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Yearbooks for Sale

Our 21-22 yearbooks are currently for sale online! This year families will buy direct through our publishing partner, Herff Jones via their online order center here:

As you order, enter the MVHS job number #6889 to select Mountain View. Buy your yearbook for the $50 discount price before the end of September! Payment plans are also available!

Yearbooks from prior years are also available at various prices, please contact our yearbook advisor, Beth Zilk, for availability and prices.

Senior Pictures - Submit Photos Online


Photo files must be uploaded by the deadline to make it into the yearbook.

Senior Picture Specs:

  • Students must be in school appropriate attire
  • Pictures should be vertical/portrait style. Landscape pictures will be cropped as a portrait.
  • Pictures must be in color
  • Digital pictures should be at least 300+ dpi resolution
  • Photo file needs to be named: student first name_last name_student ID number

    Submission Instructions:

    • Go to with a school code of "cougars6889" (no spaces)
    • Enter in your information and then select "upload portrait photo"
    • You will be able to crop your photo to your preference and enter your name as you would like it to show in the yearbook
    • When finished, select submit

    Senior Ads & Friendship Ads

    DUE JANUARY 31, 2022

    You can put together a personalized ad with pictures and a dedication for the yearbook starting at $40. Click links below for pricing and pay online through the district TouchBase system here.

    Senior Ad Details
    Friendship Ad Details

    Contact Us

    Yearbook Advisor:
    Ms. Zilk

    Pictures to Share?

    Do you have pictures you would like to share with the yearbook staff? Please go to and enter our school code: cougars6889
    Help make sure we do not miss a single moment of this year!

    Graduation: Photos from the MV graduation ceremonies are available for purchase online here MV Yearbook SmugMug. Order yours today!