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Realms High School

Learning Expeditions at RHS

In addition to stand alone high school courses, 9th and 10th grade students at Realms participate twice per year in "learning expeditions". Learning expeditions bring rigorous academic content to life through trimester-long interdisciplinary studies focused on real world topics and problems. These learning expeditions lead students beyond the classroom walls and into the field where they collect data, participate in service projects, interact with experts and apply their classroom learning in real world settings.

Learning expeditions are just a part of a Realms High School student's academic experience, however they bring together many of the most engaging and compelling components of our academic approach.

9th Grade Learning Expeditions:

Trimester 1 - "Survivor" (Biology & Physical Education, 0.5 credit each).

Students explore the biology of survival from the cellular level, physiological perspective and through ecosystem analysis. Meanwhile, in PE, students dive into outdoor recreation and survival skills like shelter building, map and compass navigation, kayaking and more. Fieldwork outings throughout the trimester culminate in a survival competition we call "Clothed and Confident"!

Trimester 2 - "Realms Player One" (Math 9 & Lit and Comp 1, 0.5 credit each).

In this compelling expedition, students collaborate with community partners from a local game design company as they write scripts, stories and actual code for a video game creation of their own. Students apply algebra skills from their math class to their study of "hero stories" in Lit and Comp. Students culminate this expedition by pitching their characters, settings, story arcs and actual code to local programmers and CEO's who analyze, provide feedback on, and eventually bid on our students thoughtful and professional work.

10th Grade Learning Expeditions:

Trimester 1 - "Power and Privilege" (US History & Art 2, 0.5 credit each).

Description coming.

Trimester 2 - "Frog In the Pot" (Math 9 & Lit and Comp 1, 0.5 credit each).

Description coming.