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Student Led Conferences!

Sign Up Now - November 20th (pm) and November 21st (all day)

Article Date: Nov 09, 2019

Please review these documents before your conference:

Realms HS Student Led Conference Agenda

SLC Norms For Students & Parents

SLC Scoring Rubric - students and parents use this to "grade" the SLC

Suggested Questions For Parents & Teachers

Get signed up for an SLC slot right away using the links below.

Some Logistics To Note:

  • Sign up early to get your choice!
  • Slots are 45 minutes long and because the schedule is tight, we must stay true to time limits, so arrive early!
  • For blended families - if possible we request (on behalf of the kiddos) that parents from different households attempt to conference together in one slot so that your student leads one conference for all interested parents instead of a separate conference for each parent. If that is not feasible, and it is preferable for the student to lead two conferences, then please sign up for two... we get it.
  • If you ABSOLUTELY can't make any of the available times, uh oh. Please email Roger for possible work arounds.
  • Please use the correct, Crew based sign up tool

Why Student Led Conferences?

Student Led Conferences at REALMS are a critical component "student engaged assessment" at REALMS. We believe the most important assessment that happens in our classrooms is the assessment that each student engages in when she judges her writing, her speaking, her art or any other of her accomplishments by her own standard of quality. Then, it is our job as educators to help each student develop his/her ability to thoughtfully assess his learning and develop the motivation to constantly improve.

During SLC's, it is students who do most of the talking. In the two weeks prior to the conferences students go through a process of selecting pieces of work (evidence) that demonstrate their learning and growth on core learning targets (standards) in each class. They reflect on their learning in each class and on their next steps, and prepare to share all this with you in a structured 45 minute academic conversation. We typically have 100% (or VERY close) family participation!

We can't wait to help you and your student dive into some rich, productive, and "evidence-based" conversations about his/her growth and progress so far this year!

Watch a short video to see what Student Led Conferences look like at EL Education schools like our!