Skyline High School

Welcome to Skyline High School!


Welcome to Our New High School!

Our high school is a public high school open to residents in Bend-La Pine Schools.

The school concept was initiated in 2017 as community partners and school administrators came together to provide more options for high school students. The new campus will open in NE Bend in September of 2018, sharing the space with the Realms High School.

By combining academic content mastery with collaborative inquiry and creative problem solving, our school will help students develop 21st Century Skills necessary for success in college, career and beyond.

The school will foster the wide-ranging interests, skills, and talents of all our students, from the humanities and arts to the sciences and technology.

Skyline shares the common elements of Deeper Learning Schools:

  • Make Learning Relevant
  • Focus on the Process of Learning
  • Increase Student Voice and Choice
  • Encourage Peer-to-Peer Learning
  • Make Student Work Public
  • Set Up Every Student for Success

We believe students are most successful when their education is personalized and they are asked to use their knowledge to improve the world around them. In addition to academic skills, students at our school will develop life skills of collaboration, communication, creative innovation, critical thinking, content knowledge and confidence.

Our school values diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic level, sexual orientation, physical ability, family structure and religion.

We invite you to explore this innovative educational experience and join our school community!

School Location

20730 Brinson Blvd
Bend, OR 97701

Enrollment Form

The Choice Options High Schools are still accepting applications for a limited number of remaining openings for the 2019-20 school year. These openings are available on a first come first served basis. Once these openings have been filled, any subsequent applications will be added to our waitlist in the order they are received. If you are interested in one of these openings, or to get on our wait list, please complete this online application.

Please type carefully - your address, phone number and email address will be used to contact you should an opening come up.

School Menus

Skyline High School school lunch menus are available on the Nutrition Services webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our curriculum, how to enroll and much more via these Frequently Asked Questions.

School Supplies

Instead of a list of specific school supplies for families to buy, we invite families to make a voluntary donation to Skyline High in the amount of $25 to help with the cost of classroom supplies.

State Testing Opt Out

Parents interested in learning how to opt out of testing can find more information and a required form to fill out below. Once the form is complete, return it to the main office.

Immunization Info

Immunization information available here.