Bend Tech Academy at Marshall High School

Welcome to BTA High School Activities!

We currently offer the following clubs and activities:

  • Trebuchet Club
  • GSA Club
  • Kindness Club
  • Robotics
  • Drones
Don't see a club or activity you're interested in? Create one! If you have an idea for a club or activity talk to Ms. Gunter about starting a new club with other interested students.

"I chose BTA because it is hands-on and small. It’s a community where everyone gets to know each other and form relationships. I’ve had conversations with every person here which is impossible at a school with 1,000 people."

-KC, Class of 2023

Trebuchet Club built a trebuchet to launch pumpkins for the Huck it For Housing event that benefitted the Kor Community Land Trust in 2019.