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Yearbook Pricing

Yearbooks are currently for sale online and in the Main Office for $70. Click Here to purchase online.

Yearbooks from prior years are also available at various prices, please contact our yearbook advisor, Beth Zilk, for availability and prices.

Senior Pictures


Pictures can be turned into the yearbook room as a digital copy or by emailing your image directly to our yearbook staff.

Senior Picture Specs:

  • Pictures should be vertical/portrait style. Landscape pictures will be cropped as a portrait.
  • Digital pictures should be at least 300+ dpi resolution
  • Pictures must be in color

Submission Instructions:

  • Drop disc or thumb drive in box provided in publishing room
  • Email images to [email protected] (please save your file as last name,first name)
  • Senior pictures that are turned in after November 1 are subject to a $20 late fee
  • Senior pictures turned in after pages are submitted for publication may be subject to further late fees

Check posted list on November 12 (on yearbook board in commons) to ensure that your senior picture was received.

Life Touch (ID) photos will be used for those who do not turn in professional photos.

Senior Ads & Friendship Ads

DUE JANUARY 31, 2019

You can put together a personalized ad with pictures and a dedication for the yearbook starting at $40.
Senior Ad Details
Friendship Ad Details

Contact Us

Yearbook Advisor:
Beth Zilk

Pictures to Share?

Do you have pictures you would like to share with the yearbook staff? Please go to and enter our school code: cougars
Help make sure we do not miss a single moment of this year!

Graduation: Photos from the MV graduation ceremonies are available for purchase online at MV Yearbook. Order yours today!