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Thursdays 10:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

College & Career Center, A1

Would you like help with career exploration, resume writing, & interview coaching? If so, come meet "Larry the Internship Guy". Most internships are paid and you can earn elective credits.

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Future Center Spotlight


We have a new platform for all things future-focused called SCOIR (pronounced like “score”). It is a user-friendly application to help 9-12th grade students explore post-high school options. All future-ready communication (college, trade school, employment, military and service opportunities) will come through SCOIR so it’s important that all MVH students sign-on. SCOIR will play a key role in helping ensure every MVH student graduates with a plan.

SCOIR goes beyond typical exploration websites to find opportunities that fit students’ needs and interests. It does that via a proprietary aptitude test (via YouScience) that helps students identify their strengths and interests.

If you haven’t done so already, scan this QR code to create your SCOIR account or click HERE.

Grade-specific lessons on how to get the most out of SCOIR will happen throughout each school year. Want help to get started exploring right away? Come on in!

How to get your transcript

Parchment is the platform you will use to send your transcript to colleges and/or other organizations that request it from you. Having an account with Parchment will allow you to order a transcript to be sent via email, identify the email address of the organization and then send your transcript digitally and directly.

If you haven’t yet created your account, watch this short video to learn how to set up your account and order transcripts for your college applications.

Parchment Link for Bend Senior High School

Undocumented Student Resources

Although undocumented students cannot apply to federal financial aid there are several financial resources available. Click here for details.

Need a transcript?

Parchment Link for Mountain View High School


School to Career Program Manager:

Ms. Barkee


If you have questions about enrollment or graduation, please visit our Counseling page.


Join the MVHS College & Career Center's Instagram page, mvhsfutures, for current information on virtual college visits, important events, deadline notifications, scholarship announcements, and upcoming student opportunities.

The Aspire Mentor Program is under the umbrella of the Oregon Student Access and Completion office. Volunteer mentors work through the high school College & Career Centers to help students navigate decisions about life after high school. Please contact us to find out more.