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Yearbook Information

Yearbooks are on sale right now and cost $65. You can buy them online or with our bookkeeper, Kaye Dobson. SHS yearbooks will be distributed in August, 2016.

Nov. 1 - Senior information due. Pick up the information sheet in room B132.

Dec. 15 - Senior ads must be purchased and all content/photos must be submitted by Dec. 15.

Jan. 15 - Color senior photos due. Email them to [email protected] or hand deliver to room B132. PHOTO MUST BE wallet size or larger AND 300 ppi in color. If you do not submit a senior photo, we will use your school photo.

June 1 - Last day to purchase a Senior Memory Book ($20). These can be purchased online or with our bookkeeper, Kays Dobson. They will be distributed the last week of school for seniors.


If you would like to advertise in the student newspaper, The Pinnacle, or in the yearbook please contact Karen Boone at [email protected] Click here for sizes and prices. Here's the ad request form.


Newspaper Information

Check out the October issue of our award-winning student newspaper, The Pinnacle!

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