Mountain View High School

Career Development and Job Skills

Mountain View High School is committed to not only providing rigorous

academics and CTE programs, but we are also committed to providing students with opportunities to explore career pathways, identify their career goals and have experiential learning opportunities. We want our students to leave Mountain View with job skills that will be essential in obtaining an internship, summer employment and eventually a career.

Our FUTURE READY series will provide students in all grades with the opportunity to explore careers. Freshman will use our SCOIR program to explore careers through You-science aptitude assessments. Our Sophomores will attend our PURSUIT day where they will hear community members talk about finding their passion and their career journey. They will also have the opportunity to visit career tables to find out more about many career pathways. Juniors will receive future ready training in areas of resume building, interview skills and preparation to explore internship opportunities the summer before their senior year. Seniors will learn about how they want to been seen by potential employers including how to use social media correctly, networking and more.

Each year we hold a Career Development week which culminates in a JOB FAIR for summer employment. This event happens in late April. Activities include RESUME WORKSHOP, COVER LETTER SKILLS, INTERVIEW SKILLS and more!. Our Freshman and Sophomore students in particular benefit from this localized hiring even for summer employment. Resume is required to attend. Watch the calendar and Instagram page for more information.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Job Shadows

Job Shadows are a short-term opportunity for a student to spend 3-6 hours at a business "shadowing" someone to learn more about the day to day work of the company, ask questions about the career pathway, learn about education requirements and how to get hired in the field. Job Shadows can be very enlightening to students about a career they think they are interested in. We are happy to connect students with local businesses with a job shadow in a career pathway they want to explore. They will need to contact Jenn in the College & Career center.

Mountain View offers set job shadow rotation programs each year that multiple students participate in at the same time. Cadet Teaching and Cadet Caregiving are courses students will forecast into. These classes allow students to spend time each day during (as a class) learning about the field of education or caregiving. These are semester courses and students should talk to their counselor about signing up for one of these. We also offer Job Shadow rotation programs including Engineering Rotations, Emerging Tech Walk, Build-It Construction Walk and our upcoming Hospitality and Business Walk. Each of these rotations happen on Wednesday afternoons from 1:30 - 3:00 and students "rotate" to a different business each week. These are incredible opportunities to learn from a variety of business owners about career pathways in these fields. See Jenn for start dates. Most programs are 8-12 weeks long.

Job Shadows can also be used to complete a students Career Related Learning requirements for graduation.

All rotation opportunities are currently on a temporary hold due to Covid-19 health restrictions.


Internships are invaluable. Students have an opportunity to "work" in a company alongside a professional to gain insight into a career and have the opportunity to "try it out". Most of our internships are paid and those that are not allow students to receive high school credit for the experience. This past year, Mountain View High School has partnered with the Bend Youth Career Connect to develop business/community partnerships where students may apply for a 65 hour internship opportunity in a field of their choice. Most of these internships will be after school with extended hours on Wednesdays.

Internships are great for a students resume and to also help them determine if the college path/major they are pursuing is the right one for them. In the past Mountain View has placed students in the following internship opportunities:

Earth Cruiser - Automotive Engineering Smolich Motors - Automotive Tech

Hooker Creek - Diesel Mechanic

Zonion - Marketing/Social Media

United Way - Non-profit/Social Media

Greg's Grille - Culinary/Chef

Keith Manufacturing - Welding

Eclipse Engineering - Structural Engineering

G5 - Computer Science/Software

Bend Chamber of Commerce - Executive Director

911 Motorsports - Welding

Cascade Business News - Journalism and Writing

Signature Cafe - Culinary

Youth Career Connect is Now placing students for the 2020-2021 School year

Youth Career Connect - Search for Internship openings and fill our a student profile so you can apply.

Field Trips, Tours and Classroom Speakers

A variety of field trips and tours are coordinated by the College & Career Center. These are advertised on the website, with posters around school, on our Instagram page, and on a large calendar in the College & Career Center. In the past we have visited Freres Lumber and Mass Plywood Plant, Cascade Culinary Institute, Bend Equine & Small Animal Hospital, Bend Fire Department, Phagan's Cosmetology, COCC Nursing Orientation, Skilled Trades Fair, Natural Resources Field Day, Volunteers in Medicine, Heath Occupations Career Day, Premier Aesthetics and more. Next year we hope to add a trip to the OSU Food Innovation Center, Starker Forest Products, NW College of Construction, OIT Engineering & Radiology schools, St. Charles Technology, Bend Broadband and more.

Classroom speakers are encouraged and promoted in classrooms and are facilitated by the College & Career Center. In previous years, Financial Beginnings taught financial literacy classes to 7 different classrooms, Bend Studio Sony Gaming and Facebook spoke to Computer Science classrooms, a variety of medical professionals came to our BioMed class to speak, six latinx business owners came to talk to our ELL classroom and many more. If you can provide expertise in an area and would like to speak at Mountain View, please contact Jenn. We embrace working with our community partners to provide our students with real-life knowledge and experience.

Work Experience and Job Search

Students may receive high school credit for working. Mountain View believes that students gain a great deal of "real world" experience on the job and we want to recognize those efforts. Students my complete 144 hours for .5 credit along with a packet and final interview. Students may receive a full credit for work experience.

COUGAR JOB SEARCH - Google Sheet where students can see what jobs are available as they are relayed to us. This is available to students through our Canvas Classroom.



SOCIAL MEDIA AND YOUR JOB - the do's and don'ts - April

JOB FAIR - in late April where students can apply for summer jobs.

Check back for more information at the start of the school year.

Please check out these tools for job success:

Resume Writing Packet

Cover Letter Packet

Interview Skills Packet

Trade Schools

Trade Schools are a great alternative to traditional 4-year university. Students interested in the trades should check out degree programs offered by all Oregon community colleges and private trade schools. See link below for a list of trade schools in Oregon.

Volunteering and Community Service

Volunteering and Community Service are a great way to gain experience and give back to your community. These opportunities provide short term commitment and look great on your college, scholarship or job application. In fact, 75% of all scholarships for college ask for a list of volunteer activities. Use the Activities Chart below to keep track of your work and check out the Connect Central Oregon website to find a place to volunteer.


Apprenticeships differ from Internships in that they are usually long-term and you are actually being trained for a permanent position. Most internships have been in the Skilled Trades fields in the past, but we are finding that with the growing need of skilled workers, they are expanding to areas such as Computer Science, Coding, etc. Check out the websites below to learn more or stop by the College & Career Center and we would be happy to visit with you.

Apprenticeship Programs Defined

Foreign Exchange/Gap Year

Students interested in a foreign exchange program during high school have many options to consider. Each year our local Rotary Club sends and hosts high school students in their programs. Applications are available in late
September for travel in August of the following school year.

Those considering a Gap Year between high school and college can look at these resources:


For students wishing to go straight from high school into the military, a call to one of our local recruiters is the best place to start. Meetings can be set up in the recruiting office or in the College & Career Center. Each year we celebrate students who are entering the military to serve our country. This even is usually held in May. Watch our calendar for more details.