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iPad Insurance

Grades 6-12 iPad Insurance

Families may purchase optional iPad insurance for $30, with a family cap of $60. Insurance is effective for the current school year. Accidental damage, cracked screens, liquid submersion, fire, flood, theft and vandalism in and out of school are covered. Purposeful damage or lost iPads are not covered. There is no deductible fee for the first claim, $50 deductible fee for each claim thereafter. Insurance can be purchased at the time of iPad deployment or online (at the beginning of the school year). After this period, iPads must be inspected at the school for damage before insurance can be purchased.

iPad insurance is not needed for grades K-5. Accidental breaks and damage will be covered at no cost.

Protective Cases

All students will receive a complimentary iPad case at no additional cost. Most students will be able to use their cover from last school year. New and transferring students will be provided a new cover, if possible. If an iPad sustains damage while it is not in a case, insurance coverage may be denied. If an iPad sustains damage in a case that was modified or altered, insurance coverage may be denied. Severely worn or damaged cases should be brought to the attention of the school so a replacement can be issued.

What happens if my child's iPad is lost, damaged, stolen, etc.?

Bend-La Pine Schools reserves the right to require full payment of a new iPad if a student or any member of a student's family loses the iPad, causes deliberate, malicious, and/or negligent damage to the iPad or contributes to or is involved in the theft of the iPad. Without insurance the repair of an iPad will be $150.

Full replacement of any iPad costs $250.


Pay for your student's iPad insurance online using Touchbase.

Tech Support

Having trouble?

iPad Troubleshooting webpage.