up.

Our second Club to get going this year is the Running Group. It is open to all Three Rivers students, K through 8. Mrs. Walker is excited to see new and returning runners join her and parent volunteers to put in some miles! This group meets Mondays and Fridays from 3:05 to 4:00, September 23rd through October 28th (no sessions on October 4th due to the Otter Walk & Run and October 25th due to parent-teacher conferences). Permission forms for Running Group will be available in the office tomorrow, Wednesday 9/11. Mrs. Walker takes a large number of kids for this group.

Other Clubs that are being discussed or are already in the works include Pep Club, Math Club, Chess Club and Robotics. And, of course, the KTRS News Crew Club. We know others will be formed as staff members get their thoughts together.

We hope that every child at Three Rivers School is able to participate in one or more after school activities this year!

Don't forget tomorrow is our first early Wednesday release. All students are dismissed at 1:30 every Wednesday starting tomorrow, September 11th.


Three Rivers Families -

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Thanks for your support!


t’s so exciting to be able to say, “see you tomorrow”!

Here are a few last reminders to help us all have a wonderful first day of school.

Kindergartners – we can’t wait to welcome our newest Otters. Kinder parents - please remember, half come tomorrow then they stay home on Thursday. The other half stays home tomorrow and comes on Thursday. Then finally, on Friday, we have all of our kindergartners here. This staggered starts helps our young Otters adjust to their school day more comfortably.

Breakfast – because of the change to our breakfast program, it’s very important that you let your child know whether or not you want them to get breakfast. It is no longer free! Please have that discussion so your child knows whether or not they should be going through the line to purchase a breakfast. We need your help during this transition since we have grown accustomed to all children receiving breakfast for free and that is no longer the case.

Bring your ID – Many of you will remember last year’s first day long line as parents waited to get into the building. Now that most of you are registered in the visitor system, things should move along more quickly but there will still be a line! All parents, grandparents and guardians will need to use the visitor system and obtain a visitor sticker if they wish to go beyond the lobby. Have your ID ready and please be patient as we will be working to get everyone into school as quickly as possible. We will have many staff members welcoming students into the building and directing them to their classrooms so it’s not necessary for parents to walk students to class – only if you so desire. Front doors will open at 7:50 a.m.

School supplies – students in K-5 will be allowed to go straight to their classrooms to drop off supplies then head outside for morning recess. Parents may join them to drop off supplies if they wish (after obtaining an ID badge). This is the only day of the year when parents will be able to head to classrooms before school starts as this is teacher prep time. But as we said earlier, it is not necessary for you to accompany your child. We are here to help them get settled!

After school plans – please communicate directly with your child’s teacher (email is best) regarding your child’s plan for after school (riding the bus, being picked up by mom or dad, etc.). If you’re unsure about email addresses, use the Contact Us page on our website:

Middle School sports – the football team will meet after school tomorrow from 3 to 5 to go over the program and hand out gear. All football team members are expected to attend and all should be fully registered as explained in previous emails to middle school parents. Cross country and volleyball will begin their practices on Monday, September 9th.

After school clubs – we’ll be communicating to parents when our first clubs are ready for students to register. Running Club will start up later this month with more clubs to come!

Dismissal times – all students will be dismissed at 3:00 tomorrow on the first day of school, Wednesday, September 4th. 3:00 is the normal dismissal time for Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Starting next week, all students will be dismissed at 1:30 on Wednesdays. You can find lunch times, the middle school bell schedule, etc. on the website:

Get some good rest tonight. Here we go for another great school year at Three Rivers!


We can’t wait to see all of our students in just a few more days! Here are some friendly reminders as we get closer to the first day of school, Wednesday, September 4th

Class Lists – for K-5 will be posted on the school’s front doors at 4:00 p.m. on August 30th. First period classes for Middle School students will also be posted. Middle School students will go straight to Otter Hall when they arrive on the first day. They’ll get their schedules during first period.

Kindergarten Staggered Start – the class lists posted on the front doors will show which day kindergartners begin. Half come on 9/4, half on 9/5 and all come on 9/6.

Office Hours – Currently open 9:00 to 3:00 Monday through Friday (closed Labor Day). Once school starts, office hours are M-F, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Front doors are unlocked at 7:50 a.m.

Breakfast – As we shared with you over the summer, we no longer have a universal breakfast program at Three Rivers. Please remember to talk with your child about whether or not they should get breakfast – this will help prevent unwanted charges to their account. It will take a bit of time to adjust to the fact that breakfast is no longer free of charge. Along with losing the free breakfasts, we no longer have bins of extra food for classrooms, so if your child needs a snack during the day, you will need to provide it.

Parking Lot Safety - The right lane in front of the school (along the curb) is for student pick-up and drop-off only. Parents should stay with their vehicles – no parking in this lane. The left lane is for cars to proceed slowly and cautiously once students have been picked up or dropped off. Any parent or visitor needing to come inside the school should park in the parking lot. Thank you for keeping parking lot safety a top priority!

FAN – To speak with our FAN advocate, Jenn Reuter, about any assistance you may need, feel free to call her at 541-355-5674 (new number this year) or email her at [email protected]

First Day Packets - each child will bring this home on the first day of school. It will contain important information to be completed and returned to school.

School Improvement Wednesdays – beginning September 11th, all students will be dismissed at 1:30 p.m. every Wednesday to allow for staff training and collaboration. This schedule reduces the number of whole day interruptions in the school calendar and provides time that we can devote to school improvement. On the first day of school (September 4th), students are dismissed at 3:00 p.m.

Open House - Please mark your calendars and plan to attend our Welcome Back Open House and BBQ on Thursday, September 12th. The BBQ is $1.00 per person or $5.00 per family and takes place from 5:00 to 5:30 p.m. in Otter Hall. From 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., families may meet teachers in classrooms and visit with representatives from community organizations.

Please take a moment to click on these links to review additional important school info:
After School Care Program – LaPine Hub
Athleticsregister for middle school fall sports before schools starts
Bus Information
Fines and Fees (Touchbase)
Free and Reduced Applicationspaper copies will be in First Day Packets or go online now to apply
iPads – issued to 3rd through 8th grade students. Please consider purchasing insurance!!!
Menuswe do not send home paper copies. See what’s for lunch online.
Otter Newswe post the all-family emails on the website. Click on Webster the Otter.
Otter Walk & Rundonation forms will be sent home the first week of school
Otter Wearthe online store closes 9/15.
Parent Vueget familiar with your child’s account. Call the office if you need your student’s ID.
School Hours
School Supply List
Text Alertssign up for district alerts regarding weather delays, closures, etc.

Stay current with all that’s happening at Three Rivers!
Calendarlots of events have already been added including Picture Day, Open House & Otter Walk.
TRS Website
TRS Facebook
TRS PTA Website
TRS PTA Facebook

See you all very soon! Enjoy your last few days of summer and the Labor Day Holiday.


Hello Otter Families,

We are excited to be readying our beautiful school for the return of our students. Although, we’re getting a lot done this month, without the voices and laughter of kids all around us, our jobs are not nearly as rewarding. We look forward to our first day of school, next Wednesday, September 4th when our 440+ students head through the front doors!

Remember that even though other schools in the district have changed their hours, Three Rivers has not. Our school hours are still as follows:

7:50 a.m. – Doors Open
8:00 a.m. – Middle School Begins
8:20 a.m. – K-5 Begins
3:00 p.m. – all students are dismissed (1:30 pm on Wednesdays beginning 9/18)

The beginning of a school year is always an important time to set the tone for the year and to share priorities. There are two important issues I want to be sure all families are keeping in mind. The first is regarding electronics and the second is attendance.

At the end of last year, we were fortunate to have Collin Kartchner come to speak at Three Rivers. The message was powerful and well received by those who were able to attend: the more our kids are exposed to social media, unmonitored internet or faceless exchanges through texting, the more stressed they are likely to be.

While this topic may seem more applicable to older children, we believe it is relevant to younger and younger children therefore, we want all families sharing our focus. We know that many of the feelings of anxiety, depression, inadequacy, concerns about relationships and fears of missing out can start with unmonitored access to screens. Our school district provides the electronics necessary for students to complete their school work, so they have the technology they need while they’re here at school. With this in mind, I am recommending that students leave their phones and games at home. I assure you that if you need to reach your child or your child needs to reach you, we will certainly make that happen. Think back to when we were young and remember things worked out just fine without us having cell phones.

If that simply will not work for your family, the rules for cell phones are that they remain in lockers or classroom cubbies with the volume off during the school day. They are not to be checked, nor carried around by students. This includes newer watches and other gadgets that can make or receive calls/texts. Please take some time to talk with your student about this before school starts to help set them up for success.

The second issue I want to address is attendance. Our rate of chronic absenteeism has been rising over the last few years. Chronic absenteeism means missing more than ten percent of the school year, or more than 15 days. The impacts on kids who miss a lot of school are profound. In your talks with your student, please include the topic of attendance. Let them know about the importance of being here every day and set some attendance goals for the year. This could be really powerful if your child tends to miss school often. I also encourage you to take a moment to look at the district guidelines about when it does make sense to keep your child home. And then take a moment to review these ten facts about school attendance.

Thank you for taking the time to focus on these topics to help your children get ready for this school year. We are doing everything we can to help all of our students have an amazing and fun year of learning.

Watch for the next email this week that will share reminders, dates and details for kicking off the year. I hope to see you all at our Open House on Thursday, September 12th. We’ll have our BBQ from 5:00 to 5:30 ($1.00 each or $5.00 per family, whichever is less). Then families can visit with community representatives and classrooms from 5:30 to 6:30.

In our efforts to be environmentally proactive, we rely very heavily on email, our website and our FaceBook page, so please be sure you are watching all of these sources.

Lastly, I would like to remind our families that I am here to answer questions, address concerns and listen to ideas regarding your child and your child’s experience here at Three Rivers. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to a great year!

Tim Broadbent
Three Rivers K-8 School