La Pine Middle School

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Note: Teachers not listed below can be reached via ParentVUE (for parents) or StudentVUE (for students).

Baisch, Carrie - Language Arts 6th, AVID 6th - Mrs. Baisch's Classroom Website

Boyd, Gabrielle - PE 6th/7th/8th, Health

Chavarin, Michael - Band, Choir

Colburn, Jessica - Social Studies 7th, AVID 7th, Art

Eby, Kent - Language Arts 8th, Social Studies 8th

Elmore, Matt - PE 6th/7th/8th, Health

Hollingsworth - Math 7th, AVID 8th

Honea, Molly - Science 6th, Forensic

Johnson, Stuart - Social Studies 6th/8th

Likens, Gregory - PE 6th/7th/8th, Science 7th

McGee, Jennifer - Math 8th, Coding

Neil, Jennifer - Lifeskills

Parker, Emily - Lifeskills

Taggart, Petra - Behavior

Thill, Dawn - Math 6th, Social Studies 6th

Webb, Zachary - Language Arts 7th, Social Studies 7th

Winslow, Scott - Science 7th/8th