Marshall High School

Activities and Clubs


Welcome to Marshall High School Activities!

Community Service

Marshall has an active Student Council that donated almost 300 pounds of food to the Giving Plate and nearly $100 to the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society during the 2014-15 school year. The student leaders also staged a safe Halloween party for neighborhood children; 48 5- to 10-year-olds attended the event.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day has been designated as a national day of service. Seven Marshall seniors spent January 19, 2015 starting a tradition of joining that day of service. They donated five hours a piece to complete projects at the Ronald McDonald house near St. Charles Medical Center in Bend.

Marshall’s Green Team has adopted Orchard Park. Once per month, the members clean up the park and maintain the grounds. The team also leads efforts to reduce energy consumption at Marshall.

Club Opportunities

The opportunities for club involvement are varied. Students are welcome to join any of the existing groups seen below or to start their own student group.

Fly Fishing Club

This club is dedicated to young men and women who are interested in learning the phases of fly fishing, fly tying and fly casting. The club focuses on life lessons such as patience, problem solving, and rejection through all aspect of fly fishing. Advisers – Kurt Taylor, 541-355-3578, and Andrew Sawyer.

Gaming Club

This is a place for gamers and aspiring game designers to play games and share ideas with other students with the same interests. Meetings generally occur every Wednesday during lunch to plan a monthly event, which takes place Friday after school. Advisor – Karla Luff-Lopez, 541-355-3584

Garden Club

This group faces sunlight, positioning and rodent problems, yet we persevere! We plant in the spring and allow some of our produce to go to seed to fund our 'Seed Library' which we harvest and package the following spring to donate to the Bend Community Center and the Marshall community at large. Sometimes we even graze on the spinach, carrots and strawberries. Join us in February/March to plan, prepare, plant and package. Advisor – Carolyn Carry-McDonald, 541-355-3534

Green Team

This is a group of eco-friendly students working collaboratively with the district to meet sustainability goals to reduce energy and waste on campus. We meet on the first Wednesday of every month at lunch to plan projects such as campus-wide recycling projects, class competitions, and education campaigns. We also meet after school on the third Wednesday of each month to clean up our adopted Orchard Park. Advisor – Katie Lyons, 541-355-3571

Knitting Club

This group gathers in the library during lunch and knits items for the Bend Community Center's 'Keep Them Warm' Campaign. We are constant learners and teachers with one another, sharing what we know and finding out what we don't. Many tools and skeins of yarn have been donated, so come join us. Crocheters and other purveyors of yarn art are welcome. Advisor – Carolyn Carry McDonald, 541-355-3534