New Elementary Principal Announced

Pine Ridge's Kevin Gehrig to Helm New School
intendent Shay Mikalson announced today that Kevin Gehrig will lead the planning for…ton and at Summit High School. Kevin Gehrig is currently the principal at Pine Ridge Elem https://www.bend.k12.or.us/district/news-events/news/2017/12/new-elementary-principal-announced

New Elementary

Elementary Principal Announced Pine Ridge's Kevin Gehrig to helm new school. Read the press release h https://www.bend.k12.or.us/district/home/bond-project-updates/new-elementary

Celebrating Staff of the Year

VIDEO: Honoring Our Teacher, Support Staff and Admin of the Year
and Pine Ridge Elementary School Principal Kevin Gehrig was named Distinguished Administrator of the https://www.bend.k12.or.us/district/news-events/news/2017/08/celebrating-staff-year

Three Names Under Consideration for New School

Elementary School in North Central Bend to Open 2019
Kevin Gehrig and Gary Timms. We surveyed the community fo https://www.bend.k12.or.us/district/news-events/news/2019/01/three-names-under-consideration-new-school