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Looking to the future

The last couple years we’ve seen tremendous growth in the culture of our school. Our students have led the charge for school spirit and we are all reaping the rewards of their enthusiasm! State athletic championships, amazing arts and academic success are all important, but the most lasting impact a school can have is on the heart of it’s students. Our goal is to create the environment for students to dream, activate their own learning, and develop their talents and aspirations.

New Programs and Courses

Our Engineering program is expanding! Our program includes two Project Lead the Way courses, along with AP Computer Principles, an introductory Coding class, and a multi-leveled Manufacturing Technology program. These courses pave the way for students to explore applied design in multiple formats.

Advanced Language Arts options
This year we’ve added College Writing and AP Seminar to our list of course options for Language Arts. These courses develop a different aspect of communication and we are excited to see our students flourish in exploring these options

Our desire to integrate Social Studies and Language Arts is back with a combined course we call AP Humanities for sophomores. This includes AP World History and AP Seminar courses in an integrated, Cadet teaching, and flexible format option.

We have re-imagined and enlarged our Connections program for students who need a different way of learning. This block offers students SS, LA, Career and Computer applications credit all in in a project-based real-world format.

Building Community

We are most excited about building community in our classrooms, school and impacting our larger Bend community and the world. Our student groups are focusing on making an impact, and several of our classes include authentic opportunities to make change locally and beyond. We are working toward all of our students being known and known well, of supporting them in developing healthy social interactions and empowering them to make growth a positive part of their life.

The year ahead is full of potential, possibilities and promise – Go Storm!

Alice DeWittie


17-18 School Year Information

Daily Schedule for all BLP High Schools:
Our students use a Green, Black and Silver schedule. How it works: Each day, students will be on an G, B, or S schedule. We believe this schedule fosters closer bonds between teachers and students, as teachers see fewer students each day and students see their teachers more often and for longer periods of instructional time. HERE IS A GREEN, BLACK & SILVER YEARLONG CALENDAR

Additional note about your schedule: When looking at the meeting days on your schedule, please disregard the meeting days '1G, 1B and 1S'. These are needed for special bell schedules when students will go to all 7 periods and we'll explain that prior to those special days. In the meantime, your 1st period class will meet on the days that DO NOT have a '1' next to them.



Our 17-18 Admin team is here to serve families and staff. Our main job is to support our teachers and students so teachers can do great work and students have all the doors of opportunity open to them that they need. From left: Jay Etnier, AP; Reno Holler, Dean of Students; Alice DeWittie, Principal; Michael McDonald, AP; and Gabe Pagano, Athletic Director.

Our hardworking 17-18 Campus Security team consists of Adriana Van Dyke, Campus Monitor; Jimmy Krauger, School Resource Officer (SRO); and Reno Holler, Dean of Students.


Our secretaries are the face and voice of Summit, they support our teachers and students and all that happens here at school. 17-18 Secretaries Back row: Kaye Dobson, Stacey Hager, Jamie Stinson, Sondee Low-Johnson, Karen Young. Front row: April Straly, Amy Micheletti, Laurie Shannon.

This is our amazing 17-18 Kitchen Staff who work tirelessly to provide delicious breakfasts and lunches for our students and staff! Back row: Gina Bliss, Kathie Spencer. Front row: Lisa Lockhard, Robbye Purvis, Sue Yanta.

For more information about our teaching staff and departments, please check here for Classroom Information and here for our Student Services and Counseling Team.


School Location

2855 NW Clearwater Drive
Bend, OR 97703

Office Hours

Main office is open
7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Start and Release Times

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday:
7:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

7:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
(early release for teacher training and professional development)

Vehicle Registration & Parking Agreement

Required parking agreement for all vehicles

Report an Absence

To report or excuse an absence, Email Us.

To have your student released early, call 541-355-4015 at least 30 minutes before the student needs to be released. To make it more convenient, add this attendance information to the contacts in your phone.

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