Summer Resources

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Free Summer Meals Program Set

All children age 18 and younger may participate in the free summer meal program through Bend-La Pine Schools. Parents are encouraged to attend with their children and can purchase a meal for $4. Those planning to bring a large group should contact 541-355-3740.

For details on locations, times and menus visit our School Meals page.

Summer Elementary Math Resources

Regular practice over the summer with problem solving, computation and math facts will maintain and strengthen the gains made over the school year. While working with your child, ask questions like how the solution was found and why a particular strategy was chosen.

Math Calendars

Math calendars are perfect for families to post on refrigerators where students can practice a problem every day. Print out the calendar corresponding to the grade your student will enter in the fall.

Math Websites

Summer Reading Resources

Children who don't read over the summer vacation risk losing more than two months of reading achievement by fall and can be two years behind their peers by the end of sixth grade.

How to avoid Summer Reading Loss:

  • Have your child read books at their level. As few as 10 books can help maintain skills over the summer
  • Read with your child.
  • Attend programs at a local public library. Deschutes Public Library, with several locations throughout Bend, Sunriver and La Pine, offers an extensive summer reading program.
  • Check out the OverDrive summer reading program. This is a great resource for finding fabulous eBooks to read that can be accessed anytime as long as you have internet access. Students just need to use their district login: Username: firstnamelastname Password: Student ID #
For Parents of Elementary Students

Book Recommendations

Bend-La Pine Schools District Librarian Christie Boen offers a few tips and recommendations for reading this summer. She also loves summer read lists. Here are some of her top picks for this summer that all have starred reviews. She has not read them all…yet. The genre in parentheses and there's a legend of genres at the end of the list. Happy Reading!

Elementary (K-3)

  • ABC Pasta : an Entertaining Alphabet by Medina, Juana
  • All Ears, All Eyes by Jackson, Richard
  • Away by Sher, Emil
  • Big Cat, Little Cat by Cooper, Elisha
  • The Book of Mistakes by Luyken, Corinna
  • Egg by Henkes, Kevin
  • Frederick Douglass : the Lion Who Wrote History by Myers, Walter Dean
  • The Giant Jumperee by Donaldson, Julia
  • Goldfish Ghost by Snicket, Lemony
  • A Greyhound, a Groundhog by Jenkins, Emily
  • The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors by Daywalt, Drew
  • Life on Mars by Agee, Jon
  • Little Wolf’s First Howling by Kvasnosky, Laura McGee
  • A Perfect Day by Smith, Lane
  • Princess Cora and the Crocodile by Schlitz, Laura Amy
  • Priscilla Gorilla by Bottner, Barbara
  • Rivers of Sunlight : How the Sun Moves Water Around the Earth by Bang, Molly
  • Round by Sidman, Joyce
  • Town is by the Sea by Schwartz, Joanne
  • The Unexpected Love Story of Alfred Fiddleduckling by Ering, Timothy B
  • Wolf in the Snow by Cordell, Matthew
  • Yours Sincerely, Giraffe by Iwasa, Megumi

Elementary 3-6

  • Amina’s Voice by Khan, Hena (Rea)
  • Balderdash! : John Newbery and the Boisterous Birth of Children’s Books by Markel, Michelle (Bio)
  • Boat of Dreams by Coelho, Rogerio (GN)
  • Bronze and Sunflower by Cao, Wenxuan (His)
  • Clayton Byrd Goes Underground by Williams-Garcia, Rita (Rea)
  • The End of the Wild by Helget, Nicole Lea (Rea)
  • Flying Lessons & Other Stories (SS)
  • Grand Canyon by Chin, Jason
  • Henry and the Chalk Dragon by Trafton, Jennifer (Fan)
  • Lesser Spotted Animals : the Coolest Creatures You’ve Never Heard of by Brown, Martin (Ani)
  • Me and Marvin Gardens by King, A. S (Fan)
  • Real Friends by Hale, Shannon (GN)
  • Restart by Korman, Gordon (Hum, Rea)
  • The Sand Warrior (5 Worlds Book One) by Siegel, Mark (GN)
  • The Secret Project by Winter, Jonah (Mil)
  • Short by Sloan, Holly Goldberg (Hum, Rea)
  • Storm Horse by Garlick, Nicholas (Act, His)
  • Three Pennies by Crowder, Melanie (Rea)
  • A Time to Act : John F. Kennedy’s Big Speech by Corey, Shana

Middle School

  • Beyond the Bright Sea by Wolk, Lauren (His, Mys)
  • Edgeland by Halpern, Jake (Act)
  • The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora by Cartaya, Pablo (Rea)
  • Forever, or a Long, Long Time by Carter, Caela (Rea)
  • Hello Universe by Kelly, Erin Entrada (Hum, Rea)
  • Hideout by Key, Watt (Act)
  • In Darkling Wood by Carroll, Emma (Fan)
  • Isaac the Alchemist : Secrets of Isaac Newton, Reveal’d by Losure, Mary (Bio)
  • Last Day on Mars by Emerson, Kevin (SF)
  • The Murderer’s Ape by Wegelius, Jakob (Mys)
  • Motor Girls : How Women Took the Wheel and Drove Boldly into the Twentieth Century by Macy, Sue
  • Quicksand Pond by Lisle, Janet Taylor (Rea)
  • The Shadow Cipher by Ruby, Laura (Act, Fan)
  • Speed of Life by Weston, Carol (Rea)
  • Stormy Seas : Stories of Young Boat Refugees by Leatherdale, Mary Beth
  • Train I Ride by Mosier, Paul (Act)
  • Undefeated : Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indian School Football Team by Sheinkin, Steve (Bio)
  • The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts : Being an Absolutely Accurate Autobiographical Account of my Follies, Fortunes, & Fate Written by Himself by Avi (His)
  • The Whydah : a Pirate Ship Feared, Wrecked, and Found by Sandler, Martin W

High School

  • The Adventures of John Blake : Mystery of the Ghost Ship by Pullman, Philip (GN)
  • Alex, Approximately by Bennett, Jenn (Rom)
  • Allegedly : a novel by Jackson, Tiffany D (Rea)
  • American Street by Zoboi, Ibi (Rea)
  • Between Two Skies by O’Sullivan, Joanne (His)
  • Breaking by Rollins, Danielle (Mys)
  • City of Saints & Thieves by Anderson, Natalie C (Mys)
  • Crossing Ebenezer Creek by Bolden, Tonya (His)
  • A Crown of Wishes by Chokshi, Roshani (Fan)
  • Dreamland Burning by Latham, Jennifer (His)
  • Eliza and her Monsters by Zappia, Francesca (Rea)
  • A Face Like Glass by Hardinge, Frances (Fan)
  • Frogkisser! by Nix, Garth (Fan)
  • Gem & Dixie by Zarr, Sara (Rea)
  • Grendel’s Guide to Love and War by Kaplan, A. E (Hum, Rea)
  • The Hate U Give by Thomas, Angie (Rea)
  • A List of Cages by Roe, Robin (Rea)
  • Optimists Die First by Nielsen-Fernlund, Susin (Rea)
  • The Pearl Thief by Wein, Elizabethz (His, Mys)
  • Piecing Me Together by Watson, Renee (Rea)
  • A Psalm for Lost Girls by Bayerl, Katie (Mys)
  • Radio Silence by Oseman, Alice (Rea)
  • Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo. 1,The Road to Epoli by Costa, Ben (GN)
  • Saint Death by Sedgwick, Marcus (Rea)
  • Song of the Current by Tolcser, Sarah (Fan)
  • Strange the Dreamer by Taylor, Laini (Fan)
  • Thick as Thieves by Turner, Megan Whalen (Fan)
  • Things I Should Have Known by LaZebnik, Claire Scovell (Rom)
  • Who killed Christopher Goodman? : Based on a True Crime by Wolf, Allan (Mys, Rea)
  • Words in Deep Blue by Crowley, Cath (Rom)

Genre Legend

Act = Action
Ani = Animals
Bio = Biography
GN = Graphic Novel
Fan = Fantasy
His = Historical Fiction
Hum = Humor
Mil = Military
Mys = Mystery
Rea = Realistic Fiction
Rom = Romance
SF = Science Fiction
SS = Short Stories

Online Learning

Students can earn high school credit while working from home and receiving help from a teacher/mentor through Bend-La Pine Online.

Learn more at the Bend-La Pine Schools Online website.

Contact: Christie McCormick at 541-355-1041 or via email