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Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!

Article Date: Aug 14, 2017

Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year at Summit!

It’s a pleasure to welcome all of our new and returning students to Summit! We hope everyone had a safe and wonderful summer and you all are ready to explore new relationships, learning, and experiences.

We’ve got some great new staff this year. Here’s the current list:
* Allen Erdahl – CTE/Man.Tech
* Alyssa Lopez – Counseling/Grad Coach
* Amanda Holdredge – LA
* Amy Micheletti – Counseling Secretary
* Marni Spitz – Connections
* Peter Borowski – Math
* Skylar Haines – Science
* Sondee Johnson-Lowe – Future Center
* Ethan Cole - Japanese

There are some new courses and programs as well:
  • AP Humanities
  • AP Seminar
  • College Writing
  • Re-visioned Connections
  • Enhanced Counseling Program


Synergy is our student information system and the basis of our communication with families. Please check ParentVue to see if e-mail, phone, or address needs to be updated. ParentVue was updated over the summer, so please take a moment and verify. Since a lot of information goes out through our auto-dialer phone system and e-mail, please make sure these are accurate so you have all current information throughout the year.

We strive to keep our website current and useful for families; many questions or concerns can be answered by checking the information there. If you have a need beyond simple information, the first step is to contact the person most directly involved in the situation. Who do you call? See below…

  • General School questions? Contact Office Manager, Laurie Shannon x4001
  • Teacher or coach? Contact the teacher or coach directly*
  • Schedule, family needs?Contact your student’s counselor
  • Family support?Contact our FAN Advocate, Sandy Schmidt x 4211
  • Behavior/school discipline?Contact our Dean, Reno Holler x 4207
  • School safety?Contact our SRO, Jimmy Krauger x 4021
  • Medical needs?Contact our School Nurse, Laura Brown x4023
  • Attendance?Contact our Attendance Secretary, April Straly x 4017
  • Activities?Contact our Activities Director, Sarah Warsaw x 4103
  • Athletics?Contact our Athletics Director, Gabe Pagano x4102
  • Adv. Placement Program? Contact Advanced Placement Coordinator, Reno Holler x 4207

Storm Starter Days

Yes – we are able to have 2 days for students and families to check on a few school needs prior to the start of school in September. Most things can now be taken care of on-line*, but Storm Starter Days are available for the following options:

  • Dates and Times: August 22, 8:00am – 2:00pm; August 23, Noon – 6pm.
  • Opportunities
    • iPad pick-up
    • Sign up for a locker if you didn’t do it last spring (9th will have lockers assigned)
    • Your schedule is on StudentVue as of Aug 21; counselors will be available for small schedule tweaks (wrong level of course or hole in schedule only) in the commons.
    • You can pay all fees (parking, yearbook, ASB, fines) on-line. If you need assistance, the bookkeeper is available to help

Student Expectations

We are all proud of the accomplishments of our students. They are exceptional in so many ways! As we continue to further their development toward maturity, we encourage all families to go over the Student Handbook (on SHS website***) for expectations of attire, student behavior, and school rules for attendance, along with other general expectations.

Attire: Summit provides a relaxed academic atmosphere. This includes an understanding and acceptance of different styles of clothing. However, attire must be appropriate for a mixed school academic environment. Minimal expectations include: all underwear is covered (including bra straps), shoulders are not completely bare, tops cover all the midsection and shorts are long enough to cover upper thighs.

Drug and Alcohol abuse: Summit follows all district guidelines regarding discipline for drug and alcohol use on school property and events. The athletic contract has changed to include disciplinary responses for student athletes year-round.

Attendance: Please notify the attendance office immediately to excuse student absences. If a student is expected to encounter a prolonged absence, please connect with their teachers, counselor and notify the attendance office.

The Year Ahead:

The last couple years we’ve seen tremendous growth in the culture of our school. Our students have led the charge for school spirit and we are all reaping the rewards of their enthusiasm! State athletic championships, amazing arts and academic success are all important, but the most lasting impact a school can have is on the heart of its students. Our goal is to create the environment for students to dream, activate their own learning, and develop their talents and aspirations.

Our school values of Compassion, Integrity and Grit hold steady. We define those qualities this way:

Compassion: Seeing someone’s need and taking action

Integrity: Doing the right thing, even if no one is looking

Grit: Persevering through failure to success

We are most excited about building this community in our classrooms, school and impacting our larger Bend community and the world.Our student groups are focusing on making an impact, and several of our classes include authentic opportunities to make change locally and beyond.We are working toward all of our students being known and known well, of supporting them in developing healthy social interactions and empowering them to make growth a positive part of their life.

Important Dates:

Sept. 6 - Freshman Experience Day. Freshmen and new students only. We will be having our Summit experience as well as visiting our classes and getting to know Summit. No books! Just you! Lunch provided.

Sept. 7 - All Students. We will run the full 7 periods; rotating schedule starts on Monday, Sept. 11.

Sept. 20 - Open House! Parents, come walk through your student’s schedule and meet their teachers.

The year ahead is full of potential, possibilities and promise – Go Storm!

Alice DeWittie
Summit HS Principal


* to contact SHS staff

* to contact coaching staff

** online payment link

* for student handbook