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Dual Partnership Program

The DPP program is a partnership program between a university and a community college. Students enroll at each college and have the benefits of advising, scholarships and more from each school. Students can choose which campus they live on. Most Oregon Universities have some form of this program. Click HERE for more information regarding the COCC and OSU DPP program and on the OSU Degree Partnership Program webpage.


Scholarships are available through a variety of sources. The college you plan to attend, will have both merit and department scholarships available. Your College & Career Center, along with the other high schools in our area, compiles a list of USA, State and Local scholarships that can be found at the BLPS District Scholarship List link below. OSAC (Office of Student Access and Completion) offers 600+ scholarships with one application. National search sites such as ScholarsApp, Unigo, and Sallie Mae give you the ability to search for thousands of scholarships. First stop for any student is our virtual canvas classroom or our famous Scholarship Wall in the College and Career Center where copies of amazing scholarship opportunities are available.

Complete your 2021-22 FAFSA today! The College & Career Center is offering virtual help session with evening appointments for families available. Contact Jenn for more information.

Remember you will use your 2019 Tax return for the FAFSA this year.

Helpful links for filing the FAFSA:

If you have not completed your FAFSA yet, please let us know how we can help! The FAFSA is required by most colleges to make an award package offer to the student. It is also required for the Oregon Promise Grant.

Go to to get started. See FAFSA Informational Guide above for more information.

Students who are not US Citizens may file the ORSAA which will allow them to receive State grants and scholarships. ORSAA Application.

Oregon Promise Grant

Students must file the FAFSA to apply, have a 2.5 GPA or above, have lived in Oregon for 12 months and enroll in an Oregon Community College. The Oregon Promise Grant supplements Federal aid and covers the balance of the average cost of a maximum of 12 credits of tuition a term and requires a $50 copay.

Oregon Promise Grant link


College Information

Applying to college and for financial aid and scholarships can feel daunting. We can help you navigate all of the information available assist you in making decisions. Links for college and career search listed below




  • Official transcripts for college applications/admissions must be requested through Parchment. This online transcript service is free of charge, but students must set up an account. You will notice that there is an option for parents to open a Parent Account with Parchment. We highly recommend that families do not do this as it can cause technical complications when students attempt to order transcripts. Parchment Accounts
  • Transcripts for OSAC Scholarship or Oregon Promise applications must be uploaded through the College and Career Center. Both of these require that seventh semesters grades are posted before upload. Be sure to choose: Have my school verify my GPA option when filling out the applications.
  • Request COCC Transcript
  • College credit received through other community colleges must be requested directly from that institution
  • AP Credit - must be requested through College Board


  • All Oregon Public Universities have gone permanently test optional for admissions and test blind for scholarships. Due to the testing limitations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, many college have chosen to become test optional for the class of 2021 admissions calendar. Be sure to verify with your schools of choice regarding their testing policy.
  • 2021 College Admission Tests
  • ACT
  • SAT and SAT II
  • ACT vs SAT - how are they different


  • Letters of recommendation from teachers, administrators and counselors must be requested in advance. Click here for the Information Sheet and Resume form to assist in the preparation of your letter.


  • Junior Checklist - provides class of 2022 with tasks they should complete each month until January of their senior year.