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Mountain View Scholarship Links:

Bend La Pine School District Scholarships

Looking for scholarships? We still have a variety of scholarships open and available to students. Please follow this link to our district scholarship spreadsheet listing local, state, and national scholarships with links to applications. MV students specific scholarship links can be found under the MVHS tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

College & Careers

Whether your student needs help with career exploration or navigating the process of college admissions, we are here to help. Our Aspire Mentor program matches students with adult mentors who help them throughout the year with admissions, financial aid, internships and more. Links to a variety of resources are available below. If you do not find what you need, please email the College and Career Center and we will assist you.


Jenn Williams
College and Career Advisor
Aspire Coordinator


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If you have questions about enrollment or graduation, please visit our Counseling page.


Please consider volunteering as an Aspire Mentor in the College & Career Center. Learn how you can assist our students (and your own!) with post-graduation plans. Please contact the College and Career office to find out more.