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Check out this 1st Installment of Back To School Information

Article Date: Aug 08, 2018

Dear Realms High School Families,

I couldn't be more excited about what lies ahead as we launch Realms HS and I am inspired by the excitement, and lets face it, courage, of our students and staff who are embarking on this journey together starting this September. One of the things that inspires me most is our school's mission... I have seen firsthand, how students CAN live up to this mission, and how it powerfully impacts both them and our broader community when it happens! Without giving away too much about our soon to be unveiled new logo... student leadership has a powerful ripple effect!

At Realms High School, our mission is to ignite the passion, build the academic skills and foster the character necessary for our students to be leaders of change in their communities, both now and into the future.

At REALMS, students become young adults of character who possess the ability to produce high quality work through a curriculum that focuses on real-world, inter-disciplinary, and problem-based learning, frequent fieldwork, and authentic stewardship/service in a school culture that emphasizes connection, collaboration, and leadership. We are a member of the EL Education Network of schools whose values can inferred from three of their most common sayings:

  1. "Get Smart - Do Good"
  2. "We Are Crew, Not Passengers"
  3. "More Than You Think Possible"

This is the first of TWO Back to School Information Packets. You can expect the 2nd installment during the week of August 20th, and there is a list of what it will contain at the bottom of this page.

I look forward to meeting you all,



  • 8/20/18 - target date for certificate of official occupancy in our new facility
  • 8/23/18 - "Meet-Greet-DO" An optional student get together followed by parent volunteer gathering
  • 9/5/18 - Back to School Open House & BBQ (no classes for freshman at Realms or Skyline HS)
  • 9/6/18- 1st Day at Realms HS and Skyline HS for all students


Here is the Realms High School version of the "Major Dates Calendar". It is NOT a complete calendar of all school year events, just the basics of start and end dates, no school dates, and student led conference dates. It is also IMPORTANT to note that there are a few places (our 1st day, a couple of professional development days, and our conference days) that are different at Realms High School than other schools.

For more detailed school calendar and to stay up to date with ongoing school events, please see the LIVE CALENDAR on our website.


Realms High School will enroll approximately 95-100 students this year. Our sophomore class looks to be already full with a small wait list and our Freshman class is very close to full - there are approximately 4 openings left and we expect those to fill! Class sizes will be approximately 32 to 33 students per academic class, while Crews will be approximately 16 students each. Our amazing Office Manager (Jennifer Scalley) is available to help support any enrollment questions, wait list questions or new applicants.

If you have not yet completed the Forecasting/Commitment form please do so ASAP.


Meet-Greet-DO and Back to School BBQ & Grand Opening!

Meet-Greet-DO on Thursday August 23rd: An optional Get Together for 9th and 10th grade students who would like to meet other Realms students. We are inviting any and all students to join us for an optional Meet-Greet-DO opportunity on the afternoon of Thursday August 23rd from 2pm - 5pm. We have a couple of activities planned and then a few projects where students can work together, alongside a few of our teachers to help get our school ready - there will be some hands on projects and also some more thinking orient "school design" projects. IF YOU WANT TO ATTEND, PLEASE RSVP HERE BY AUGUST 17TH SO WE KNOW OUR NUMBERS!

Parents interested in volunteering.... we will have our 1st (more to come) gathering of parent interested in being a part of the growth of our new school at 5:15 after the student Meet-Greet-DO event. Of course, you can attend the parent volunteer session even if your student is not attending the afternoon session! Parent volunteers, RSVP HERE

Grand Opening & Back to School BBQ on Wednesday September 5th: At Realms HS and Skyline HS the 1st day for all 9th and 10th graders will be Thursday September 6th. However, we would like to see 100% of our students (parents & siblings are encouraged and welcome!) for our Back to School BBQ on Wednesday September 5th at 5:30pm. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend!

  • pick up your iPad!
  • meet the faculty, other students, other parents!
  • tour the facility!


Our daily/weekly schedule can be downloaded here. Descriptions for academic courses and our interdisciplinary "learning expedition" topics will be available soon.

At Realms High School, our baseline expectation is that all students will take Spanish AND Art in addition to their freshman or sophomore math, English, social studies, and science coursework. Download the schedule to get more details about Crew and PE!

What about other elective courses? Beyond Art and Spanish, at Realms HS we are excited to offer "Intensives" twice per year at the end of each semester. Intensives are week long single subject "deep dive classes" based on compelling and non-traditional topics that are drawn from students and teacher passions, many of which will include learning off campus. Possible Intensive courses include things like: Drone Flying 101; Winter Survival; Music Production; 48 Hour Film Festival etc. Download a one page description of the purpose of Intensives here.


ParentVue will be an critical way to stay in touch with us here at school including newsletters, academic progress updates and much more. However, just as importantly, ParentVue is a critical place for our school staff to get information about your student! Please be sure to log into ParentVue and input/update the following:

  • all contact info including phone numbers, email addresses etc.
  • emergency contact information
  • health, medical, allergy and medication information

If you need any help with setting up, accessing, or updating your ParentVue account there are several places to go:


  • Facility update
  • School supply list
  • Introductions from teachers & course descriptions
  • Information on Realms HS "Dis-Orientation" Days (1st 3 days of school)
  • Realms HS t-shirt, hoodies, hats end other goodies