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Sky View Middle School


Middle School Instruction

All Sky View students are scheduled into five core classes: language arts, social studies, math, science and PE/health. Classes are graded on a 4-point scale. Most students will have two electives each year with sixth-graders having a music class of their choice and a four-class rotator, which includes beginning art, introduction to Spanish & French, computer skills and study skills. Because academic excellence is Sky View’s No. 1 goal, students who are not meeting benchmarks in core classes may be scheduled into an intervention class in place of an elective, if necessary, in order to help every student achieve their academic goals. Sky View also partners with Mountain View High School to offer advanced math classes to those students who are ready to take on the challenge. In language arts, we offer an honors course for eighth grade.


Technology is an important component of education at Sky View. All students at Sky View are issued an iPad for schoolwork and to use at home. Teachers use workflow apps to assign and collect classwork and homework. In addition to using iPads for state testing, our testing labs allow entire classes to test at one time on our MAC computers.

Sixth grade students have an exploratory wheel with 9-week rotations: computer skills, art, foreign language and study skills. In sixth grade computer skills, students use a web-based typing program to learn/improve basic typing techniques. Students will also be given instruction on Word, PowerPoint and ethical use of technology and computer basics.

Seventh- and eighth-graders can choose from two semester long technology electives: technology design and/or materials technology. In technology design, students use the engineering process to design real world solutions to problems and test those solutions using computer software, iPad apps, group projects and hands-on activities. Students will animate characters, design video games, create apps, develop code, make music and play with other exciting technology. In materials technology, students will use technology and hands-on projects to create civilizations, develop new ideas to solve common problems and build their inventions. Students use a variety of materials including wood, metals, software and applications to design and build 2D and 3D models.

Music, Art, Foreign Language and other electives

All Sky View sixth-graders choose a yearlong music elective. Choices include beginning band, orchestra or choir. More than half of our students participate in our music program, which continues with optional seventh grade choir, eighth grade choir, advanced orchestra, concert band, symphonic band, jazz band and percussion ensemble. All music classes perform concerts and advanced classes have the opportunity to perform at festivals and competitions. Besides technology and music classes, Sky View offers a variety of other electives for students to choose from including beginning and advanced art and first and second year Spanish and French. Students who complete two years of the same language have the opportunity to test for one year of high school foreign language credit. Sky View also offers a yearbook and leadership class and opportunities to be a teacher or office aide. Prerequisites are required for those options such as good grades, attendance and no discipline issues.

2022-2023 Curriculum Guide

Please refer to our curriculum guide for detailed course information. Click here to access the curriculum guide. 8th Grade Curriculum Guide

7th Grade Curriculum Guide

6th Grade Curriculum Guide

2021-2022 Registration Forms

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Individually Focused. Committed to All.

When Bend-La Pine Schools students graduate, they should come equipped to do the following:

  • Persevere when faced with challenges
  • Value and exercise creativity
  • Discover how critical thinking skills are used across disciplines
  • Become a functioning member of a team
  • Exercise effective communication and presentation skills
  • Understand the importance of taking initiative
  • Learn about various aspects of leadership and develop those skills
  • Adapt and problem solve
  • Manage time and create a plan for accomplishing a task or goal
  • Know how to find reliable, accurate information

Math Resources

Bend-La Pine Schools is using curriculum titled Open-Up Resources, developed by Illustrative

Mathematics.EdReports is an independent nonprofit organization that reviews curriculum. The complete EdReports report for Open-Up is linked HERE.