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Back Row: Ms. Leahy, Ms. Hunter, Ms. Hackenbruck
Front Row:
Ms. Moran, Ms. Nesbitt, Ms. Mitsch, Ms. Prock

Welcome Current & Future MVHS Cougars!

2021-2022 Forecasting Information

Freshman Forecasting Quick Reference

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Forecasting Timeline: Forecasting Timeline Grades 10-12

MVHS Curriculum Guide: 2021-2022 MVHS Curriculum Guide

Escuela Prepartoria MVHS Guía Curricular: En Español

Counselor Drop-In Q&A Schedule: Counselor Webex Drop-In Sessions

MVHS Virtual Course Fair: Learn More About MVHS Courses Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click this link for answers to frequently asked questions: FAQ

Schedule an Appointment

School counselors are available to meet with students and parents by appointment. Click on the counselors name below to schedule time with them, or students can use the QR codes posted on the Counseling Office door to sign up. If you have a quick question, email your counselor by using [email protected]

You can schedule a Webex, phone or in-person appointment with your counselor by clicking their name below.

Kathi Prock ~ Student last names A-D

Shanna Nesbitt ~ Student last names E-J

Erin Moran ~ Student last names K-Q

Kate Hunter ~ Student last names R-Z

**Privacy and Limits of Confidentiality**

When you are meeting with your school counselor, please keep in mind the limits of confidentiality that your school counselor is legally and ethically bound by. Everything you tell them will stay between you and your school counselor except in the following instances:

  1. If you may harm yourself or someone else
  2. If someone is harming you or someone else
  3. If someone else may harm themself
  4. If you give your school counselor permission to share information with someone else

*Please note that your school counselor cannot guarantee the confidentiality of the physical setting that you are in. This means that we don’t know if there are unintended viewers or recipients in your physical setting. Please be mindful of choosing a private space and if possible, use headphones with a microphone to promote your privacy. Start using the Webex chat feature with your school counselor if you are worried and need more privacy during your conversation.

Letters of Recommendation

You can a request a letter of recommendation from your counselor by filling out the Google form linked here:

Mountain View High School Student Information Sheet and Resume

Don’t be afraid to “brag” about yourself a little! Your counselor will use this information to recommend you for scholarships, college admissions, summer programs, and other honors/awards. Letters of recommendation need to be requested 2-3 weeks in advance of when they are needed.

New and Transferring Students

Enrollment for the 2020-21 school year is now open.

Enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year is scheduled to open on April 1, 2021.

Families can enroll NEW students by:

  • **ONLINE ENROLLMENT - RECOMMENDED** If you are brand new to the Bend-La Pine District, you may register your student online. Please visit the link below to enter your student's enrollment data. Be aware that you must live in the Mountain View school attendance boundary to take advantage of the online enrollment. You can register online here: Online Enrollment

Transcript Requests

We provide transcripts to colleges, universities, trade schools and employers through Parchment for current and former students. Current and former students can create an account and request their transcript through Parchment, linked here.

Athletic Eligibility

Student athletes must be enrolled in, and passing, five full classes to be eligible for sports. This includes the semester that you are participating in a sport and also the semester prior to your sports season.

College and Career Center Canvas Classroom:

Seniors are you wanting to stay up to date with the most current information? Sign up for our Canvas classroom here: College and Career Center Canvas Class

Community Mental Health Resources

Crisis Resources:

Call 911 if you fear you or someone else is in immediate danger

24/7 Deschutes County Crisis Line 541-322-7500 ext. 9

24/7 Oregon Youthline at 1-877-968-8491

24/7 TrevorLifeline (LGBTQ specific) 1-866-488-7386

24/7 Walk-in Crisis Services at the Deschutes County Stabilization Center (63311 Jamison Street, Bend)

Other Mental Health Resources:

The Bend-La Pine School District Student Mental Health webpage includes information to help connect students and families with mental health resources, including help lines, free counseling resources, tips for families and more.

The Mental Health Provider Directory is intended as a local resource list with providers who can help individuals with a variety of mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, eating disorders, substance use disorders and more. The list is offered voluntarily by providers themselves. Deschutes County Health Services and Bend-La Pine Schools do not endorse any providers listed here. Please make sure to research potential providers and contact them directly with any questions you may have.

The Child Center provides community-based outpatient programs focused on individuals with emotional, behavioral and mental health issues, and their families. MVHS students and families can access The Child Center services through the main clinic (541-726-1465)

Students can access more resources on their iPads through the First Step app. Students can also report tips and concerns to Safe Oregon on their iPads.

Office Hours

Monday to Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or by appointment

Contact Us

Office Phone:

Counseling Fax:

Counseling Secretary/Registrar:
Ms. Hackenbruck


Ms. Prock
Student Last Names: A-D

Ms. Nesbitt
Student Last Names: E-J

Ms. Moran
Student Last Names: K-Q

Ms. Hunter
Student Last Names: R-Z

FAN Advocate:
Ms. Baglien
Office hours:
Tuesday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Thursday from Noon to 4 p.m.
Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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If you have questions about College Visits, Careers and your future, please visit our Careers and College page.