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Safety Resources

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Bend-La Pine Schools uses a variety of safety programs, policies, and protocols in a layered system to provide for a safe learning environment in our schools. These are some of the resources available for students, staff, and the community to utilize for their own safety and to report safety concerns.

Safe Oregon Tipline


SafeOregon is a reporting tool that can be used by anyone via phone call or website form to report a student safety concern. Examples of student safety concerns include vandalism, cyberbullying, suicidal ideation, insufficient food or safety concerns at home, or anything that poses a risk to the safety of a student(s) or school facility. Reporters can share their information or remain anonymous. Bend-La Pine Schools staff uses this reported information to coordinate with our law enforcement partners to keep the school community safe.

BL Connect

If there is important information that needs to be shared immediately with students, families, and partners, we will send messages via BLConnect. These are text message alerts that individuals can subscribe to in order to receive timely updates about school closures, lockdowns, or weather events. Messages can be requested in English or Spanish. Please sign up on the BL Connect webpage on the district website.

Safe Routes to School (Oregon Department of Transportation)

Oregon Department of Transportation Safe Routes to School Alta, Commute Options, Cycle Oregon and The Street Trust

Safe Routes to School is a resource provided by the Oregon Department of Transportation that provides the community with safe routes to walk or roll on alternative transportation to schools. Safe Routes to School works to educate students and the community on topics like e-bike safety, driver safety, and beyond. Visit the Commute Options webpage for more information.

Student Threat Assessment

The Student Threat Assessment System (STAS) is a set of assessment protocols and safety planning procedures overseen and administered by a team of schools, law enforcement, public mental health, and the judiciary and juvenile corrections staff to promote safe school environments. The primary goal of STAS is to provide an immediate and systematic response to youth who pose a serious threat to commit violence to others.

In addition to the regional team, each school in the district has an internal student threat assessment team to identify and assess threats of potentially harmful or lethal behavior. Partners collaborate to determine the level of concern and appropriate action required. Teams work to organize resources and strategies to manage situations involving students that pose threats to other students, staff, and the community.

Family Emergency Planning

We encourage all families and students to educate themselves on emergency preparedness. Family members can work together with students to build an emergency kit, discuss what occurs during different types of emergencies, and talk about ways to cope following emergency situations. Additional information is available on the Family Emergency Planning website.