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2020-2021 Yearbook Info

Article Date: Jun 03, 2021

When Will I Get My 2020-2021 Yearbook?
We've opted for a "Fall Delivery" which means we are able to include all this great stuff happening in the spring (including graduation!). This means the book is printed this summer and will be delivered in late August. We realize seniors will be off on their new adventures, so there are many ways for you to check in on our distribution.

  1. Provide your PERSONAL email address to this link. We will email you directly with updates!
  2. Follow @SummitInsider on Instagram. We'll provide announcements on this site.
  3. Follow Summit High School on Facebook (or ask your parents to if you're too cool for Facebook)
  4. Keep an eye on Summit High School webpage
Online ordering has been re-opened, but supplies are limited! Once we're sold out, there won't be more for pre-order. We'll only have a few extras in the fall. Pre-ordering guarantees your copy is highly recommended.