Realms Middle School


2018-19 School Supply List

Realms Middle School invites you to view their 2018-19 school supply list

Article Date: Jun 19, 2018

A .pdf document of this list is available HERE.

Teachers Will Collect In Class on 1st Day:

48 - pencils (or more)
1 - 100 page composition book sewn or taped, not spiral
1 - 100 page spiral bound notebook, graph paper 4 squares/inch
2 - Kleenex tissue boxes
1 - package of notebook paper (wide or college ruled)
2 or 3 - highlighters
1 - package of thin black Sharpies
1 - package of regular black Sharpies
1 - package of glue sticks

6th Grade Only - fieldwork binder: 1" three-ring binder

Students Keep These:
In cinch sack, backpack, locker

1 - quart size, leak proof, water bottle labeled with student's name to bring each day
1 - package of 3-ring notebook dividers (leave blank)
1 - package of ruled 3-hold notebook paper (for binder)
1 - ruler with inches and centimeters (flexible if possible)
1 - set of LABELED earbuds stored in binder - students must have earbuds throughout the year! IMPORTANT!!!

1 zip closure 3-ring binder - OPTIONAL
We are actually planning to phase out use of big binders over time, as students seem to use them less and less with our iPads. See the note on the backpacks and cinch sacks.
So consider this an OPTIONAL supply and if you get one, keep it small-ish

** A word on backpacks and cinch sacks **

Our lockers are quite small. Large backpacks do not fit well!
Also, this year students will be asked to leave large backpacks in their lockers and ONLY carry a cinch sack from class to class... backpacks will stay in lockers!

For Donation: If you would like to donate extra supplies, the following is a great list to choose from!
Donations help us use our budget for direct operations and allow us to provide free supplies to students in need. Feel free to send the extra supplies to school with your student. Thank you.

Dry erase markers (colored or black)
Post it notes - any size or color
Sharpies - colored OR black
Extra reams of copy paper
Kleenex tissues
3x5 or 4x6 lined notecards
Teacher pens - any type
Rolls of tape
Reams of colored copy paper
Glue sticks