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Summit High School

Senior Yearbook Pickup

Seniors: Pick up your yearbooks!

Jun 08th 2023 8:15 am - 3:45 pm
SHS Commons

SENIORS ONLY may pick up their yearbook during the Senior BBQ starting at 12:45pm and through Friday, June 9th. Check Touchbase to confirm you purchased a 2022-2023 yearbook before visiting the pickup table. You can print or take a screenshot of your receipt as proof of purchase. If you did not pre-purchase a book, we are SOLD OUT and we will not be reprinting the book.

This pickup time is for SENIORS ONLY. You may NOT pick up a yearbook for a sibling or another student. Yearbook pickup for underclassmen or seniors who missed their pickup time frame may do so at Field Day on June 9th, or June 12-16, before and after school in the commons.

We will only hold unclaimed books until October 1, 2023, so make sure you claim yours at distribution!