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Welcome to Summit High School!

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Welcome to Summit High School, Home of the STORM!

Welcome to Summit High School and the 2019-20 School Year!

As Summit High School rounds the corner toward its 20th year of operation, we are renewing our commitment to community, culture and safety. Last year we set a goal to improve attendance, improve freshman on-track rates, create a vibrant learning community and engage students and staff in conversations around equity.In each of those areas we made significant strides, especially with attendance.

As we lean in to the 2019-20 school year, we will continue our focus and improvement around the same topics as last year. While we may at times sound like a broken record, we will continue to push the importance of attendance. Your child’s presence in class, every day is the best method we have to improve social, academic and emotional connection to the entire school community. Attendance is low tech, incremental and easily measured.It keeps you and your student in the main flow of the school culture and allows teachers to know your students in multiple ways.

Another on-going target for Summit is school and community engagement. To us this means that students have opportunities to engage as well as the desire to do so. No matter what allows students to find their voice, identity or community, we are interested in providing that platform. We always hope the abundance of current opportunities welcomes kids to participate, but we are also open to any new ideas students or mentors have for connection.

Finally, as you have no doubt seen or heard, all schools in Bend-La Pine are seeing some remodeling to incorporate new safety measures. At Summit we started the year with our new entry way in full operation and we have since distributed photo ID to all students with the expectation that students wear these ID during the school days. Safety is as much emotional as it is physical and so we are also adding personnel to address student’s emotional well-being. We invite comments and questions as an ongoing process for safety improvement.As with any change we make, we can’t get better unless you share your ideas with us.

As the principal at Summit, I am inspired everyday by the students and families we serve. I look forward to another great year and hope to see you in the building helping me learn and celebrate with our great kids!

Michael McDonald



20-21 School Year Information

Daily Schedule for all BLP High Schools:
Our students use a Green, Black and Silver schedule and how it works is that each day, students will be on an G, B, or S schedule. However, due to COVID-19 this year we are going to use this Comprehensive Distance Learning Daily Schedule from Sept. 14 through Oct. 23. For more information go to the district webpage here.


Our 18-19 Admin team is here to serve families and staff. Our main job is to support our teachers and students so teachers can do great work and students have all the doors of opportunity open to them that they need. From left: Mary Thomas, AP; Reno Holler, AP, Michael McDonald, Principal; and Jay Etnier, AP.

The 19-20 Athletics and Activities team creates all the fun! From all our athletic events to every pep rally and assembly, these guys keep things rolling right along and gets everyone excited! From left: Stacey Hager, Athletic/Activities Secretary; Mike Carpenter, Athletic Director; Sarah Warsaw, Activities Director.

Our hardworking 19-20 Campus Security team consists of Darci Michaud, Campus Monitor; Jimmy Krauger, School Resource Officer (SRO); and Lynnette Landis, Campus Monitor.

Our secretaries are the face and voice of Summit, they support our teachers and students and all that happens here at school. 19-20 Secretaries Front Row: Laurie Shannon, Kaye Dobson, Stacey Hager. Back Row: Amy Micheletti, Jamie Stinson, April Straly, Karen Young.

This is our amazing 19-20 Kitchen Staff who work tirelessly to provide delicious breakfasts and lunches for our students and staff! Michelle Anderson, Robbye Purvis, Kelly Rozell, Lisa Lockard and Mindy Jones.

For more information about our teaching staff and departments, please check here for Classroom Information and here for our Student Services and Counseling Team.


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2855 NW Clearwater Drive
Bend, OR 97703

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Main office is open
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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