William E. Miller Elementary School

All Bend-La Pine Schools' campuses are closed through the end of the school year. Education continues through Continuation of Learning. Details at COVID-19 webpage.

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Note: Teachers not listed below can be reached via ParentVUE (for parents) or StudentVUE (for students).

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Lindsay Fox

Melissa Hoover

Meghan Kincaid

Diana Johnson

First Grade

Kristen Riley

Erin Young

Mara Richardson

Second Grade

Sofie Laymon

Josi Rogers

Joanna Taroli

Ashley Davis

Third Grade

Jodi Anderson

Doug Campbell

Marci Adams

Chelsea Ambrose

Fourth Grade

Cody McCabe

Betsy Perry

Alex Rocco

Stephanie Rodgers

Fifth Grade

Bert Gottschalk

Erin Kerr

Julie Stirling

Kenan Macomber


Principal: Jen Healy, 541-355-2502

Assistant Principal: Erich Brocker, 541-355-2506

Office Manager: Meredith Blackwell, 541-355-2501

Secretary: Caitlin Muhleman, 541-355-2503

Secretary: Nicole Eisler, 541-355-2513

PE Teacher: Ryan Cruz - PE

Music Teacher: Marc Saccoman

ERC Teacher: Holly Reynolds, 541-355-2574

Lifeskills Teacher: Aubrie Murray, 541-355-2579

Speech: Stephanie Canfield, 541-355-2522

FAN Advocate: Heidi Odman, 541-355-2517

Psychologist: Miriam Reynolds 541-355-6906

Media Manager: Cathy Brimacombe, 541-355-2535