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Drill in Progress

Bend-La Pine Schools recognizes that emergencies can be frightening for students and families. Instead of having complicated responses that vary for incident type, Bend-La Pine Schools follows the Standard Response Protocol by the "I Love U Guys" Foundation. The Standard Response Protocol (SRP) is a data-driven approach to incident response that only uses five actions for schools to take: hold, secure, lockdown, evacuate, and shelter.


Students and staff at all grade levels are required to participate in drills. All schools are required to hold a fire drill once a month and two earthquake drills per year. Schools also practice various safety threat drills throughout the school year. During safety threat drills, students and staff practice emergency actions so they are familiar with how to respond in any kind of incident. Safety threat drills are conducted using the Standard Response Protocol actions.

See drill requirements for Oregon public schools.

Lockdown Drills

Bend-La Pine Schools does not simulate active shooter drills in our schools. Lockdown drills are intended to develop a “muscle memory” response to threats that are inside of a school’s secure perimeter. During a lockdown drill, interior doors are locked, lights are turned off, and students and staff are instructed to get out of sight of any windows or doors. No one will be allowed in or out of the building during a lockdown drill so that all individuals remain safe and accounted for. There will be a sign on the main entrance doors indicating a school is currently participating in a drill.

Notifications of School Drills

Students and staff will be notified when a drill is occurring. Staff are encouraged to take the opportunity to engage with students before and after drills to discuss what will occur during different types of incidents. Some schools may choose to send home messaging to families prior to and following drills. We encourage families to discuss the importance of drills and reinforce student expectations in emergencies.

Drills / SRP Video

VIDEO: The Standard Response Protocol (SRP) for Students