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What is grading like at an International Baccalaureate World School?

As part of our commitment to the IB Middle Years Program (MYP), we follow a criteria-referenced approach to grading based on the following:

  • Each class has four distinct criteria that are used to evaluate student performance on a rubric with levels ranging from 1-8
  • Summative assessments (think: major projects, essays, tests) are linked to one or more of the four of the subject criteria
  • Summative assessments represent an opportunity for student to apply skills and knowledge to global contexts and to address the big picture ideas and concepts of the unit
  • The 1-8 score a student receives for each criteria corresponds to traditional letter grades in the following way:

How will I monitor my student's progress?

Ongoing progress can be monitored by regularly checking your student's Canvas account for some of the following entries:

  • Task completion for most classes will be logged daily or weekly
  • Formative tasks (think: quizzes, practice, short writing prompts, etc) are logged and should give students a sense of progress toward the selected criteria for the unit
  • Summative tasks will also appear in Canvas and will be accompanied by the student's respective rubric score and achievement level description

We hope the following videos will be useful in helping monitor student progress on Canvas during distance learning:


  • Families will use this tool to view letter grades at quarter and semester, and to monitor attendance

Technology Resources

BLS log-in or password issues

● Call BLS help desk
○ 541-355-8700

Student iPads

  • ● New students click here
  • ● Damaged or malfunctioning iPads click here
  • ● Ms. Cartmill works with families to support iPad use throughout the year at [email protected]


Lacking home internet

● Contact Whitney Davis at [email protected]
○ (541)355-5677

BLS Resources

8th Grade MYP Community Project

The community project focuses on community and service, encouraging 8th grade students to explore their right and responsibility to implement services action in the community. As a consolidation of learning, the community project engages in a sustained, in-depth inquiry leading to service as action in the community. ACCESS WEBSITE - CLICK HERE

World Class Education

At Pilot Butte Middle School, our mission is to inspire students to become inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people who are engaged citizens of the world. The results are students who are global learners, aware of connections between disciplines and the IB-MYP Global Contexts.

Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning

Integrating disciplinary perspectives, between two or more subject areas, is a means to deepen students' understanding of their world and support them in becoming more competent in it. Pilot Butte teachers collaborate on ways to integrate various subject areas so that students can develop a new, deeper, more compelling or nuanced understanding of the topic under study.

Approaches to Learning Skills

The ATLs are a unifying thread throughout all MYP subject groups. They are the skills that help students manage their own learning. These skills provide the foundation for success in further education and the world beyond the classroom.

21st Century Skills

An MYP Education embodies the 6 C's: Character Education, Citizenship, Communication, Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving, Collaboration, and Creativity.

High School Options

For brochure on our neighborhood high school options, please CLICK HERE

Spanish version, please CLICK HERE

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