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Career Development and Job Skills

Career Development Signs

Tools For Students

Letters of Recommendation

Ask teachers and counselors early. Give at least 3 weeks notice.

  • Counselors have a worksheet to complete. Forms are in the Counseling office and Future Center.
  • Provide all writers with an activities resume and some interesting information about you.
  • Letter writing is not easy. It takes time and thought. Don't forget to say thank you.
  • Tips for asking for letters of recommendation.


  • Application Tips (Coming Soon!)
  • Sending your transcript through Parchment
  • Tips on Writing an Essay
  • College and scholarship applications usually ask about community service experiences. Remember, it's better to have a deep commitment to one or two causes than to spread yourself think with an hour here and another there.
    • Volunteer Connect
    • Better Together

Field Trips, Tours and Classroom Speakers

A variety of field trips and tours are coordinated by the College & Career Center. These are advertised on the website, with posters around school and on the large calendar in the School to Careers Center. We have the opportunity to visit many different and diverse places in Oregon, such as the Skills Trade Fair, PANAC College Fair, Midstate Electric Career Day, and more. Classroom speakers are encouraged and promoted in classrooms and are facilitated by the School to Careers Center. Last year Financial Beginnings taught financial literacy classes to our seniors. We have professionals come into speak with our students once a month from many different backgrounds.

Job Search

The School to Careers Center is here to help you with getting a job!

  • HAWK JOB SEARCH - Google Sheet where students can see what jobs are available as they are relayed to us.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA AND YOUR JOB - the do's and don'ts -> April
  • CAREER FAIR - the 3rd Friday in April, in conjunction with the La Pine Chamber of Commerce. Where students can speak with employers, and learn what it takes to get a job or career in an area of interest.
  • Check back for more information at the start of the school year.
  • Please check out these tools for job success:
    • Resume Writing Packet
    • Cover Letter Packet
    • Interview Skills Packet

Trade Schools

Trade Schools are a great alternative to traditional 4-year university. Students interested in the trades should check out degree programs offered by all Oregon community colleges and private trade schools. See link below for a list of trade schools in Oregon.

  • Oregon Trade Schools: List of trade schools throughout Oregon
  • Oregon Community Colleges: All Community Colleges have 2-year trade programs
  • Skilled Trades Salaries


Apprenticeships differ from Internships in that they are usually long-term and you are actually being trained for a permanent position. Most internships have been in the Skilled Trades fields in the past, but we are finding that with the growing need of skilled workers, they are expanding to areas such as Computer Science, Coding, etc. Check out the websites below to learn more or stop by the College & Career Center and we would be happy to visit with you. Please check out the PowerPoint presentation below outlining the value of an Apprentice Program.

Apprenticeship Programs Defined

  • BOLI Apprenticeships - Apprenticeship and Training Division
  • Oregon Apprenticeships - Excellent site for information about how to apply for internships plus salaries and more. Also, videos and listing of current openings.

Foreign Exchange/Gap Year

Students interested in a foreign exchange program during high school have many options to consider. Each year our local Rotary Club sends and hosts high school students in their programs. Applications are available in late September for travel in August of the following school year.

Other programs include:

Those considering a Gap Year between high school and college can look at these resources:


For students wishing to go straight from high school into the military, a call to one of our local recruiters is the best place to start. Meetings can be set up in the recruiting office or in the Future Center.

ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Core)

ROTC is offered at some colleges and is designed as officer training, while students are going to college. Once selected for a ROTC program most likely you will be offered either a full or partial scholarship. The ROTC department at the school you plan to attend will have detailed information about post-college commitments.


The Academies offer students a very prestigious education, one that is filled with rigor and regimentation. To admission process is arduous, but worth it, if this is the route for you.