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Safe and Secure Schools

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Below is information on the network of adults, systems, structures, protocols, and other supports we leverage to keep our students, staff, and schools as safe as possible.

Secure Vestibules and Check-In Procedures

All Bend-La Pine schools are equipped with a secure vestibule at the entrance of each building. These secure spaces offer an added layer of protection for schools. Visitors are permitted to enter the vestibule, but must sign in with the school’s visitor and volunteer management system before being electronically buzzed through doors and allowed access to the remainder of the campus. Please note a photo id is required to move past the secure vestibule at all schools.

Raptor is a digital visitor and volunteer management system which allows schools to screen and track all visitors in the building. This system runs an instantaneous sex offender registry check and prints detailed badges so all visitors and volunteers can be easily identified on school grounds.

Campus Safety and Security Monitors

Bend-La Pine Schools employs multiple Campus Safety and Security Monitors throughout the district. These staff members provide a vital role in creating a safe learning environment for staff and students. Campus Monitors supervise students during school hours and at after school events.


Cameras are strategically placed throughout the interior and exterior of all schools. All school buses are equipped with cameras as well. The camera system serves as a valuable tool for school administrators to investigate incidents and identify areas of concern within their campuses to intentionally place Campus Safety and Security Monitors. Cameras are utilized to provide accurate accounts of events and expedite the investigative process for school staff.

Door Locks

The 2022 Construction Bond approved the spending of $249.7 million to improve safety and modernize aging schools. One main component of this project is the replacement of door locks and door hardware in student learning spaces. Traditionally, doors were unlocked and locked by teachers outside of their classrooms using a key. Door locks are currently being updated to indicator hardware that allows anyone inside the classroom to turn the lock and secure the classroom. This improvement will increase the timeliness and ease of a classroom lockdown in the event of an emergency.