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iPads in the Classroom

Students use iPads in classrooms

2018-19 iPad Information


This year, iPads will be distributed at each of our 30 school sites. In general, elementary school students will receive iPads after school has started during the school day. Most middle and high school students will receive iPads at events prior to the start of school. For additional information, contact your school.


Families are encouraged to purchase iPad insurance for $30, with a family cap of $90.

iPad Covers

Most students will be able to use their cover from last school year. New and transferring students will be provided a new cover.

Acceptable Use Agreements

Before taking an iPad home, students must complete an Acceptable Use Agreement that outlines expectations.

iPad Resources

Student iPad FAQ

Visit this website to help answer Frequently Asked Questions about iPads

Back Up Resources

Visit this website to learn more about backing up iPads

FAQs about iPads

What are the Details Regarding Cases and Insurance?

All students will receive a complimentary iPad case at no additional cost. Insurance is effective for the current school year. Accidental damage, cracked screens, liquid submersion, fire, flood, theft and vandalism are covered. Purposeful damage or lost iPads are not covered. Insurance deductible fees are as follows: first claim no fee; second claim $25; third claim $50; fourth or more claim $75.

Will the District Charge a Fee for the Device My Student Uses?

No, there is no fee.

What Happens if My Child's iPad is Lost, Damaged, Stolen, etc.?

Bend-La Pine Schools reserves the right to require full payment of a new iPad if a student or any member of a student's family loses the iPad, causes deliberate, malicious, and/or negligent damage to the iPad or contributes to or is involved in the theft of the iPad. Without insurance the repair of an iPad will be $150. Full replacement of any iPad costs $299.

Can a Student/Family Purchase Insurance to Cover Their iPad?

Yes. Bend-La Pine Schools strongly recommended that you purchase insurance for your child's iPad. This insurance can be purchased at the time of iPad deployment or online.

Will Students be Able to Keep the Devices at the End of Each School Year?

We will collect devices at the end of each school year in order to update, make repairs and clean the devices.

Can Students Purchase Their Devices?


Can Personal Apps be Installed on the iPads?

No. Apps are available to students via our Self Serve system. Access to the App Store for students is restricted.

Will Students Need the Internet to Use the Device at Home?

No. While it may be easier to do some work with access to the Internet, students will be able to download most information they need onto their device to work on at home.

Can Parents Use the Device?

While the devices are meant for student use, we encourage parents to explore and learn alongside their students. We also encourage parents to check the devices on a regular basis to see how their students are using them.

Will There be Filters on the Devices?

The same school Internet filter that occurs in all of Bend-La Pine Schools will be a part of the iPad. When the iPad goes home or to any other location and connects to the Internet, content will be filtered to the same levels as those in our schools.

What Control do I Have of the Device at Home?

At home the parent is in charge. You have the right to make the rules as to when the student can use the device at home.

If I Find one of These Devices Out in the Community, What Should I do?

Please contact 541-355-1000 if a device is found. Thank you!

How Will This Help Students Learn?

The district's research and its own pilot projects led to conclusions that digital learners are engaged learners, that expanded use of technology provides tools for staff to better differentiate instruction and meet the unique needs of their students. Research also demonstrates that the effective use of technology leads to creative and innovative experiences and facilitates student skill development as critical thinkers, collaborators and communicators, global learners and digital citizens.

Will the Role of Teachers Change?

High quality instruction, and high quality teaching, is the No. 1 influence on student learning. While expanding digital learning will provide equity and additional tools for teachers to deliver learning for each student, by itself, an iPad, interactive white board, or laptop is just a device. They require purposeful application by high quality teachers in order to make a difference for kids.