Pacific Crest Middle School


Parent Workshop Series: Social Media & Peer Relationships

This event is open to the general public!

Article Date: Jan 24, 2020

Tuesday | January 28 | 6:00 - 7:30pm PCMS Nest/Commons

Dan Seigel, in his book "Brainstorm", describes one aspect of adolescence as Social Engagement. Teens begin to turn more towards peers than parents. They seek acceptance and feedback from peers. The upside to this Social Engagement is the idea that adolescents are building supportive relationships. Relationships, Seigel describes, are a key factor associated with medical and mental health, longevity, and happiness. The downside is falling prey to peer pressure in order to become part of a group or remain a member of the group.

This workshop will focus on the importance of developing positive peer relationships for adolescents, how they are developing these relationships, the potential dangers and the incredible potential that lies within social media, and how to engage and have difficult with adolescents regarding peer relationships and social media. There will be time to engage in discourse with fellow parents, ask questions, and develop skills to talk with your teens in a constructive way that provides open and honest conversation that supports their development of positive peer relationships.