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Welcome to Summit High School!

Summit High School Entrance

Welcome to Summit High School, Home of the STORM!

And welcome to the 2018-19 school year! As you know the Bend-La Pine School District is committed to creating Thriving Citizens. What does it mean to thrive? What does it mean to a student or parent or community member to be a citizen in a school setting?

To thrive we must seek ideal environments and make changes to existing ones. Summit students and staff represent an evolving force of curiosity, intellect and community. We are committed to asking challenging questions, celebrating success, utilizing failure, and supporting one another each step of the way. This is how we thrive in the classroom, in the theater, the studio; on the field, in the stands, both while we are here and after we graduate.

To be a thriving CITIZEN we do all of the above with a clear sense that our school is our community, HOME OF THE STORM, and we regard all citizens with respect and dignity. We also welcome the support of our outside community and seek partnerships that will enhance the ways the citizenry of Summit can have a lasting impact locally, nationally and globally.

The 2018-19 school year is going to be exciting. We welcome 13 new staff members, veteran staff members in new positions, and a new competitive OSAA classification and league. I hope you’ll take some time to join us on our mission and celebrate what is happening at Summit. We’re going to have a great year! GO STORM!!

Michael McDonald, Principal


19-20 School Year Information

Daily Schedule for all BLP High Schools:
Our students use a Green, Black and Silver schedule. How it works: Each day, students will be on an G, B, or S schedule. We believe this schedule fosters closer bonds between teachers and students, as teachers see fewer students each day and students see their teachers more often and for longer periods of instructional time.

Here is the SHS Green, Black, Silver calendar for the 19-20 school year.

Additional note about your schedule: When looking at the meeting days on your schedule, please disregard the meeting days '7G, 7B and 7S'. These are needed for special bell schedules when students will go to all 7 periods and we'll explain that prior to those special days. In the meantime, your 7th period class will meet on the days that DO NOT have a '7' next to them.



Our 18-19 Admin team is here to serve families and staff. Our main job is to support our teachers and students so teachers can do great work and students have all the doors of opportunity open to them that they need. From left: Mary Thomas, AP; Reno Holler, AP, Michael McDonald, Principal; and Jay Etnier, AP.


The18-19 Athletics and Activities team creates all the fun! From all our athletic events to every pep rally and assembly, these guys keep things rolling right along and gets everyone excited! From left: Stacey Hager, Athletic/Activities Secretary; Mike Carpenter, Athletic Director; Sarah Warsaw, Activities Director.


Our hardworking 18-19 Campus Security team consists of Lynnette Landis, Campus Monitor; Jimmy Krauger, School Resource Officer (SRO); and Adriana VanDyke, Campus Monitor.


Our secretaries are the face and voice of Summit, they support our teachers and students and all that happens here at school. 17-18 Secretaries: Kaye Dobson, April Straley, Laurie Shannon, Amy Micheletti, Jamie Stinson, and Karen Young. Not Pictured: Stacey Hager


This is our amazing 17-18 Kitchen Staff who work tirelessly to provide delicious breakfasts and lunches for our students and staff! Lisa Lockhard, Gina Bliss, Janet Butler, Robbye Purvis, and Kathie Spencer.

For more information about our teaching staff and departments, please check here for Classroom Information and here for our Student Services and Counseling Team.


School Location

2855 NW Clearwater Drive
Bend, OR 97703

Office Hours

Main office is open
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Bell Schedule

Yearlong Calendar

Start and Release Times

For 2019-20 School Year:
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 8:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.
  • Wednesday: 8:45 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

(early release for teacher training and professional development)

Report an Absence

To report or excuse an absence, Email Us.

To have your student released early, call 541-355-4015 at least 30 minutes before the student needs to be released. To make it more convenient, add this attendance information to the contacts in your phone.

School Information

  • State Report Card: Each year the Oregon Department of Education provides:
  • ParentVUE Help: Parents who need help with ParentVue can contact Karen Young.
  • Immunization: Learn your school's immunization rates.
  • Additional immunization information available here.
  • Testing Opt Out: Parents interested in learning how to opt out of testing can find more information and a required form to fill out below. Once the form is complete, return it to the main office.
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School Handbook

SHS Handbook

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