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Part 2 - IMPORTANT Info For Parents!

Article Date: Aug 30, 2018

Dear Realms High School Families,

It is coming together, and we can't wait!

Check out this album of photos from our super successful "Meet-Greet-DO" event last week, and then READ THIS UPDATE CAREFULLY as there are many action items for you to take note of and follow up on. We hope to see ALL of you next Thursday at our BBQ and "Grand Opening"!

On behalf of an excited team of teachers and staff,



  • 9/5/18 - Back to School Open House & BBQ (no classes for freshman at Realms or Skyline HS)
  • 9/6/18- 1st Day at Realms HS and Skyline HS for all students
  • 9/6/18 through 9/10/18 - Special Schedule "Dis-Orientation Days" (off campus)
  • 9/14/18 - School Pictures
  • 9/27/18 - Curriculum Night at Realms High School (5:00 - 7:00)


Parents, we are hoping to roll out iPads to our students as soon as the Back to School BBQ and in order for students to receive their iPad you must:

  1. Read the Acceptable Use Agreement Booklet (and in Spanish here) here
  2. Sign and return to us the one page Acceptable Use Form (and in Spanish here)
  3. Purchase iPad insurance through the InTouch system
    • insurance is not required however we STRONGLY recommend it!!
    • read about what is covered here
  4. Bring your signed Acceptable Use Form to our Back to School BBQ!


Download the list of school supplies Realms HS students will need in order to be ready for the year! If you are having trouble with either finding any of these or paying for them, let us know and we'll help!

You will also see a donation section on this list... if you want to donate any items on this section of the list we'll gladly make excellent use of them and save that money to pay for cool fieldwork experiences for our students!


There will be buses from each of our neighborhood comprehensive high schools each morning and afternoon. Mountain View HS, Bend High and Summit will each have a bus that departs between 7:45am - 7:50am and heads to our Brinson Blvd. campus in time for our 8:10am start.

At the end of the day, there will be a buses from the Brinson campus that return back to each of our neighborhood high schools. Those buses will depart from Realms High School at 2:25pm and will arrive at the neighborhood high schools in time for students to either get to practice or to hop on one of the school buses departing for neighborhood transportation home.

THE EXACT BUS NUMBERS (the number on the bus that students should look for when departing from Summit or Bend High for example) HAVE NOT YET BEEN RELEASED BY TRANSPORTATION, BUT WILL BE AVAILABLE PRIOR TO THE START OF THE SCHOOL YEAR. SO STAY TUNED!


In order to reach our mission of inspiring and equipping leaders of change at Realms High School, we need to go about preparing students for the school year a little differently, hence our "Dis-Orientation Days"!

At Realms, our 1st three days of school are primarily OFF CAMPUS and are geared towards helping students understand the new role they have as a high school student where collaboration, leadership, courage, and commitment are the building blocks of success. Prepare for lots of FUN and plenty of PARTICIPATION!!

Day 1: Out of the box but inside the circle:

  • School starts at 8:10am. Bus departs for Tumalo State Park at 9:15am and returns at 2:25pm
  • Students will be participating in outdoor activities, primarily with their Crew, to explore the role of Crew at Realms and get to know their crew mates

Day 2: Building trust:

  • School starts at 8:10am. Bus departs for Tumalo State Park at 9:15am and returns at 1:15pm
  • In Crew groups and new groups, students will participate in trust building activities and start to name what is different, essential, and inspiring about the role of a student at a school like ours.

Day 3: Adventure Day: Rafting the Deschutes!

  • Getting out of our comfort zone is critical to deeper learning, as is the knowledge that we can trust peers for support and when things are tough. This day is all about being Crew, Not Passengers.
  • School starts at 8:10am and the bus departs for the put in on the Deschutes River where will raft the Big Eddy run with Sun Country Tours.


  1. Please complete this online permission form - it is REQUIRED for participation and is due NO LATER than Friday August 31st.
  2. A 2nd waiver form for the rafting trip will be available shortly... stand by!


As you know, one of the hallmarks at Realms (Middle AND High Schools) is our commitment to get out and learn beyond the classroom walls. At Realms, we call it "FIELDWORK" and at Realms High, that includes two types of outings:

  1. Critically important hands-on academic work in the field where students venture beyond the classroom to deepen and apply their learning. They collect data and actually get out to "do" the kind of work that real biologists, real city planners, real artists, real business leaders, real community activists and other real professionals do!
  2. At Realms High, students will also participate in a series of "Adventure Education" activities throughout the year (some single day outings and some overnight outings). The first of these outings in our three day "Dis-Orientation Days" culminating in a raft trip down the Big Eddy section of the Deschutes. There will be more "Adventure Education" outings in the 1st and 2nd semesters

In order for us to pay for the fieldwork program at Realms we ask all families to make a fieldwork contribution if they can. This is NOT a required fee and no student will ever be excluded based on this contribution. However, without this funding we are unable to offer the fieldwork program that, in many ways, is one of the cornerstones of our school. This fee helps offset SOME of the cost of additional staffing, transportation, fees, food, and equipment needed for fieldwork.

Please consider making your fieldwork contribution ASAP, click the link below and you will be taken to the Friends of Realms Page for payment. You can also pay by check at our Back to School BBQ!

one semester - $100 one year - $200 partial contribution - $50


We have some after school clubs in development - please standby for more information. In process are:

  • Photography Club (likely Wednesdays run by Beth Babicz of PhotoU)
  • Art Club (day TBD, run by our Art teacher Karen Agocs)
  • Drama Club (day TBD, run by Danielle Gosslien of BEAT)

We are still firming these up. They will all be "tuition based" after school opportunities. Find out more at our Back to School BBQ.


We DO serve breakfast and hot lunch at Realms High School. Information on the menu can be found on the District Nutrition Service page. You can also find applications for Free & Reduced lunch (these MUST be filled out every year!) and meal prices. We strongly encourage you to deposit money in your student's account in advance using the BLPay system.


BELL SCHEDULE: daily/weekly schedule can be downloaded here.

STUDENT'S INDIVIDUAL SCHEDULES: Each student's individual schedule will be up and posted on ParentVue or StudentVueno later than this Friday! Some tips on these schedules: available on ParentVue or StudentVue.

Leadership = Crew (a very important elective class at all EL Education schools)... syllabus to come.

POLO = Online PE and Health, part of the "Pump and Stretch" fitness break 4 days/week

If you have questions about your schedule, email Roger

CORE ACADEMIC CLASSES AT REALMS: Each teacher will be sending out a 1 page syllabus of their 1st semester curriculum shortly. Even better, we have a very important "Curriculum Night" scheduled for Thursday September 27th where will share more details and answer questions - please mark you calendars and plan to attend!

"ELECTIVE" CLASSES AT REALMS: At Realms High School, our baseline expectation is that all 9th and 10th graders will take Spanish, Art, AND an online PE/Health credit (paired with our "Pump and Stretch" class in addition to their freshman or sophomore math, English, social studies, and science coursework.

What about other elective courses? Beyond Art and Spanish, at Realms HS we are excited to offer "Intensives" twice per year at the end of each semester. Intensives are week long single subject "deep dive classes" based on compelling and non-traditional topics that are drawn from students and teacher passions, many of which will include learning off campus. Possible Intensive courses include things like: Drone Flying 101; Winter Survival; Music Production; 72 Hour Film Festival etc. Download a one page description of the purpose of Intensives here.


Here is the Realms High School version of the "Major Dates Calendar". It is NOT a complete calendar of all school year events, just the basics of start and end dates, no school dates, and student led conference dates. It is also IMPORTANT to note that there are a few places (our 1st day, a couple of professional development days, and our conference days) that are different at Realms High School than other schools.

For more detailed school calendar and to stay up to date with ongoing school events, please see the LIVE CALENDAR on our website.


ParentVue will be a critical way to stay in touch with us here at school including newsletters, academic progress updates and much more. Please be sure to log into ParentVue ASAP and input/update the following:

  1. download and look at this important "cheat sheet" that Jennifer Scalley has put together, it will help you!
  2. log into ParentVue
  3. update and double check all contact info including phone numbers, email addresses etc.
  4. update emergency contact information
  5. update health, medical, allergy and medication information - this is critical to help us keep your student safe on all fieldwork!

If you need any help with setting up, accessing, or updating your ParentVue account email our office manager Jennifer Scalley


We have the beginnings of a really awesome parent volunteer team who is excited to help organize and support parent volunteer efforts at Realms - thank you!

If YOU want to receive communication from our parent volunteer coordinator about getting involved in projects along the way, please complete this very short PARENT VOLUNTEER OPT IN FORM