Realms High School

Founding Principles of Realms High School

Curriculum with Purpose

Our curriculum is designed to help students build the academic skills needed to be leaders of change and stewards of the human community and natural world. Students work on authentic academic tasks and projects in which they master rigorous content standards and skills and apply those standards in ways that empower them to meet a real world need. We have a three dimensional view of student achievement.

Students with Character, School with Culture

Using intentional structures like Crew, Service Learning and Adventure, we will build a school culture that emphasizes strong relationships and a network of belonging in which students develop courage, collaboration and compassion. Students take ownership for using these attributes each day in their interactions both inside and outside the school.

Active, Inquiry Based Instruction

Our classrooms are alive with discovery, inquiry, critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration. Teachers talk less. Students talk and think more. Through revision and persistence, students complete High Quality Work that demonstrates an ability to do complex thinking and create products that show craftsmanship: beauty, precision, originality.

Field-based Learning

Students pursue Fieldwork connected to their academic coursework and in conjunction with professionals in the field. This fieldwork is integral to our approach to learning and is grounded in experiential education theory.

Empowered, Independent Learners

Purposeful, student-involved assessment practices help students become leaders of their own learning and take ownership of and pride in their academic growth. Students develop a portfolio of high quality work that is shared each year in Student Led Conferences and at public Passage Presentations prior to graduation.

Graduates Ready to Lead – Through College and Career

At our school, students graduate with the skills and readiness to be leaders of change. There is a school-wide culture that supports the college application and career planning process for all students and the academic results necessary to act on that plan. Our school's college and career culture is a means to an end – all students take their next step in leading a life of purpose.

EL Education in Bend

This will be the second EL Education school in Bend-La Pine Schools.

Realms Middle School is a magnet EL Education credentialed school.