La Pine Elementary School


2020-21 School Supply List


Article Date: Jun 30, 2020

La Pine Elementary School Supplies Information

This year we are adopting a new program that will save you time and money and reduce waste! Instead of purchasing a list of specific school supplies, families are invited to make a donation to the La Pine Elementary school supplies fund to help defray the cost of stocking classrooms. This way, teachers can do the shopping for you. It couldn't be easier! Just bring your donations to LPE at Open House night, send it with your student on the first day of school, or pay online.

We are asking families to donate $25 per student. If that is a hardship, we understand. If you'd like to make a donation above and beyond the $25, this generosity is always appreciated and will help offset the cost of families who are unable to donate.

The only school supplies that we will be asking families to provide is a backpack (labeled with their name), a personal water bottle (also labeled) and shoes appropriate for PE. Please contact our FAN Coordinator, Janet Sicora, if you need help providing these things.

La Pine Elementary's savviest shoppers will be hard at work rounding up the right learning materials for all of your students. Thank you so much for helping us get them exactly what they need.

If you want to pay online:

Please follow these steps to make your suggested donation of $25.00

1, click this link

2. enter student id# (the one they use in the library)

3. enter student's last name

4. click on student

5. click on Items at Student's school

6. Click on supplies

7. enter amount you wish to donate

8. click buy and enter payment information.