Mountain View High School

School to Career Credit Programs

Students can earn credits for participating in many work-based or volunteer programs while attending Mountain View High School.

Please note, due to Covid-19 restrictions all rotations have been placed on hold for the 2020-2021 school year. As of this moment, we will still be offering Cadet Teaching as a second semester course. All School-to-Work employment, volunteer, and internship credit opportunities are still available for students. Contact Jenn if you have any questions regarding this program or would like to receive school elective credit for your real-life working experience.

Cadet Teaching and Cadet Caregiving - .5 credit per semester

These are regular forecasted classes and must be added to your schedule by your counselor. They are offered during 4th & 7th periods only. Students attend each day they have these periods and it is an independent program.

Cadet Teaching students request a teacher mentor at one of our closer elementary or middle schools and ask if they can Cadet Teach with them. Students have weekly evaluation forms to turn in along with creating a lesson plan, bulletin board and providing a final reflection paper. Students interested in a career in Education, Childcare or Psychology would be a perfect fit for these programs.

Cadet Caregiving is for students interested in a healthcare career. Our Cadet Caregivers will be working with the elderly learning about elder care and spending time with residents. Students interested in other areas of healthcare can take courses such as BioMedical Foundations and have the opportunity to visit medical facilities throughout Central Oregon.

Emerging Technology Walk - Job Shadow Rotations - .5 credit

Students interested in technology and computer science should consider signing up for our Emerging Tech Walk rotations. Students rotate through various "emerging tech" firms on Wednesday afternoons from 2:30 - 4:00 for 8-10 sessions in early November. This past year students had the opportunity to visit Smolich Motors and learn about the Leaf Electric Car technology, they visited a "green" tech home, toured G5 Computer Software, Redhawk Cyber security, Bend Electric Bikes, Five Talent Software and more. Students participating will receive .5 credit.

Engineering Job Shadow Rotations - .5 credit

Students planning to pursue a career in Engineering should sign up for the Engineering rotations which start in January.

Groups of 3-5 students from all three high schools rotate through 12 different engineering companies including Microsemi, CA Rowles, Epic Air, OSU Energy Systems, St. Charles, Kawak Aviation, Bend Research, ODOT and more. These rotations are on Wednesdays from 2:30 - 4:00 pm.

Dental Occupations - .5 credit

Students who are considering a career as a dental hygienist or dentist should consider signing up for these rotations. Students visit offices in all areas of dentistry. Students receive .5 credit. This bi-annual program will allow students to visit 8 dental/orthodontic, oral surgery offices during it's 8 week time frame.

Automotive/Manufacturing Walk - .5 credit

With a shortage of skilled labor in Bend, our automotive partners asked for the opportunity to give students exposure to careers in auto tech, parts, small gas engines electric cars and more. Students interested in exploring these trades should sign up to take part in this job shadow walk. Students will see all areas of the automotive industry.

Construction/Line/Machining Walk - .5 credit

Students interested in construction trades, line work and more should take advantage of this job shadow experience. We hope to incorporate fields in construction, excavation, electrical, plumbing, line work and more.

Internships, Volunteering and Work Experience - .5 credit

Students may obtain credit in the following areas:

Internships - .5 credit for a non-paid internship with a total of 65 hours or paid internship with a total of 144 hrs

Volunteer/Community Service - .5 credit for 65 hours of community service (up to a full credit)

Work Experience - .5 credit for 144 hours of paid work experience (up to a full credit)

*NOTE* - students must have proof of hours and complete required "packets" for each area. Contact Jenn in the College and Career Center for more information.