Summit High School


Senior Photos Due Dec. 1st

Article Date: Nov 30, 2020

Senior Photos are due Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Seniors are encouraged to submit their own senior photos via the Herff Jones website Instructions for uploading can be found here. If you miss the deadline due to rescheduled photo shoots or just missed the reminders throughout the school year, please upload a candid photo of your student that meets the following requirements. If you have a professional or more formal shot later this winter, you can still upload it and we'll include it if the portrait pages have not yet been submitted to the yearbook printer. If you do not submit a photo, we will use last year's Lifetouch photo or, if they do not have a photo on file, they will be listed by name only. If you need help finding a discount or no-charge photographer, please contact [email protected]

Senior Photo Requirements:

  1. Photos must be HEAD SHOTS from the chest up with the full head in view. Full body or 3/4 shots will be cropped to fit specifications and could result in a low-quality image.
  2. Full color (No black and white or sepia tones)
  3. In focus and only lightly edited
  4. Vertical orientation, NOT horizontal and NOT square. Please do not submit tilted photos.
  5. Face should be well lit and fully visible. Eyes should be looking at the camera. Avoid dark shadows or dappled shadows across the face. Hats and hoodies that obscure the student’s recognizable features are discouraged.
  6. Photos should only contain the senior (no friends, pets, props, etc.)
  7. No selfies
  8. Your photographer should make sure they are shooting high resolution photos. Images should be submitted as JPEG files at 300 dpi resolution. (File sizes over 8MB may be difficult to upload.)
  9. The name of your file should be "Last name First name 2021.jpg." (Example: "Smith Joaquin 2021.jpg")
  10. Upload the photo to Our school account is: skostorm (If you are having trouble with the uploader, please email the photo and student name directly to [email protected])

The actual use of your submitted photo is at the discretion of the yearbook adviser and staff. Individuality is a-okay, but offensive or low-quality photos will not be used.