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Emergency Response and Reunification

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During an emergency, the safety of students and staff is our number one priority. We recognize that families and staff have immediate concerns and will want information as soon as possible. Information can quickly circulate on social media sites and news platforms, but staff members may be handling the initial incident response or may be directly involved in the emergency themselves. In an emergency, the ultimate priority is to keep staff and students out of harm’s way while working with law enforcement partners to resolve the incident. The district’s leadership will work with schools during an emergency incident to get information out to the public and staff as quickly and accurately as possible, while also providing incident command to the emergency.

Emergency Response Procedures

Threats to school safety can vary widely to include fires, earthquakes, gas leaks, active shooter incidents, or even a wild animal roaming campus. If staff or students observe something concerning, they are empowered to take initiative and respond individually in implementing Standard Response Protocol procedures based on the information they have at the moment. Information may change, and therefore, the SRP actions might change.

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Bend-La Pine Schools follows the I Love U Guys Foundation Standard Reunification Method. The Standard Reunification Method (SRM) is a structured protocol for reuniting students with their families following circumstances at the school that do not allow for an organized student pickup on-site. This approach makes reunification less chaotic for everyone and allows for schools to account for all students.

Reunification locations will not be shared in advance in order to make sure that staff have time to set up the location, secure the site, and account for all students. It is important to understand that the first priority during the reunification process is the safety of students. Families will be notified of the location once all students have arrived. The location will be announced through multiple communication channels. The student’s parent, guardian, or authorized emergency contact person in the district’s student information database, will be required to have their photo id to pick up any student from an off-site reunification location.

What You Can Do in an Emergency

  • Refrain from arriving at your student’s school. Please wait for messaging from the District or law enforcement on the reunification site and procedures. Parents showing up at school during an emergency may cause confusion, create an unsafe environment, or slow down the response time for law enforcement and other first responders providing support to the incident.
  • Be aware that phone lines at the school will likely be busy, monitor social media, the district website, and BLSend for alerts.
  • Make sure that your contact information is current with your student’s school.
  • Sign up for BLConnect alerts - This is the best way to receive information on emergency incidents straight from the school district.
  • Although you may monitor social media for legitimate updates from law enforcement and other official agencies, please refrain from posting to social media. Unsubstantiated information spreads quickly and has the potential to create confusion.