Realms Middle School

Classroom Contacts


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Note: Teachers can also be reached via ParentVUE (for parents) or StudentVUE (for students).


Lynda Beauchamp, 6th Gr Math

Dante Biancucci, 7th & 8th Grade Math

Eric Beck, 7th & 8th Gr Science

Jake Zywicke, 6th Gr Sci & 6th/7th Gr Tech

Brian Endter, Supported Education Teacher

Jackie LaFrenz, 6th & 7th Gr Art

Karen Holm, 8th Gr Art

Todd LaFrenz, 6th, 7th, & 8th Gr Mind and Body

Laurie Rice, 6th & 7th Gr Humanities

Phoebe Schaab, 6th & 8th Gr Humanities

Kim Crosby, Educational Assistant

Office Contacts

Amy Anderson, Dean of Students

Kelly Beck, Office Manager

Paula McClean, Kitchen Manager