Summit High School


Welcome Incoming 9th Graders!

Article Date: Mar 17, 2021


We are excited to have you at Summit! Please look over this information on how to choose your classes for next year.

First, watch this great video our counselors put together about transitioning to high school.

And then watch this video that talks about forecasting for your classes (aka- choosing which classes you want to take).

Here is our 9th Grade Course PLANNING Sheet and for more information about our classes, check out our Freshman Curriculum Guide. Haga clic aquí para ver 21-22 Guia Curricular para Estudiantes del Grado 9.

These are awesome videos that highlight some of our programs!

Once you figure out what classes you'd like to take, watch this video that shows how to fill out the Google form: 9th Grade Forecasting_How to Fill Out the Google Form.

Now you're all ready to add your choices to our google form HERE! Be sure to get this done soon! (by the end of Spring Break for sure!)

And here is a GO STORM! montage video: