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Note: Teachers not listed below can be reached via: ParentVUE (for parents), StudentVUE (for students) or through the 'Contact Us' page.

Applied, Performing & Visual Arts

19-20 Applied, Visual and Performing Arts Teachers

Back Row:
Melissa Jacot, Meaghan Houska, John Kinder, Greig Thompson, Mindy Mendenhall, Jessie Dale,
Front Row: Nancy Milliron (Lara Okamoto's sub), Cooper Ottum, Chris Shunk and Allen Erdahl
Not pictured: Brady Bedsworth, Lara Okamoto & Stephanie Seed

Language Arts

19-20 Language Arts Teachers

Back Row:
Anita Thompson, Frank Brown, Scott Meredith, James Williams, Amanda Holdredge
Front Row: Erin Carroll, Kristy Knoll, Brady Bedsworth, Shannon Ables, and Cassie Woelke.
Not Pictured: Eila Overcash


19-20 Math Teachers

Back row:
Jake Oelrich, Brandon Thompson, Heather Bussman, Peter Borowski, Jackie Greenwood
Middle row: Matt Johnson
Front row:
Michelle Zumpano, Kathie Quick, Jenny White
Not pictured: Mike Carpenter


19-20 Science teachers

Back row:
Greig Thompson, Krista Brines, Lisa Phillips, Matt Killoran, Jenny Newell, Callie Pfister (Please contact Ms. Pfister for access to her website)
Front row: Travis Bean, Jason Colquhoun
Not Pictured: Chris Kuka

Social Studies

19-20 Social Studies teachers

Back Row: Sarah Warsaw, Patrick Kilty, Elizabeth Justema, Ben Pierce, Monica Freeman

Front Row: Allie Chiavetta (Emily Tompkin's sub), Jackie Wilson (Marni Pittam's sub), Carrie Bonnett (Travis Overley's sub)
Not Pictured: Doug McDonald, Scott Meredith, Travis Overley, Marni Pittam & Emily Tompkins


19-20 Wellness teachers

Stephanie Barker, Dave Turnbull, Jamie Brock, Tom Nelson, Jill Waskom

World Language

19-20 World Language teachers

Back row: Nina Sarroub-Boyd, Rachelle Templin, Jylan Maloy, Holly Graham, Lin Hong, Holly Dierdorff
Front row: Ethan Cole, David Kargol, Julie Montoya

Library and Tech

19-20 Library/Tech staf

Catherine Blue, Library/Media Tech; Eila Overcash, Teacher-Librarian; Genti Saliu, IT Technician

Special Education (SPED)

19-20 SPED staff

Back row:
Cory Jaqcuot, Lynn Hawkins, Erika Evermore, Lori Davis, Jill McKae, Hilary Lahey, Barbara Murphy
Front row: Robert Naegele, Jonathan Chance, Dan Pilver, Mark Russell