Realms High School

College and Careers

RHS Students

Where am I going after high school and how do I get there? What am I interested in?

These are among the many questions that high school students have about their futures. At Realms High School, part of our Crew focus is College and Career. Our STC staff (School to College/Career) and crew teachers work together to implement relevant lessons to help our students be Future Ready. All students from 9th through 12th grades participate in meaningful activities that help prepare for their futures.

College and Career exploration and preparation is weaved through all 4 years at RHS.

  • 9th: complete an interest survey that leads to exploring their personal and career interests, as well as create their resume.
  • 10th: broaden their exploration by experiencing careers in small groups through field trips to career fairs, local business tours and business presentations.
  • 11th: opt to do a deep dive into a career interest through a 6-12 hour job shadow, research and develop their post graduation plans that include their education application lists.
  • 12th: opt to do an internship, apply to their schools of choice, financial aid and scholarships.

Graduation Tracking

Mortarboards and Diplomas in Air

Am I on track to graduate?
* Diploma Requirements

Besides classes, what is required to graduate from Realms?
* Leaders of Change Graduation Plan

What does my 4 years at Realms High School look like?
* Curriculum Guide

Career Exploration

RHS CTE Students
  • How do I start my resume?
  • Where can I research careers?
    • CIS (Career Interest Exploration)
      • Oregon CIS
        • Username: realmshs
        • Password: Brinson1
  • What field trips and presentations are planned this year?
  • What type of job shadows or internships are available?
    • Group rotations: Dental, Engineering, Construction
    • Personalized: our STC staff works directly with students to find and place them with specific businesses

Post Graduation Plan

RHS Career Center

At RHS, 100% of our seniors apply to a college, trade school or other post high school education. In preparation, we provide each junior and senior with our RHS Post Graduation Planning Handbook. This outlines many common questions, offers tips, calendars, checklists, organizing charts, schedules, links and specific information on most post graduation options and financial aid opportunities. We want all our students to succeed. This handbook is a tool for students to use to organize and plan for a successful transition from high school to wherever their plans take them.


What schools are in Oregon?

What are my priorities when doing college searches?

Where can I compare different schools?

How do I tour a school that is far away?

How do I send my transcript to schools?

What standardized tests are available?

Skilled Trades

Where do I learn about Skilled Trades?

  • Community Colleges

Financial Aid

How do I pay for post high school education?

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid: opens October 1
  • Western Undergraduate Exchange: 150% in state tuition for Western states
  • Oregon Promise: covers some community college tuition
  • What if I'm an athlete hoping for a scholarship?


  • What test do I need to complete to consider the military?
  • What is the first step towards joining the military?
    • Speak with your local recruiter, set a meeting at RHS with the recruiter and STC staff.

ASPIRE Mentor Program

The Aspire Mentor Program is under the umbrella of the Oregon Student Access and COmpletion Office.Volunteer mentors from the community work through RHS's College and Career Office to help students navigate decisions about life after high school.

  • Video (program explanation and student impact)


School to Career Program Manager:

Jen Rule