Juniper Elementary School

Classroom Information

KINDERGARTEN: Ms. White, Ms. Cupp and Ms. Geary

FIRST GRADE: (back left) Ms. Wilhelmsen, Ms. Burkhart, Ms. Olexa, Ms. Dawson

SECOND GRADE: (from left) Ms. Henry, Ms. Alex, Ms. Randolph

THIRD GRADE: (from left) Ms. Harrelson, Ms. Perkins, Mr. Bagley

FOURTH GRADE: (from left) Ms. Silberfein and Ms. Halushka

TAG TEAM: Ms. Smith-Bolle - 4th grade and Mr. Shotton - 5th grade

FIFTH GRADE: (from left) Ms. Lentz, Ms. Speed, and Ms. Price

Connect with Teachers

Note: Teachers not listed can be reached via ParentVUE (for parents) or StudentVUE (for students).