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Realms High School


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Learning Expeditions

In addition to stand alone high school courses, 9th and 10th grade students at Realms participate twice per year in "learning expeditions". Learning expeditions bring rigorous academic content to life through trimester-long interdisciplinary studies focused on real world topics and problems. These learning expeditions lead students beyond the classroom walls and into the field where they collect data, participate in service projects, interact with experts and apply their classroom learning in real world settings.

Learning expeditions are just a part of a Realms High School student's academic experience, however they bring together many of the most engaging and compelling components of our academic approach.

See our Learning Expeditions page for more details.

Honors, AP Courses and Dual Credit

AP Courses:

All students at Realms High School have the opportunity to take rigorous coursework that will prepare them for college and career. We offer a range of AP courses including: AP Psychology, AP Government, AP Human Geography, AP Environmental Science, and AP Physics. More AP courses may be offered soon. AP courses come with weighted GPA and can be counted for college credit in some situations.


In 9th and 10th grade, several of our teachers offer an honors track within their standard courses. These honors tracks are open to any 9th or 10th grader who demonstrates readiness and interest. Honors includes additional and accelerated high challenge coursework connected the standards of the class and discipline. Students who meet the requirements set out in the honors syllabus will have an honors level course on their transcript. Honors classes do not carry a weighted GPA.

College Now:

We offer several different college credit options for 11th and 12th grade students at RHS, both on campus and through the expanded options program on the COCC campus. Currently students can take the following college level classes on our campus: Composition 1 & 2 (Writing 121/122), Math In Society (Math 105), and College/Career Transitions (Human Development 104). Additionally, we work closely with our 11th and 12th students to provide them the scheduling flexibility, encouragement, and support needed to take a college class on the COCC campus during their regular school day. We believe that the opportunity for our students to take one or more COCC classes as a part of their high school experience sets them up well for success in college after they graduate. Most if not all of these courses are free to Realms HS students through the Expanded Options program.

See our 2023-24 RHS Curriculum Guide or 2024-25 RHS Curriculum Guide for more details.

Crew: A Class and a Culture

Students at Realms High School understand that character growth matters as much as academic growth. Throughout all classes and schoolwide structures we emphasize teamwork, courage, determination, compassion, leadership and service to others. However it is in Crew, a class that is core part of every Realms student's experience, that the connection between academic growth and character development is most explicit. Through a class called “Crew” we help students take ownership of their learning and engage them in creating a school where all students feel a strong sense of belonging, community and pride.

Crew is focused on three curricular goals:

  1. College and career exploration and preparation
  2. Community building, leadership, and a culture of belonging
  3. HOWS: Habits of Work and Scholarship

Crew includes several other structures that provide unique opportunities for RHS students including twice per year Intensives, Student Led Club Fridays, Student Led Conferences, and a capstone Senior Project.

See our 2023-24 RHS Curriculum Guide or 2024-25 RHS Curriculum Guide for more details.

Other Program Components:

Active, Inquiry Based Classrooms:

Our classrooms are alive with discovery, inquiry, critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration. Teachers talk less. Students talk and think more. Through revision and persistence, students complete High Quality Work that demonstrates an ability to do complex thinking and create products that show craftsmanship: beauty, precision, originality.

Field Based Learning Experiences:

Students pursue Fieldwork connected to their academic coursework and in conjunction with professionals in the field. This fieldwork is integral to our approach to learning and is grounded in experiential education theory.

Empowered, Independent Learners:

Purposeful, student-involved assessment practices help students become leaders of their own learning and take ownership of and pride in their academic growth. Students develop a portfolio of high quality work that is shared each year in Student Led Conferences and at public Passage Presentations prior to graduation.

Graduates Ready to Lead - Through College and Career:

At our school, students graduate with the skills and readiness to be leaders of change. There is a school-wide culture that supports the college application and career planning process for all students and the academic results necessary to act on that plan. Our school's college and career culture is a means to an end – all students take their next step in leading a life of purpose.

CTE Courses

Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses are available to all students. Bend-La Pine Schools does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other status protected by law. Additionally, the District will take steps to ensure language will not be a barrier to admission and participation in CTE programs. To view the CTE programs available click on the course curriculum guide below. View our non-discrimination policy and complaint procedure. The following persons have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the district’s non-discrimination policy: Title II Coordinator: Executive Director of Student Services, 520 NW Wall Street, Bend OR (541-355-1060 or [email protected]) Title VI Coordinator: Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, 520 NW Wall Street, Bend OR (541-355-1060 or [email protected]) Title IX Coordinator: Human Resources Director, 520 NW Wall Street, Bend OR (541-355-1100 or [email protected]) 504 Coordinator: Assistant Director of Special Education, 520 NW Wall Street, Bend OR (541-355-1060 or [email protected]).

Realms High School offers a variety of Career Technical Education (CTE) courses that can be found in our Curriculum Guide here. ( En Español)

Check Out RHS!

Learn more about RHS from this Spark Page with photos and descriptions of our EL Education approach! Or click on the image below.

Realms High School will be the second EL Education school in Bend-La Pine Schools.

Realms Middle School is a magnet EL Education credentialed school.