iPad Management

Tools for managing screen time and student iPads

At home the parent/guardian is in charge. You have the right to make the rules as to when your child can use the device at home. Below you will find information on screen time, settings, and app management. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the best way to manage iPad's use. Here are some settings that you should become familiar with which will help you manage your child's iPad.

Screen Time Settings

Screen Time allows you to:

  • Choose which apps you allow
  • Choose which websites you allow if any
  • Choose times that the iPad can be used

Guided Access

Guided Access allows you to lock the iPad into just one app.


Bend-La Pine Schools have a system-wide filter for student iPads. Even at home, these iPads automatically connect to the internet through a VPN that forces them into a filtered content setting. Settings are different for students depending on their grade level, with K-5 being the most "locked down" and content being more open at the middle and high school levels.That said, no filter is perfect. Additionally, some categories that are normally blocked, such as streaming media, have been opened for the spring to permit for the use of more remote schooling resources. For these reasons, we strongly suggest that you set expectations and goals with your students for their iPad learning time, and closely monitor how they are spending this time. Set up a learning space near where adults are working (or where they can easily pop out and see screens) and hold kids and teens accountable. Is this easy? Those of us with school aged kids who are navigating this same situation can emphatically say "NO!" but also realize the importance of setting rules and expectations early, and holding both ourselves and our children to them. We're all in this together, and doing our best to navigate a difficult time.

Tech Support

Having trouble?

iPad Troubleshooting webpage.

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If you have your own Apple mobile device (iPhone or iPad) there is an additional toolset to manage your students iPad called Jamf Parent.

It allows you to:

  • Choose which apps your child can use on their school-issued device
  • Set a timer on specific apps

Jamf Parent App Icon

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