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WE ARE CREW - February 2017

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Article Date: Feb 06, 2017

ROGER'S HIGHLIGHTS... high quality work on display!

At REALMS, we define "High Quality Work" using three attributes.... complexity, craftsmanship, and authenticity. It is super exciting to walk around classrooms right now and see kids deeply engaged in work that demonstrates all of these attributes, often all at once! We can't wait to share some of this learning with you at Kid Fair! Below are some pictures of 7th graders who are crunching data they collected at Ryan Ranch and puzzling through inferences and conclusions about the health of our forests that they can draw from this data. Check out the white board that includes the list of what the students are including in their presentation for Kid Fair.... I think you might agree... this work that our 7th graders are doing is truly complex, authentic, and will require craftsmanship through accuracy and detail! Check out Mr. Beck's whiteboard showing all the data and analysis these students are including in their presentation. Be sure to join us at Kid Fair so you can see all of it in real time!


For more about High Quality Work at REALMS, visit our EL Education Portfolio or check out the EL Definition of HQW... this is one of the things that excites us most as a faculty!


UPCOMING DATES - check our full calendar to stay up to date

Thursday February 9th - Kid Fair: A Celebration of Learning (6:00pm)

Friday February 10th - No School: End of Semester Grading Day

Monday February 13th - First day of the 2nd Semester

Tuesday February 21st - Thursday February 23rd - 7th Grade Warm Springs Trip!

Thursday February 23rd - Information Night For Prospective 6th Grade Families

Friday February 24th - No school for 7th grade only; REALMS School Dance

Tuesday February 28th - Information Night For Prospective 6th Grade Families

Thursday March 9th - 2nd Parent Action Crew Meeting - ALL WELCOME!

Friday March 10th - No School at REALMS. EL Education Training Day



Thursday February 9th is a BIG night!! All REALMS students will be presenting, performing, and sharing some of the culminations of their learning during the first semester. AND, there are some important things for you to know as parents:

  • Plan on arriving at 6:00 as the official program begins at 6:15pm sharp, and students need to be in their correct places by 6:15!
  • As a "rule" we assume/expect that all students will be here... each kiddo has roles, groups, and presentations that they are a part of. If you know your student can NOT make it, please be SURE that he/she or you have communicated this with at least 1 teacher well ahead of time.
  • Parking will be tough due to snow... bring a flashlight and feel free to park on Halfway Rd across OB Riley from our school
  • Each kiddo will be bringing home his/her "personalized schedule" for Kid Fair on Monday February 6th.... this will be your "ticket in" and will help you know exactly where to go and when - please look for it!
  • We will have food available for those who don't have time to grab dinner before arriving (more info soon)

We are looking forward to seeing you here and celebrating some awesome student learning



At REALMS we gather together during Friday afternoon Crew class every two weeks for a Community Meeting. Community meetings feature music, announcements, some kind of fun skit or community building activity hosted by a rotating crew, and of course... appreciations.

We also award our "U-Rocks" to students who have demonstrated outstanding Habits of Character/Community (HOCC's) in Crew or outstanding Habits of Work (HOW's) in one or more academic classes. Crews and teachers take turns nominating the recipients.

U-Rock Recipients FROM JANUARY (click here to read what awesomeness led to their nomination)




6th graders playing Factor Roll.

Learning Targets: I can identify the factors and multiples of a number. I can identify numbers as prime or composite.



At the end of the semester each student will receive a report card (actually several)... a one page summary from each of their classes that shows their final scores in each of the academic standards and Habit of Work (HOW) standards from that class. These report cards will be emailed home by each teacher and should arrive in your inbox between February 10th and 13th. These report cards will NOT have an overall grade in each class. There will be some accompanying info sent at that time to help you with interpreting these grades.



A huge thanks to all the volunteers, local sponsors, designers/models and guests who helped make the 7th annual Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show a great success. We raised just over $20,000 for the fieldwork and elective programs at REALMS, and did it in a way that raises awareness about something important to the mission of our school - environmental responsibility! Check out his great slideshow from Bend Bulletin photographer Joe Kline for some amazing pictures from the night.




Please expect electronic "choice" forms and information to arrive in your inbox early next week. We invite you to sit down with your child and help make their elective choice for the second semester. Our Friday elective program has been a part of the REALMS curriculum since we started 16 years ago. We believe it is important to give students different opportunities and experiences and that is exactly what our elective program does. Thank you for supporting your child through these new class experiences.

How does the "choice" system work?
Your child will be placed in an elective class based on their choices indicated in the form they submit. Generally students are placed in one of their top 3 choices, but sometimes students will be placed in their 4th or even their 5th choice, depending on the interest and number of spots in each class. All the choices are pretty awesome, but it is critical that your child understands what he/she is "signing up" for because there is little flexibility in the system to move kiddos around. Switches are difficult to make and NOT generally granted.



Bend Senior High School is hosting two different information nights for parents and 8th graders who are planning to attend Bend High next year. The first night will provide information about the IB Programme and the second is an overview of the Bend High experience hosted by Administrators and Counselors.

IB Programme Information Night: Wednesday, February 8 Time: 6:30 pm Where: Bend High Auditorium. There will be an overview of the IB Programme’s philosophy and what is required to be an IB Diploma candidate. Following the presentation, there will be an exhibit showcasing current IB Diploma students’ experiences. The IB Coordinator and IB students will be available to answer questions.

Bend High Information Night For All Incoming 8th Graders: Monday, February 27 Time: 6:30 pm Where: Bend High Auditorium. The evening includes: general information, tour of the school, Q & A, and an opportunity to talk with coaches and club advisors.

Summit High School has an information night for parents and 8th graders who are planning to attend Summit High next year. Tuesday February 21st from 6:00pm - 7:30pm... meet in the Summit gym. Download the flyer.

Mountain View High School has an information night for parents and 8th graders who are planning to attend MVHS next year. Wednesday February 22nd from 6:00pm - 7:30pm... meet in the MVHS gym. The Mountain View High School 8th Grade Orientation Night is scheduled for 6 p.m. on February 22. Learn about academic offerings including the AP International Diploma, Associate of Arts - Oregon Transfer (AAOT) Degree, Dual College Credit options and Career Technical programs. Take an opportunity to visit with representatives from clubs, sports, activities and athletics.

Please be aware that area change requests will be accepted beginning February 1st with a deadline of March 1st



We have noticed a relatively large number of students who have accumulated a negative balance in their hot lunch account. Please know that starting on Tuesday, February 7th, your child will NOT be able to eat hot lunch if they have a negative balance of more than $-6.00. It is EASY to pay by bringing a check by the office or by using the BLPay system to deposit money and even set up an automatic low balance reminder.



The Smarter Balanced (SBAC) assessment results provide us with a tool to evaluate teaching and learning in our schools and to compare our growth against state and national results. We are able to use the data generated from this assessment to improve teaching and learning, and to provide necessary support for students who may need it.

We hope that all REALMS students will take the assessment (Oregon's only statewide assessment) as full participation gives us the best data. In fact, as a school we have already secured permission to "opt out" of the Aspire interim testing twice per year, and instead have advocated for using the Smarter Balanced test as our main benchmark. This way students have fewer hours spent on testing.

At the same time, we support and honor parental choice and the state of Oregon permits parents to annually opt-out of this assessment process (House Bill 2655). Opting out can be done by submitting the Oregon Department of Education's (ODE) annual Opt-Out Form to us here at school. You will find the needed form attached to this email, or you may pick one up in the office. If you choose to opt your child out, a supervised study time will be provided for your child during the testing time.



The State of Oregon requires vaccines for school age students in order to protect children and prevent the spread of disease.

  • If your student requires one or more of the necessary immunizations, please have them completed prior to February 2017.
  • If your student does not meet the state requirements for immunization you will receive an exclusion notice mailed in the winter. This is a letter stating that your child must be immunized according to state requirements or will not be admitted to school starting on February 15, 2017
  • If you receive an exclusion notice, contact your medical provider to have your child immunized.
  • Students may return to or begin school after parents bring proof of up-to-date immunizations or the appropriate medical or non-medical exemptions to the school office.


For a list of required immunizations

School immunization information

How to claim a non-medical exemption



Calling all parent volunteers! Do you want to be involved in some upcoming projects at REALMS? We'd LOVE to have your involvement AND hear your ideas for our school. We'll be recruiting helpers for the Banff Film Festival at the Tower Theater, Teacher Appreciation Week and much more. Join us at 6:00 - we'll have some snacks for you!

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