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Welcome to Summit High School!

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Welcome to Summit High School, Home of the STORM!

Welcome to Summit High School!

All sights are set on the future, and we are excited to start fresh with the 2021-22 school year! We have all grown from our collective journey though the shutdowns and restarts and we are ready to take the lessons learned in ‘20-21 and put them to work in September.

What can you expect with next year’s schedule, activities and academics? The following is what we are planning for, but all of this is subject to change should we experience higher COVID numbers in the county:

  • A return to our regular 3-day, rotating schedule with 72-minute class periods and a shortened day on Wednesdays
  • A return to fall, winter and spring athletics and activities with competitions and events regionally and statewide
  • Continuing to use Canvas, and Canvas Observer for parents, as our Learning Management System
  • Continuing to use Synergy/ParentVue for our Student Information System
  • Continuing our grading system adopted this winter which eliminates the traditional “zero” from the grading system
  • Continuing to emphasize the critical importance of in-person attendance and engagement in all class periods
  • Continuing to improve our intervention systems to support any student experiencing acute or chronic academic, personal, or social challenges

As we get closer to the start date in September, we will be in regular communication with you about schedules, signing up for activities and welcome events that will ring in this next year. Until then, please enjoy the summer months ahead, stay safe, and enjoy all that the Bend community has to offer. GO STORM!!

Michael McDonald


22-23 School Year Information

Daily Schedule for all BLP High Schools:
Our students use THIS Green, Black and Silver daily bell schedule. How it works is that each day students will be on either a Green (G), Black (B), or Silver (S) schedule. We believe this schedule fosters closer bonds between teacher and students, as teachers see fewer students each day and students see their teachers more often and for longer periods of instructional time.

Here is the SHS Green, Black, Silver calendar for the 22-23 school year.

Additional note about your schedule: When looking at the meeting days, please disregard the meeting days '7G, 7B and 7S'. These are needed for special bell schedules when students will go to all 7 periods. We will explain in more detail prior to those special days. In the meantime, your 7th period class will meet on the days that DO NOT have a '7' next to them.

Here is a handy 'How to Figure Out Your G, B, S Schedule' info sheet


Our 22-23 Admin team is here to serve families and staff. Our main job is to support our teachers and students so teachers can do great work and students have all the doors of opportunity open to them that they need. From left: Jamie Brock, AP; Michael McDonald, Principal; Reno Holler, AP; Denise Horton, AP.

The 22-23 Athletics and Activities team creates all the fun! From all our athletic events to every pep rally and assembly, these guys keep things rolling right along and gets everyone excited! Jake Oelrich, Activities Director; Mike Carpenter, Athletic Director; Karen Caylor, Athletic/Activities Secretary.

Our hardworking 22-23 Campus Security team consists of from left: SRO Scott Schaier and Campus Monitors Jaron Jacobsen, Lynnette Landis and Darci Michaud.

Our 22- 23 Office Staff are awesome and keep things at Summit rolling along swimmingly!
Attendance: Jamie Gulaskey & Kimberly Mercer; Office Manager: Karen Young; Curriculum: Becky Dao; Counseling: Amy Micheletti.

For more information about our teaching staff and departments, please check our Academic Overview page and for information about our Student Services/Counseling Team, please check out our Counseling Page.


School Location

2855 NW Clearwater Drive
Bend, OR 97703

School Hours:

School Hours

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
    8:45 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.
  • Wednesday
    8:45 a.m. - 2:15 p.m.


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A lookup tool for the 2022-23 school boundaries is now available.

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To report or excuse an absence, Email Us.

To have your student released early, call 541-355-4015 at least 30 minutes before the student needs to be released. To make it more convenient, add this attendance information to the contacts in your phone.

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