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Note: Teachers not listed below can be reached via ParentVUE (for parents) or StudentVUE (for students).

Educational Technology

Mrs. Seidel - PE, Science & Educational Technology Updates

HLE Wellness: The HLE Wellness site is where you will find information about Physical Education and Enrichment. We will be continually updating the site with learning materials for our students.


Erica Hoiness

Heidi Miller

Nancy Rugani and Michele Vincent

First Grade

Whitney Daugherty

Patti Guyer

Larissa Thompson

Second Grade

Heather Faast

Amy Parks
Gaile Pascua
Amy Sheffer

Third Grade

Ben Baxter
Ryan Gillette
Emily Howe
Allison Steinbaugh

Fourth Grade

Rod Davis
Amanda Mattei
Kelli Offenhauser
Nicole Suttle

Fifth Grade

Michelle Auker

Katy Colt
Tom Scott


Principal: Linda Burley, 541-355-1702
Assistant Principal: Tom Lence, 541-355-1705
Office Manger: Nancy Stuart, 541-355-1701
Secretary: Denise Bunday, 541-355-1703
ELL: Jessica Johannesen, 541-355-1758
FAN: Heidi Odman, 541-355-1715
Media Manager: Amy Porter 541-355-1734

Music: Sarah Ruzicka 541-355-1744
Nutrition: 541-355-1740
PE Teacher: Denise Horton, 541-355-1749
Psychologist: Jill McKae, 541-355-6907
Science/Technology & PE: Chris Seidel, 541-355-1708