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LPHS Distraction Free Policy

IMPORTANT school policy regarding the use of personal electronic devices during academic time is located here: 2019/20 LPHS Distraction Free Policy

Connect with Teachers

Note: Teachers not listed below can be reached via ParentVUE (for parents) or StudentVUE (for students).

Applied, Performing & Visual Arts

Mr. Baisch, 541-355-8546

Mr. Chavarin, 541-355-8560

Mr. Parker, 541-355-8535

Ms. Spring, 541-355-8466

Bend-La Pine Online, La Pine High School/South County

Ms. Nordstog, 541-728-3080


Mr. Wilborn, 541-355-8471

Language Arts

Ms. Christian, 541-355-8465

Ms. Spring, 541-355-8466

Ms. Chiavetta 541-355-8544


Mr. Flack, 541-355-8409

Mr. Goodall, 541-355-8475

Ms. Baker, 541-355-8461

School to Careers/Health Occupations/Gear Up/ASPIRE

Ms. Montgomery 541-355-8504


Mr. Bozich, 541-355-8479

Mr. Slater, 541-355-8481

Social Studies

Mr. Baisch, 541-355-8546

Ms. Stenzel, 541-355-8482

Mr. Wieber, 541-355-8548


Ms. Stenzel, 541-355-8482

Special Education

Ms. Cordiner, 541-355-8523

Ms. Downing, 541-355-8523

Mr. Thorp, 541-355-8521

Health & Wellness

Ms. Fox, 541-355-8464

Mr. Slater, 541-355-8481

Other Websites

Character Trait of the Month

Digital Citizenship

The Hawk's Flight (Student Newspaper)

ACT WorkKeys

Applied Math Formula Sheet

Practice Test Materials