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Business Leadership

The Business Leadership Academy focuses on the business and entrepreneurial skills and knowledge that students will need to prepare for success in the world of business. The careers in this area span virtually every industry in the world! Studies in the Business Leadership Academy focus on the commonalities among most businesses including personnel management, ethics, marketing, planning, finance, resource management, and entrepreneurship.

"When I first enrolled at BTA I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I thought business could be fun, but maybe not exciting. After I started the Business Leadership Academy I realized I was not only good at it, but it’s exciting too!"

- Gabe, Class of 2024

High Engagement Learning

Every student in the Business Leadership Academy is given a myriad of high engagement learning experiences to best prepare them for future success in business. This includes volunteer opportunities, fund raising experiences, grant writing, opportunities to speak with industry experts, connections to local community partners, running a student store, and the planning and marketing of events for our school!

Past Successes

  • Opened Student Store in 2019
  • Planned three community blood drives in the 2019-2020 school year
  • Fundraiser for Grandma's House in 2019
  • Formed relationships with local businesses and community leaders like Kona Shaved Ice, Addy Mac's Ice Cream, Rosell Wealth Management, Humm Kombucha, El Sancho Taco Shop, and many more!
  • Planned 2020 graduation ceremony for seniors
  • Added vinyl plotting to student store in 2020
  • Made masks and t-shirts for students, school board members, and local businesses
  • Won a student-written grant to add a hat press to the student store so that students can design and manufacture hats

Student Store

Students have the opportunity to work in and manage the BTA student store. The student store currently offers slushies, popcorn, t-shirts, lounge pants, bags, hats, and masks. Most products sold in the student store are also designed and manufactured by BTA students so that they are able to go through the entire process of conceptualization to sales in order to give them an immersive business experience.

Students learn how to manage inventory, forecast business needs, create schedules, handle money, business accounting, customer service, and so much more!

Future Readiness

In general, anyone would benefit from learning skills and concepts that have s business focus, but there are some jobs that can’t be done without them! A background in business prepares students with a leg-up in almost every career path, especially management.

A focus in business can lead to lucrative careers in a huge variety of roles. Human resources, marketing, operations, management, logistics, finance, sales, advertising, and administration all typically require business experience and oftentimes a degree. These types of jobs generally pay well too; median salaries vary from around $50,000 to $85,000 annually. You can read more about specific careers and pay scales here: Business and Financial Occupations

The career outlook is promising as well. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that careers in business and financial operations will grow by 5.3% through 2029, which is faster than the average of all other occupations , adding about 476,200 new jobs!

Contact: Ms. Peters (541) 355-3500

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