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Schedules, iPads and More!

Article Date: Sep 07, 2020

Letter From Roger...

Dear Realms HS Families,

Welcome you to the 2020-21 school year! The staff at Realms High School are planning and excited for a positive, engaging, and smooth start to the year for all students... from our freshman who begin their first day and week of high school from home, to our seniors, who are working towards their graduation June... live and with their family and friends on site!

We are living through a pandemic, but the things that we cared most about as a school before the pandemic are still true today, and we are poised to bring them to life in our "new reality":

School culture where every student is known well, where every student's voice is heard, and where every student's identity is celebrated.

Curriculum that demands a rigorous exploration of standards-based topics that connect to real world issues and problems.

Instruction that is interactive, engaging, and puts students' critical thinking at the center.

We look forward to being on this journey together with you, our students and families!

We Are Crew,


Upcoming Dates...

  • Friday August 28th
    • Schedules released on StudentVue
  • Friday August 28th, 4:00PM
    • Virtual Student Forum: Give Us Your Feedback! Ask Us Your Questions!
  • September 9th - 11th:
    • Crew Leader - Family WebEx Meetings (see below)
    • iPad pick ups as necessary (see below)
    Monday September 14th
    • 1st day of classes!

    School Year Calendars

    The full Realms High School MAJOR DATES CALENDAR can be downloaded here.

    The Bend LaPine School District's "decision dates" for COVID-19 related school closure or re-opening changes can be found here:

    All About Schedules and Courses...

    OUR DAILY SCHEDULE FOR DISTANCE LEARNING: We have built a draft of our daily schedule for Comprehensive Distance Learning. This schedule blends face to face synchronous learning during which students need to be "in attendance" and engaged in specific, directed classwork with asynchronous learning in which students can set their schedule and their work goals. The schedule below is STILL IN DEVELOPMENT, however we want to share the general shape of our plan with you.

    Our Distance Learning Schedule


    One thing that is different about this schedule compared to our Remote Learning experience in the Spring is that every student will attend and engage live on Webex 3 times per day... once for each of their two morning academic blocks and then also for Crew. This DAILY face to face instruction and personal contact will, we believe, be critical to helping ensure that our instruction is rigorous, relationship based, and relevant! During each of the 60 minute morning periods, students will be live with their teacher on Webex (in full class or small class groups) for between 20 and 60 minutes, depending on the lesson and activities. Shorter WebEx classes will be paired with immediate follow up work.


    In addition to the three hours of synchronous instruction each morning, students will be expected to engage in another 2-3+ hours of asynchronous learning in the day. Our goal is to create time in the day for students to practice and demonstrate the very important skill of independent time management. The blue areas in the schedule show when a student might work on the Canvas content posted and reviewed by the teacher in that morning's class AND on assignments and projects from other classes. We also offer Office Hours where students can access their teacher for extra help each afternoon. Most students will direct their own asynchronous time (with help from their Crew teachers) and this is an excellent way to build the "independent learner skills" we know ALL students need in order to really own their academic success in high school and college.


    We are aware that some students will benefit from additional academic (or social/emotional) support and structure in the afternoons. These students will be assigned to afternoon Targeted Study Groups. We are HOPING that we might be able to have these Targeted Study Groups meet on site and in person soon however we are awaiting guidance from the Bend LaPine School District. At the EARLIEST that this MIGHT be able to occur would be sometime after October 1st. Until then, our Targeted Study Groups will meet on Webex. Stay tuned for "Who, What., When" details on these Targeted Study Groups.

    Individual Student Schedules Now on StudentVue!

    Each student's individual schedule, based on our Spring forecasting, SHOULD be available on StudentVue (and ParentVue) by the end of day on Thursday September 3rd - check them out! We are offering our FULL slate of courses, including our interdisciplinary learning expeditions at 9th and 10th grade as well as our first AP and dual credit courses (AP Environmental Science, Writing 121 and Math 105) for our students in 11th and 12th grade. Open StudentVue and navigate to "Class Schedule" on the left hand menu.

    Do you have a class called "POLO" in your schedule? If so, don't worry, it means that we will be in touch soon to tell you more. This is a "placeholder" for either an online class or even potentially a "dual credit" class. We will be reaching out to all POLO students be early next week with details - so stay tuned! Some students have a POLO class because they need a class we can't currently offer or fit in their schedule, and we are recommending taking it online. We will have an "Online Student Success Coordinator" on site to support these students.

    Do you have an open block in your schedule? This typically means you do NOT need a full course load in order to graduate on time, and you have extra space in your schedule. If you are interested in filling that slot with some other opportunity, we can help! Use the form below to ask your question or pitch your idea!

    See a problem or have a question about your schedule?

    We do our very best to make sure every student's individual schedule is built based on their current transcript, credit/graduation needs and their forecasted interests. However, we also know that occasionally, changes need to be considered. If you would like to request a change to your schedule, please complete this quick and easy SCHEDULE CHANGE REQUEST FORM and we'll be in touch with you ASAP!

    PARENTS - Please Log In and Update ParentVue ASAP

    ParentVue is an essential tool for keeping track of your student's attendance, keeping all of your contact information (email addresses, phone numbers, emergency contacts etc) UP TO DATE! It is also the place where you can view your student's grades, AND the location where we ask parents to report and update any health/medical information that is important for us to know.

    Please LOG IN TO PARENTVUE in the next few days and then navigate to the upper right corner and use the UPDATES/ENROLLMENT button. We ask you to make sure that ALL of your contact information, health and medical information is accurate and up to date!

    Download the ParentVue app on your phone and get more info here.


    School Supply List For Distance Learning

    Here is the supply list we recommend all students have to start the year! Link to the complete list here.

    Student iPads - Ready to Learn?!

    We want to make sure EVERY student is ready to learn on Monday September 14th for the first day of school. Students will use their iPad EVERY DAY, so it is critical that it is ready to go on Day 1. So, we ask that all families complete the following steps BEFORE the end of next week:

    1. Charge up you iPad, turn it on, and make sure it is working!
    2. If you do NOT have an iPad (you are new to the District or you turned your iPad in last year) or if you are missing your charging brick or cord, or your cover is damaged, please reach out to Lisa Johnson our Attendance Secretary and "iPad Coordinator". Lisa can be reached at [email protected] OR at 541-355-5532.
    3. Once your iPad is charged and working, download the Gmail app. You will notice that the "native Mail app" is no longer on iPads. So, students will use the Gmail app for all email.
    4. Purchase your iPad insurance for the year! This is VERY important and highly recommended. Purchase your insurance here. Annual insurance costs
    5. Read, print, sign and return (by email, or in person) your Acceptable Use Agreement found on the right side tool bar of this iPad page.

    IMPORTANT: Most students who were in Bend LaPine Schools last year should still have their iPad from last year. This is the iPad you will use this year... no need to turn it in and get a new one (unless it is not working or unless you returned it last year!)

    Crew Leader - Family Check Ins

    Throughout the week on September 9th Crew Leaders will be hosting 15 minute check in WebEx meetings with each student/family in their Crew. Families will receive an invitation by email directly from their student's Crew teacher and we hope EVERY student will join in - a parent(s) and/or guardian(s) are ALSO ENCOURAGED to attend!

    Watch for emails from Roger AND from your Crew leader with a link to our "Appointmentlet" page to book your slot

    Free & Reduced Lunch Information:

    NEW EXPANDED ACCESS - APPLY NOW! We are very excited to announce that the Oregon Student Success Act has expanded their income guidelines for qualifying for free meals. Families will be able to qualify with a greater income limit than in the past. For example a family of four can now earn up to $78,600 annually to qualify. We are encouraging all families to apply for meal benefits! Applications are now being accepted for the 20-21 school year. Click Here for the online application.

    Please see the Oregon Expanded Income Guideline Chart:

    Household SizeAnnualMonthlyTwice Per MonthWeekly
    Each additional Member13,4401,120560258

    We encourage all families to apply online. Applying via the online option is the best way to ensure we receive your application and it gets processed in a timely manner. If you need any help with this application, or prefer paper, please call our office!