Bend Tech Academy at Marshall High School

Classroom Information


Connect with Teachers

Note: All teachers can be reached via ParentVUE (for parents) or StudentVUE (for students).

Drew_Erickson.png Drew Erickson: STEM and Engineering Academy

Andrew_Johnson.png Andrew Johnson: English Language Arts

Annette_Shears.png Annette Shears: Special Education Teacher

Jill_Swin.png Jill Swinn: GED Program Coordinator

Kelly_Peters.png Kelly Peters: Business Academy, Art, Leadership

Marsa_Johnson.png Marsa Johnson: Social Studies

Alex_Greenwood.png Alex Greenwood: Math

Tiggy Dierdorff: Construction Trades Academy

Melissa Wikler: Science and Yoga

Heather Johnson: Health Academy

Tess Nordstog: Bend La Pine Online

Connect with Staff

Sal_Cassaro.png Sal Cassaro: Principal

Jamie Gunter: School Counselor

Linda Guest: School Psychologist

Lorri Gustafson: Student Services

Renee McCoy: Counseling Secretary/Registrar

Heather Cornett: Office Manager

Juli Kittrell: School to Career, ASPIRE, ECMC, Gear UP

Judy Shupak: Media Manager

Kathy Baglian: FAN Advocate

Kevin Collins: Nurse

Leslie Butterfield: Educational Assistant

Laurie_Byers.png Laurie Byers: Educational Assistant