Sky View Middle School

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Note: All teachers listed below can be reached via ParentVUE (for parents) or StudentVUE (for students). You can also email individual teachers by using the "contact us" form under the "our school" tab. Individual teacher websites will have a link below.

Electives & Music

Keith Chaiet

Christine Clark

Tara MacSween

Michael McAvoy

Eddy Robinson

Michael Sanders

Greg Wognild

English Language Arts

Sarah Huddart

Jennifer LaDuca

Dawn Roberts (ELL)

Madeline Weigle

Brian Seguin

Diane Seguin


Alexandra Child

Lyn Philiben

Joe Kennedy

Jeannie Wenndorf

Jeff Young

Math Tool Kit

PE & Health

Jeff Adkins

Matt Jones

Heidi Price


Maggie Prevenas

Jen Hancock

Marie Marshall

David Smith

Social Studies

Nicole Henry

Michael McAvoy

Diane Schelske (website)

Shelly South

Cenicio Ulit


Wendy Galvin

Gay Sato

Jim Wicker

Marianne VanKessel