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g Our Summit!

2015-2016 was a year of reaching our heights as a school! Summit celebrated our 15 year by unprecedented success in Academics, Activities and Athletics. Here are a few of our school and student successes this past year:

  • Over 1000+ AP Tests
  • Above national norms on ACT for our Juniors
  • 88% of our seniors going on to post-secondary education
  • $6.2 million in Scholarship and Merit based aid for our seniors
  • 18 AP Courses and 2 Project Lead The Way Programs
  • 1000’s of college credits earned from Expanded Options, AP Testing and more
  • National Award winning Newspaper:Pinnacle
  • Band placed #1 in the State
  • All competitive activities went to state and regional post-season competitions
  • Over 70 Scholastic Art Award winners and 4 National Competitors
  • OSAA #1 FAN Award
  • 15 Athletic State Championships
  • 21 seniors signed athletic intent to play at their college or university
  • Oregonian Cup winner for the 5th time
  • 1000’s of volunteer hours impacting our community

We could continue with individual student accomplishments, award winning faculty and coaches, and the high levels of support from our community. Most importantly is the growth of our students in our Summit values of Compassion, Integrity and Grit. Our goal is to empower student to change the world by giving them opportunity and training to do so in their high school years. We are proud of the growth they are making and the impact our students already have on their world. They are reaching their Summit and beyond!!

Compassion, Integrity and Grit

While we enjoy a high level of excellence and success, the truly important thing is how our students are growing in character and substance. How are they impacting their friends and community, how have they directed themselves in doing well for self and others, and how have they persevered through failure? These questions are wrapped in our Summit values of Compassion, Integrity and Grit. This year our most important markers of success will be continued growth in these areas.

It really doesn't matter how many accolades you earn unless you have the character to match.

Empower Students

The Summit vision is to empower students to create the future, and to do that our mission is to create the environment, provide the opportunities and develop the skills so that every Summit student knows they can impact the world in a positive way. We are excited about the years ahead and the challenge of raising up the generation that will change the world.


17-18 School Year Information

New Daily Schedule for all BLP High Schools:
Our students now use a Green, Black and Silver schedule. How it works: Each day, students will be on an G, B, or S schedule. We have updated our bell schedule to reflect these changes. We believe this schedule fosters closer bonds between teachers and students, as teachers see fewer students each day and students see their teachers more often and for longer periods of instructional time. HERE IS A GREEN, BLACK & SILVER YEARLONG CALENDAR



Our Admin team is here to serve families and staff. Our main job is to support our teachers and students so teachers can do great work and students have all the doors of opportunity open to them that they need.
From left: Jay Etnier, Alice DeWittie, Michael McDonald

Here's the group that really makes Summit work! Our secretaries are the face and voice of Summit, they support our teachers and students and all that happens here at school. Without them we wouldn't be the Summit Storm! Back row: Jamie Stinson, Ange Ericson, Kaye Dobson, April Straly. Front row: Karen Young, Laurie Shannon, Stacey Hager, Julie Plummer.

For more information about our teaching staff and departments, please check here for Classroom Information and here for our Student Services and Counseling Team.


School Location

2855 NW Clearwater Drive
Bend, OR 97703

Report an Absence

To report or excuse an absence, Email Us.

To have your student released early, call 541-355-4015 at least 30 minutes before the student needs to be released. To make it more convenient, add this attendance information to the contacts in your phone.

School Information

  • State Report Card: Each year the Oregon Department of Education provides:
  • ParentVue Help: Parents who need help with ParentVue can contact Karen Young.
  • Immunization: Learn your school's immunization rates.
  • Testing Opt Out: Parents interested in learning how to opt out of testing can find more information and a required form to fill out by clicking here. Once the form is complete, return it to the main office.

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